A Strategy to Increase Your Email List (Interact Quiz Creator)

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Was my immediate response when asked if I was interested in testing Interact, the online quiz creator software, and potentially partnering with them long term (I am now an affiliate partner for them as I love it. Keep reading this Interact review to see why.)

I jumped on a call with them the next day for an overview of the Interact quiz creator system and was impressed.

It was everything I wanted to make my own quiz and grow my email list.

I was welcomed into the program and immediately received a series of onboarding training videos, emails and live webinars to teach me how to use the quiz building system and get started creating my first quiz. (you can see it here)

how to earn money blogging

Creating quizzes has been on my list to do as an email list building strategy for several months. In fact, I had it penciled into my planner for that week’s task.

Unlike most travel bloggers, I am hyper focused on my email community and growing my email list.

I invest a lot of money each month into my email marketing software, as it’s the most important part of my business and is a valuable return on investment for me.

At last year’s Ontrapalooza conference I learned about building your email list with online quizzes and immediately saw the potential and wanted to implement it.

But when it came to create my quiz I felt stuck.

I didn’t feel capable enough to create a quiz that could profile and analyse people’s behavior.

But, I did not do nothing. I implemented the philosophy behind it with a smaller self segmenting way to to it through my email marketing software, Ontraport.

I immediately saw great results and made the decision to figure out how to do the harder quiz building strategy.

Then along came this opportunity with Interact and pushed me into gear. I learned that making your own quizzes is actually quite easy once you know how and have some simple quiz creator like Interact to help.

What is the email list building strategy using online quizzes?

Online quizzes are brilliant for not just rapidly growing your email list, but for helping you create highly targeted lists based on particular interests, demographics or behaviors.

Basically you create a fun online quiz on a topic related to what you write about or sell products around.

People love taking quizzes and learning more about themselves.

Think about it, how many of those quizzes have you taken to see what Hogwarts House you belong in, or to discover your skin type, or see what Games of Throne character you are like?

It’s fun and if you can show through the quiz that you can also offer something valuable to the person taking it, they may subscribe to your email community.

Here’s why online quizzes are great for building your email list:

Targeting your list to send subscribers the right messages


I will be speaking about the importance of building an email community (with strategies on how to do it) at TBEX later this year.

It’s just not good enough to have an email list. Each person on that list has different interests. It’s far better to be able to deliver the right message to the right people within that list.

That’s where email segmentation comes in.

An online quiz creator helps you do this effortlessly.

You create a fun online quiz, your potential email subscriber has fun taking it, and their choices will tell you more about them and what they like, and then the quiz creator system segments them for you based upon that.

Imagine if you were a person interested in adventure travel, and subscribed to an email community that gave you generic travel information that included all-inclusive resorts.

It wouldn’t take long for you to lose interest and unsubscribe.

Now imagine, you took my quiz and landed on a page that gave you specific tips for adventure travel, plus destination ideas for the adventure traveler and resources that help make your adventures better.

Which one is going to help you feel understood? Which one are you going to like and trust more?

When the adventure traveler joins your email community, if you have a system like Ontraport, you can tag them as adventure travelers and continue to send information related to adventure travel.

Drive Sales

If you have products targeted to certain type of person, the quiz is the perfect opportunity to share your recommended products and services to applicable quiz results.

Easy marketing for you.

Email marketing is one of the strongest ROI you can receive. Quizzes, on average convert at a rate of 50%. This is what makes quizzes one of the best ways to grow your email list.

If you don’t have your own product, but have an affiliate income stream, you can lead segmented quiz takers to affiliate products or services that they are interested in.

From my quiz answers (see the quiz I created below), if someone selects their luggage of choice being one with wheels, I can tag them in Ontraport (automatically through the quiz) as being interested in suitcases and then email them if we write any reviews or find any great deals on suitcases.

Crazy good.

Interact Quiz Builder for email segmentation

I’ll be looking at ways I can use these quizzes on my personal site Caroline Makepeace.com to move relevant an interested people towards my Money Mindfulness course as I know it can help them overcome any challenges they have creating positive and abundant relationship with money.

