Mantra on Salt Beach Kingscliff: Drinks with friends and vivid sunrises

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I rose early to do some work before we boarded our P & O Pacific Dawn cruise. Actually, Savannah had woken me up with her grumpy hungry cries at 4am.

My head was dusty from our dinner the evening and could not get back to sleep.

Our good friends, Woody (Karen) and Greg and their two children met us for dinner at the Salt Bar and Grill at Mantra on Salt in Kingscliff where we were staying. The restaurant has an amazing kids playground which our children thoroughly enjoyed while we thoroughly enjoyed catching up over wine.

Mantra on Salt
Look how full those wine glasses are!!

It had been too long between drinks and Woody and I had a lot of laughing to do– our standard way of seeing the world and communicating with each other.

I blame her for bringing out the bad stick and pouring far too much wine in my drink and giving me the hazy view of the world so early in the morning.

We first heard of the Mantra on Salt Beach years ago when friends stayed, and then my parents stayed  and then lots of other people stayed and raved and raved and raved.

Staying at Mantra on Salt was the perfect opportunity to see for ourselves what the fuss was about and to spend time with good friends  who also rave about how great life is living in Kingscliff.

We discovered that the raving was completely justified.

Our room had spectacular views out to the ocean, and since I was up I decided it would best be appreciated with the rising sun.

I did not notice the beginnings of the pale light open up and almost missed it. I glanced up in blogging thought and through the shutters I saw the sky bathed in dark red and orange.

“OMG. Quick Craig the sun is rising and it is so beautiful.”

We threw open the shutter doors and ran onto the veranda. I don’t think I have ever seen a sunrise so vivid and beautiful before.

Mantra on Salt sunrise

The peacefulness of the moment almost took away the hangover. Birds picked themselves up in flight over the bushes that protect the sand dunes. The ocean, loud and rough last night, this morning softly lapped onto shore.

I almost wanted to cancel the cruise and stay longer.

Salt Beach is its own little resort community making you feel like you are on a secluded island. There is little traffic and all of it goes unseen behind you. In front of the resort stretches a grassed walking area, ocean views and path leading into Kingscliff town along the coast.

It is the only Kingscliff beach that is patrolled 365 days. If you are not happy swimming at the beach there is a beautiful swimming lagoon in the resort and a tropical pool for all seasons.

After the sun rose and we had squared away our morning’s work we headed for the buffet breakfast by the pool. There’s nothing like a bit of grease to chase those hangovers away.

There’s nothing like a bit of warmth either. It was the first warm day we had had since the onset of winter. Us three girls wore sleeveless dresses and we were so excited!

I want to live here. NOW.

I could easily move into Matra Salt as a permanent resident. The suite was immaculate and had a full kitchen, a deep bath perfect for soaking, a living area and a very special balcony with views which extended around to the bedroom offering the same ocean and sunrise views.

Mantra on Salt Kingscliff

Mantra on Salt pool

Breakfast views

Mantra on Salt Beach

Mantra on Salt Beach

Mantra on Salt Kingscliff
The views from our balcony

We will be definitely coming back for a longer stay.

There is just far too much to experience in Kingscliff and Salt and when you have accommodation as beautiful as the Mantra on Salt, Kingscliff you just need to stay longer to enjoy and appreciate it.

One night is just not enough.

Now I know why Woody is so in love with living here. If we became her neighbours she might not feel the need to fill my glass with so much wine.

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Book: Mantra on Salt Beach 

Accommodation types: Hotel Rooms each with a luxurious king size bed, One and Two Bedroom Spa Suites and Two Bedroom Spa Deluxe Suites with full service kitchen.

Location: 20 minutes from Gold Coast Airport, 30 minutes’ drive from Byron Bay and 90 minutes from Brisbane.

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Disclaimer: We stayed as guests of Mantra on Salt Beach

3 thoughts on “Mantra on Salt Beach Kingscliff: Drinks with friends and vivid sunrises”

  1. Oh darn it!! I have always wanted to see a sunrise at Mantra and turned down the offer to do that when my boyfriend suggested it. I winged I was too tired after a busy week. Turned out he wanted to propose! Looking at that photo I wished I had made the effort. Oh well. We visit Mantra every year. Beside the emotional connection, it is truly well worth raving about. I love the beach side town.

    My latest blog post about Mantra…

    1. Oh no! What a decision. Well it’s never going to go away so it’s just something for you to look forward to when you return there next. It is such a beautiful spot.

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