How To Stay Calm During Turbulent Times

“These here are crazy times”

The lyrics and tune from the song, Onion Skin from Aussie band, Boom Crash Opera runs through my mind multiple times a day.

These here are crazy times
Try keeping heart in mind
From rolling off
The chopping board
Keep your chin up
And choke back the tears

Nobody has ever experienced anything like this before. The pandemic is a global catastrophe that hasn’t left anyone untouched.

It’s a disruption that will cause stress and suffering for millions, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and financially.

This is a time, not to crumble alongside the broken remains of what you thought was your reality, but to dig deeper to find your inner strength so you can rebuild for the new world.

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Contraction is Needed for Expansion

Remember this as you move through each day. Life moves in cycles. There will always be bountiful summers and scarce dead winters.

The only way is the peaceful way of acceptance. You will be okay. You will pass through it. Dig deep and find your inner calm.

Craig and I are sharing our tips in a video made just for you. We survived the Global Financial Crisis where we lost everything. From that we built this life and business we love so much.

We too are standing beside you now with everything crumbling around us. We are applying the tips and strategies we know work, to help you move through this too.

They are much simpler than you realize.

In the above video, we share:

  • Tips to help you stay grounded in your seat of power no matter what is happening around you.
  • How to self-isolate with strength and joy
  • How to manage self-isolating with kids and spouse
  • Tips for working together in the one space

Examples of specific tips:

  • A simple breathing technique to help you get out of your head and back in control
  • Simple ways to find joy in your immediate surroundings (hint turn to mother earth)
  • A power morning routine designed to keep you in control of your day.

Grab your favorite beverage, press play, and join us in our living room.

At the end of the video, we offer a specific action task to help you take this challenging time (or any you face in the future) and turn it into a powerful and positive change.

Leave your comments below with your actions step. Please share with someone this video can help.

Want Notes of Daily Positivity?

As your manifester of hope and meaning maker, I will check in daily with you – as I know you need that now more than ever in your communities and self isolation.

It will be just a quick check in with a message of hope and positiveness. Something to distract you from the non-stop doom news, and help you tap into your warrior within. 

You must find ways to overshadow that with the good stuff and remember why you are here. 

This too shall pass to the bigger, the better, and the brighter. 

Bring the bright into your world as you sit with the passing. Pop your name in the box below.

“I want to end saying thank you for your beautiful writing in each and every emails. It helps me see hope and this thing will end and we will get back to normal whatever that will look like. “⁠

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