FluidStance Balance Board: Mobility & Happiness for your Home Office

I’m sure you know by now that tapping away at a keyboard in your office chair for endless hours a day is not great for your physical health.

It can result in many visitors to the chiropractor, a few extra inches on the waistline, and much stiffer ligaments.

I know how easy it is to get caught up in your work and not get out of the chair, despite all the good warnings that tell you to take frequent breaks and move more.

If I’m focused, then I’m in the work and not taking any breaks to interuppt the flow.

What if you could keep the flow while still moving?

Enter FluidStance

Fluidstance balance board review
Nice addition to the home office

FluidStance are award winning balance boards that brings movement and happiness into your work space.

It is a deck you stand on that subtly moves your body while you work.

The deck is designed to tilt from side to side, front to back with 360-degree freedom, introducing micro-movements in your body that helps soothe stiff joints, burn calories, increase alertness, and strengthen and stabilize your body.

It’s like the bosu ball you introduce into your workouts to improve your balance and strengthen your core.

FluidStance is the Bosu Ball for your office.

It’s a genius way to keep moving while you are working.

Craig and I tried something similar to this balance work board a couple of years ago at a conference in Santa Barbara.

“We have to get one of these” we both said to each other as we stood on and found ourselves engaging our core and doing a little surfing to keep our balance.

It looks simple and you don’t think it’s going to work your body much.

But, you don’t need to move a lot to engage muscles you usually keep sedentary and in the same position at your desk, whether you are sitting or standing.

When Fluid Stance reached out to us recently to review the board, we said, for sure, we’d love to try it out and if we love it we’ll share it.

We loved it. We’re sharing it and am now an affiliate partner of theirs.

Our whole family loves it So much that it took a week before I even got to use it. The girls kidnapped it and spent the day arguing about whose turn it was on it.

If it means they willingly show up to do their online school work then I’m all for it. As they sit at their desks all day too, I love how it’s teaching them the importance of introducing movement at an early age.

Our kitchen bench is the ideal height for them as well. They also stand on it and perform multiple 360 spins while watching TV.

Fluidstance balance board
The extra challenge black cup

We’ve used it enough now to find our balance on it, that we can put the black cap on the bottom. The black cap is an extra challenge level that requires you to work harder to maintain balance and so helps work the core a little more.

Learn more about the balance boards by clicking here.

Benefits of the FluidStance

The following results were discovered after rigorous testing with the FluidStance deck, with research backed by the Mayo Clinic.

  • Energy expenditure increased by 19.2% compared to sitting
  • Average 15% increase in heart rate
  • Average range of motion of 23.98 degrees, which helps the body move in three dimensions as it should.
  • No statistical difference in the amount of typing errors someone makes when using the FluidStance deck.
  • Most importantly: 83% of users have felt happier when using the Level.

Is the Fluid Stance Deck Dangerous? Can you fall off?

Fluidstance balance board home office equipment
Low to the ground and safe!

You may be concerned whether the balance board is safe.

I don’t think it’s unsafe.

It is an unstable surface, but, as long as you are careful, I don’t think it’s something you could seriously hurt yourself on.

The board is not too high off the ground, so if you lose your balance you can easily step off.

You can keep a hand on your desk to steady yourself if you get wobbly. You get used to it pretty quick and find your balance easily. I think it’s a bit like riding a bike, once you get it you don’t forget it.

Fluid Stance gives safety directions on how to use the deck in a user guide.

Final thoughts

work from home balance board
Work out while you work

We have the Level Balance Board.

It is made up of a die-cast, military-grade aluminum base with a powder-coat finish that’s put on using a near-zero-emission method.

I love the design. It’s very chic and stylish. It has a beautiful geometric base, which is topped with a half inch of bamboo – one of my favorite materials. You can also get a maple finish.

I have noticed a visible difference to my energy and focus when I use it. It brings an element of lightness and fun to your workspace. I can definitely feel my core and glutes working and my body doesn’t feel as squished or tight.

Actually, I’m writing this post while on my FluidStance and am dancing on it, while listening to music and working, My thighs and butt are burning as I have to work a little harder. It is not affecting my typing or working at all.

It’s fascinating the diference it makes to introduce subtle movements into your workspace. It does increase your happiness and helps overcome any kind of work drudgery you feel.

And if you need a little bit more of a movement break, just do a 360!

Fluidstance balance board home office (2)
FluidStance balance board

Start slow with your balance board with short increments of time until you get used to it. I’ve noticed after some time, my feet can feel a little overworked and I need to step off to walk on them and have a break.

The only thing we need to do now is get a stand up desk, so we no longer have to work with our computer on the kitchen bench! Improvisation is a must when you work from home.

Even if you don’t. I’d be convincing the boss to get some for your corporate work space!

Where to get the FluidStance balance board

Fluidstance balance board home office (5)
Mobility board can go anywhere with you

There are a wide variety of FluidStance decks to choose from. They differ in materials and manufacturing processes but not functionality.

The deck comes with a cotton covering which you can carry on your back. We work in a co-working space a couple of days a week, and we take it in there to use.

It’s mobility is another great reason to have a FluidStance deck. We can easily pack it in our car when going on prolonged road trips where we’ll still be working (usually every trip we take now!).

FluidStance Company

Fluidstance balance board

Founder, Joel Heath was inspired to create the deck after recognizing so many of our best ideas come when we move, and our work spaces aren’t designed to promote movement while we work.

So he created something that could introduce subtle, constant movement to increase your range of motion and heart rate.

A company that gives back and takes care of our planet

FluidStance is committed to reduce their impact on the planet. Each board is produced in California, ensuring they give back to their local community.

From their website:

The top deck is bamboo, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources, and is milled locally. The base is .25” thick, military-grade aluminum for increased strength and is cast using a “Green Sand Process,” generating zero waste—we recycle the sand molds and place excess aluminum back into the supply chain. We use a powder-coat finish with near-zero emissions, and complete final etching in Santa Barbara. 

1% of FluidStance profits goes to First Descents, an organization dedicated to providing free adventure experiences to young adults with cancer. They also commit 1% of employee time to volunteer with First Descents and other non-profit organisations.

Learn more about the balance boards by clicking here.

As part of our commitment to using our platform to help create a better planet, yTravel aims to collaborate and support companies that give back in positive ways. Here are 27 ways you can live sustainably.

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