7 Days, 7 Highlights – our road trip around Australia has begun!

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One week down already on our big road trip around Australia.

Our first day on the road last week was a long time coming, and filled with much anticipation and excitement.

I haven’t had that feeling in my gut that something big and amazing is happening for a long time. And it still feels surreal that we are on the road indefinitely.

If the first seven days on the road are a taste of what’s to come, this trip is going to be more amazing than expected. We haven’t traveled far yet, but already we’ve accumulated some awesome experiences.

Starting off heading south from Sydney and exploring the south coast of NSW has been a great move. We haven’t explored south coast NSW before, and it has blown us away. The beaches are stunning, Kangaroo Valley was incredible, the whole region seems less developed and there are a lot less people than traveling the north coast.

I’m even tempted to say the scenery is better down here than on the north coast road trip from Sydney to Brisbane. With three more weeks still left in this region, I will get a better opinion.

Maybe we’re just sick of the north coast drive having done it so many times? Or maybe we’re just more excited because it’s the start of our big adventure?

But one thing I do know, the south coast is under appreciated and not nearly marketed enough.

We’ve held back from publishing posts over the first seven days, choosing instead to find our groove, see what works managing Kalyra’s distance education needs, been finishing our eBook and having some much-needed downtime (some of it forced due to lack of internet).

But we already have many great experiences and awesome photos we’re excited to share with you.

As we publish our posts over the coming week, we may even inspire you to change your plans from a Sydney to Brisbane road trip to a Sydney to Melbourne road trip instead via the coastal road.

So this post is just a quick update on our travels and a teaser of what’s to come on the blog.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you would know we have been using those platforms heavily (as long as we have phone service) and will continue to share live updates via those channels.

But we will have more detailed posts on the below seven highlights coming soon. Stay tuned!

7 highlights so far

1. The Beaches

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, Australia
Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW

We have been completely blown away by the beaches on the south coast, especially around the Jervis Bay region. Beaches such as Hyams, Green Patch, Greenfields, Murrays and Chinamans are amazing. As good as we’ve seen on the east coast of Oz. The bar has been set high. Who can match it?

2. Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

Kangaroo Valley was a great destination and the pick of the southern highlands. Peaceful, fresh country air and stunning scenery. A great place for walks, bike rides and relaxation. We also met some wombats and got attacked by swooping magpies and enjoyed a few beverages in our cottage. Would be a great place to get cozy in the winter.

3. Bike rides

Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Wollongong foreshore

The bikes are on the back of the Nissan X-Trail, they’re coming with us the whole way around Oz, and they’re getting plenty of use so far. Whether it be along the foreshore, in the valley or simply around town or the caravan parks we love biking as a family.

Read more: the best thing we’ve brought on our road trip

4. Camping

Green Patch, NSW, Australia
Green Patch campsite

We’ve missed camping. It’s been WAY too long since we’ve slept out in nature. The other night we camped at Green Patch which was Savannah’s first time ever camping, and it was awesome. We had kangaroos hopping around and possums come to visit at dinner time. And waking up right near the beach is priceless.

5. Walks

Coastal walk in Pretty Beach, NSW, Australia
Coastal walk in Pretty Beach

We love nature walks, especially coastal walks. The coastal walk we did from Pretty Beach to Merry Beach was spectacular. If we’re not looking for bike rides you can find us walking somewhere. Really looking forward to exploring some of the best walks in Australia in the coming months.

6. Kangaroos

wild Kangaroos in Pretty Beach, NSW

I have never seen so many wild kangaroos than on the south coast. It’s like seeing zebra on safari in Africa. They are everywhere. Three great places have been at Green Patch, Pebbly Beach and Pretty Beach. Savannah is now saying “hello roo” and mimicking them by hopping around. So cute.

7. Eating pies

Meat Pie, Australia

I’m back on the pies. After many years of being vegetarian (well almost) I’ve started eating meat periodically again. And with your help I’m taking up the challenge of finding the best pies in Australia. Two great places I’ve indulged in the great Aussie pie so far have been at Husky Bakery in Huskisson and the Barrengarry store in Kangaroo Valley. Any suggestions?