Grow your Social Media Presence

This is actually becoming less important to me due to the every changing nature of Facebook and their algorithms.

I’d much rather put my efforts into growing my email list and increasing my blog traffic.

However, if I can grow my social without much work then I’ll take it.

Interact quizzes can help you do this. On average 10% of quiz takers share their results on social media, which is good for you.

What is Interact?

Interact is an online quiz creator software platform.

You pay a monthly membership fee, which gives you access to all the tools you need to create, promote, and analyze quizzes and grow your email list.

Without a system like this, creating quizzes is challenging and time consuming.

You need to be pretty tech savvy to make it work on your own. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Interact makes it effortless and quite fun.

I’ll share what I love about Interact as a quiz creator and list building tool.

Below this section, I will share details of the quiz I created so you can see what it looks like in action.

Great training

Interact makes the process of putting together your quiz and promoting it simple with their in-depth training.

They have live webinars and video training as well as step by step instructions with screenshots.

Customizable Templates you can use

interact quiz builder

Interact has over 100 pre-made quizzes that are exactly like the most popular and successful ones you’ve seen all over the place.

You can use these and get a quiz live and being shared around the web in as little as an hour.

Because we cover a wide range of topics on the blog, many of these templates related to quizzes we can use.

It’s insane how much I can do with these quizzes now and how much more effective I can be with my list building and email communication strategy.

When you get started with creating your quiz, I recommend using one of Interact’s quiz templates first so you can get the feel of how the quizzes work and get those ideas of your own flowing.

travel quiz builder

Creating a quiz strategy can be overwhelming at first, especially considering you are examining certain behaviors and profiling people.

You feel like you need a degree to do this.

I dived straight in with a template quiz to make it easy and remove the overwhelm. Once I moved through it step-by -tep and started tweaking a few things, I understood how it worked and madly began scribbling down ideas for future quizzes and profiles.

I realized making your own quiz is easier than you think and a lot of fun.

It helps you think more about the different people you are serving, what they really need, and how you can help them.

You can customize and change the templates as much as you like and use your own branding style and colors and logo.

Easy to understand and in-depth analytics

Analytics Quiz creator Interact

With the Interact analytics you can clearly see who is taking and sharing the quiz and how they are responding to questions.

You can see what seems to be resonating the most and so tweak the quiz as you see fit. You can see where they are dropping off in the quiz so can refine certain areas to help keep quiz takers stay until the end.

The analytics are presented in easy to read graphs and charts.

Interact analytics quiz creator

I’m quite shocked to discover at the moment that solo travel is the least travel personality coming up for my quiz.

I’m going to keep an eye on it and wait until I get more quiz takers so I can see whether it does get more responses.

If it doesn’t I may end up switching that out and creating a different quote and personality which may better suit the type of people taking the quiz.

I like how that information is so easy for me to access and use to make my quizzes and list building strategy more efficient.

It’s also fantastic data that helps me to see the type of content I can create on the blog to resonate with certain people.

Easy integration with various tools

Integrating software and tools for your business can sometimes be a challenge. It’s easy with Interact.

Interact integrates with most email marketing platforms, including my own, Ontraport.

I’ve integrated Ontraport with various systems before and this one was by far the easiest to do. They have great instructions as well to make it very clear and simple to integrate.

Now when someone finishes a quiz and subscribes they are immediately added into Ontraport and are funneled down the correct targeted campaign.

Interact also easily integrates with Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel, which means better analytics for you.

Better data means better service to your community.

I loved the optin form builder you can use with Interact. It’s easy, you can custom design it and it integrates with Ontraport This saves me time creating the forms myself in Ontraport.

Optin Optional

optin form interact quizzes

This was an important feature for me, and would have been a deal breaker if Interact couldn’t do it.

Nothing irritates me more than taking one of these quizzes and being forced to hand over my email in order to get the results.

I feel this is wasting every one’s time and does not build a quality list or good juju.

With Interact, you can give the quiz taker the option to skip giving you the email address and still see the results.

Yes, this means your conversions will be lower. But I always aim for quality.

People giving you the email address just to see the results of the quiz can lead to them being un-engaged, or worse, marking you as spam as they can’t remember why they joined with you in the first place.

It’s up to me to show them I am an authority figure who understands them and can help them.

Don’t fear, there are ways to do this using the Interact system and you’ll still gain benefit whether they stay subscribed or now.

If they skip giving you the email, you can still direct them to specific landing pages with information that suits whatever their result is for the quiz they took.

On those landing pages, be incredibly useful, show you care, and give them another opportunity to subscribe with another optin box.

Multiple Quiz Types

personality quiz builder

Interact offers multiple quiz types:

  • Assessment quizzes
  • Personality quizzes
  • and scored quizzes

This means you have unlimited potential for what you want to create, what information you want to gather and how you want to target and funnel.

I love this aspect.

There are also templates to suit each quiz type.

I recommended start small and slow, Master one quiz type at a time and start with the templates so you get a good feel for it before starting to create your own.

Branching Logic

This is a feature I have not used yet, but can see the incredible potential of it.

It’s a more advanced strategy that I will implement n the future.

But with branching logic, you can lead the quiz taker down certain paths depending on what their answer is for the previous questions.

So if on one question they answer that they are a woman you can lead them down a path of quiz questions more specific to women and men will go down a separate path with question more relevant to their gender.

Its very clever.

All of these answers can be tagged and segmented through your email funnels system.

You set up a few rules at the beginning which automatically tags and syncs them up.

Great price

interact quiz cost

Interact gives you everything you need to effortlessly create quizzes, grow your email list, and covert targeted people to your products and services.

The price for this list building tool is fantastic.

Part of the reason for my delays in implementing my quiz building strategy was the high cost of tools to help me do it.

Interact is great value for money and will help small businesses effectively grow their email community, I’m very impressed with the product.

You an save 40% by purchasing an annual subscription, which I highly recommend as its great savings for you.

You can also have a 14 day free trial to see what you think.

Take the trial and get serious in creating a quiz straight away so you can see how it works.

There is also a free subscription option, however this won’t allow you to collect email addresses and does not integrate with other tools.,

Personally, I don’t see why you’d go to the time and effort of creating quizzes if you couldn’t do this.

You can learn more about Interact by clicking here. 


interact quiz builder polls

Surveys are a great way to find out what your readers need help with most.

Information from surveys helps you segment your readers into particular groups which help you send the right and targeted messages to them.

They appreciate that and it makes your work more efficient.

Polls are just a fun and clever way to do a survey.

I created a poll in partnership with Allianz for videos we were creating. It was easy and resulted in a quite a few new sign ups for our family travel segmented email list.

interact quiz builder polls

But, it’s definitely something I want to put a plan together for. I think there is so much you can do with polls to leverage and scale your business.


ineract giveaway builder

I love that Interact includes giveaways as part of their quiz membership. We sometimes run giveaways on our site, and I’ve had to pay for systems to help me run it.

Now I have this included it will save me money and I can run more giveaways as I get unlimited access with the Interact membership.

How to use Interact to make your own quiz

I have a page long list of quizzes I want to create using Interact that are more niche specific and will be very helpful with list building and segmentation.

There is so much I can do, but to make it easy for this review, and especially for those just starting with building an email community and this strategy, I wanted to keep it simple and quick and show how easy it is put together a quiz using the Interact system and start getting subscribers.

I also reviewed and tested this during a period of a lot of travel so needed to be time efficient.

If you are worried you won’t have time, remember I have an intense travel schedule – full time, I travel with my kids, I homeschool them, and I run this very busy online business and travel blog.

So If I could get a quiz up and running quite quickly – and I customized a fair bit – you can too.

Now it did take me nearly a month to go from learning the tool to creating the quiz and promoting it. However, that was me working on it maybe 1 hour a week as it’s all I had time to do.

And I did a little more customization.

You don’t have to go as full out as I did with design etc. Keep it simple.