Click on the 39 comments link below to read what our facebook fans suggest:


Any tips for south coast NSW?

Which highlight are you most interested in learning more about?

33 thoughts on “7 Days, 7 Highlights – our road trip around Australia has begun!”

  1. I’m interested in hearing more about Jervis Bay. Those beaches are amazing.

    As you head further south you will be even more amazed – Narooma is breathtaking, as is Eden and Twofold Bay. And the Croajingalong National Park just over the Vic border is just beautiful.

    1. We could have stayed in Jervis Bay much longer. And will definitely return. Incredible beaches, a must visit in NSW!

      Thanks for the tips. We are heading to Eden soon, and will check out those other places. Cheers!

  2. this beach are really amazing and a must visit in NSW! Croajingalong National Park is so beautiful.
    we are also provides services and we help you achieve the ultimate travel experience in Indonesia and abroad, starting with your booking!

  3. Nice to see that you guys are enjoying yourselves. Kangaroo Valley seems to be a great destination – so fresh so peaceful.

  4. The South Coast of NSW was also very much a highlight for me. Glad you’re enjoying it as well!

    Your photos are a little bit like torture though…. 😉

  5. Wow. Now I wish I had done the south coast instead of Sydney to Brisbane. Although, Cabarita and Angourie will always hold a special place in my heart!

  6. Looks like an awesome start to your trip so far! Your animal encounters while camping sound pretty amazing to me too – the most interesting thing I’ve come across while in a tent is a squirrel!

  7. Hi Caz and Craig,
    Don’t miss Mystery Bay, Tathra, Mimosa Rocks NP, Central Tilba, Eden or Mallacoota. Lakes Entrance is lovely and the Grand Ridge Road in Victoria and Tarra Bulga National Park…..
    Now I can’t stop! If you’re following the coast in Victoria don’t miss Wilson’s Promontory (that will be a few zig-zags already) and if you don’t plan to go into Melbourne, you could think about going down to Phillip Island, then catching the car ferry across Port Phillip Bay from Sorrento to (near) Geelong. The kids will love Sovereign Hill, a recreated gold mining town at Ballarat….(allow a full day there).
    If you can detour even more, I can highly recommend a stay at Thredbo (some really nice bush camping nearby) and a walk to Mt Kosciuszko, the highest point in Australia.
    There are so many beautiful places to see in this corner of the country. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like any more ideas or info about this neck of the woods. Happy travels..

  8. If you’re still in the area, or haven’t gotten there yet, Bawley Point is a really pretty beach town on the South Coast with excellent snorkelling. There’s an even smaller town a little further south beginning with a K (I can’t quite remember the name) and the drive from Bawley to it is beautiful, as is its beach.

    1. Hey Lindsey,

      That’s too bad but we have already passed Bawley Point. Thanks for the tip though, sounds great. I guess we can’t visit everywhere, or could we?! Sounds like we need to slow down a bit. Cheers!

  9. Wow! – some of those pictures are absolutely stunning!
    I had a hard time reading this article because of those pictures, however i’m sure that i want to visit Australia now 🙂

    Great reading and i can’t wait to hear more about the trip!

    Could you share just a few things about the 2 first pictures, what resalution are they? and what sort of work/edit is done to them?

    1. Hey David,

      We resize our landscape photos to 800 wide which usually works out about 533 high. For editing we use lightroom, but try not to edit too much. Using a 10-22 Canon lens with a polarising filter.

  10. Bermagui is awesome – spent the Chrissy to New Years break there in 2010 with a ocean going boat and had a great time.

    Speaking of pies, on my rugby forum we have a thread called Aussie Town Trivia; it’s your typical forum game whereby each post names a town starting with the last letter of the previous post’s town.

    After 461 posts in this style, a new rule was added – “not previously mentioned and must have decent pies”

    There are another 342 posts since that rule was put in, might make for a fun read on a long drive 😉


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