1. Use a template

Travel makes you richer quiz

There were so many templates to choose from. But I wanted something that was a little different and interesting.

I chose ‘What travel quote best describes you? because I knew it would give me those travel personalities in a quiz that’s a little more interesting and fun then “What travel personality are you?”

2. Customize the template

I changed the colors, font and logo to match our brand.

I also changed the names of each result, the descriptions, quotes and images.

I found the quotes a little boring and the images didn’t quite match the personalities I wanted to target.

I found the result description matched the questions really well so I kept the frame of them but added in my own voice and a few changes.

I changed the tourist quote and description the most as I found it a little rude and condescending.

It was all about the tourist vs the traveler and telling the tourist to be a traveler. It’s definitely not in alignment with our brand.

So I changed that to be the Checklist Vacationer and a positive spin in the description.

You’re a hustler. Life has you busy and you like it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like to switch off.

Short term travel is how you find your sanity. In an effort to maximise your time, you want it all planned for you: hotels and resorts, guided tours, pool breaks and buffet dinners.

Your greatest adventure is usually taking the towel and body lotion from the bathroom.

This is why tourists travel.

They don’t want to be the traveler, but they still want to get out and see the world – or just take a break from their hectic life and crash on a poolside chair for two weeks. so what.

We have a judgement free zone so I wasn’t going to put out a quiz result that was!!

I found new quotes to match the travel style and had my Design Pickle Designer quickly create them for me as well as Pinterest images to promote the quiz. (Post coming soon on Design Pickle – my great love. #madpicklelove)

Here is my Design Pickle review

3. Integrated Ontraport and created email campaign for each travel quote personality

As mentioned, it was easy to integrate Interact with Ontraport.

Interact also offers sample emails you can use to put into your follow up communication funnel.

This made it very quick and easy to put together. You can customize these to also add in your own voice and make it suit your style and message you want to convey.

The emails guide the subscribers back to the landing pages for each personality and then it will move them to my weekly email list.

This is how I continue to build an engaged relationship with my subscribers.

4. Created landing pages for each travel quote personality


I loved how specific I could be with these landing pages. I had fun creating them and it was easy for me to do.

I can whip up landing pages quickly with Ontraport. Don’t worry if you can’t get any that look as fancy as mine. Simple links on a page on your website with an image will work perfectly well.

Once I created the one template, I just copied it and changed the content to suit the travel type.

For each travel quote personality, I included tip style post to help them, destination ideas that would suit them, another subscribe box to get them into my email community, using the highest converting optin I have.

I also included links to our social channels and videos so they can get to know us better.

The more strangers get to see our travel story and authority the more inclined they are to connect and join our community somewhere!

Remember this is quality relationship building.

And these online quizzes provide me ample opportunity to build that trust.

5. Promoted the quiz

how to promote a quiz

There are various ways you can promote your quiz and I love the training Interact gives you with ideas.

I have

Now I have the process and system down I can start my own quizzes from scratch.


I have only just started promoting the quiz so don’t have well rounded results to share with you yet.

I wanted to get this post out and I will update it as I start getting more people take the quiz.

I’m now at a 20% conversion rate which is pretty good.

I think I can tweak things to make this better and with further promotion I’ll see more email list growing quite quickly and it will be high quality leads as well, which is most important.

The way I am using this quiz creator means my leads my be smaller but they’ll be highly quality,and my nurturing sequence for them means I’m building a more engaged and solid relationship.

I like using Interact quiz creator as a strategy for growing my list.

I’m now getting smarter with looking at the content that is popular on our site and seeing what quiz I can create around that.

I have a lot of ideas for our Australia content to help future readers plan and have better travel experiences in my beautiful country. As our US content grows we’ll do the same.

With any online tool you use for your business you want to ensure it can help you leverage and scale your business.

Interact does that. You simply learn the tool, develop a process and system for it and then rinse repeat.

If you want to rapidly grow your email list – the safest form of marketing for your business as you own the list and no algorithms can integrate – seriously consider making your own quizzes and implementing this highly effective strategy.

Interact is a great tool to help you do that.

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