The Working Holiday Australia Visa: All You need to Know

The Working Holiday Australia Visa is a great option for working and travelling in Australia.

The WHV Australia program is the perfect strategy for an extended stay in Australia as it allows gap year students, backpackers and people on a career break to earn an income for supplementing their travel funds.

It’s an opportunity to gain new skills, to travel and really experience life down under, and to immerse yourself in the culture and to meet locals and form life long friendships.

From a career standpoint, the ability to gain new skills by performing different and unusual jobs, or by volunteering on worthwhile projects, can enhance any CV.

The Working Holiday Australia Visa Requirements

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The general requirements in obtaining a WHV for Australia include:

  • You must have turned 18, but not turned 31, at the time of your visa application
  • You must apply for the WHV Australia visa when you are outside of the country.
  • You can’t have entered the country on a WHV program before.
  • You must apply no more than 12 months before you intend to travel to Oz.
  • You must hold a valid passport for the country or region participating in the working holiday schemes.
  • You can enter the country at any time within 3 months of your visas grant date.
  • You can work and travel Australia for up to 12 months.
  • Leave and re-enter as much as you like within those 12 months.
  • Undertake temporary employment.
  • Visa fee = $365

Who Can Get a Working Holiday Australia Visa?

Sunset drinks at Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

The are actually two categories, subclass 417 and subclass 462, and it depends on which country you come from.

Subclass 417

The Working Holiday Maker Visa (Subclass 417) is available to people from:

  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan.

Bonus 2nd Year – Due to the high demand for workers in Australia’s harvest industry (farm work), anyone who works three months or more in an agricultural position can qualify to Renew Their Visa for a 2nd Year.

For complete info on visa subclass 417 click here.

Subclass 462

how to work and travel australia
The iconic Sydney Opera House

The Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) is for people from:

  • Argentina
  • Bangladesh
  • Chile
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • USA

This visa is also for people aged 18 – 30 who want to work and travel Australia for up to 12 months.

For complete info on visa subclass 462 click here.

Global Work and Travel in Australia

Jacob's Creek Cooking Class, Barossa Valley, South Australia

Want to work and travel the easy way in Australia?

Since 2013, Global Work and Travel have been helping travelers work and fund their travels through cultural exchange programs both paid and unpaid.

One of the elements of a successful working holiday is to find local, seasonal employment to use as a means to fund your travels around the country. This is not easy. But, Global Work and Travel makes it so as they have spent years with hundreds of local businesses that do hire travellers.

We are enthusiastic partners of theirs as we believe in what they do, avid lovers of working abroad, and know they can help you!

They offer the complete package and, most importantly, help score you job interviews with awesome local businesses so you can stay longer and fund all your Australian adventures!

Their in-country team will help get you set up with all the essentials you need including working holiday visa application advice, transfers & accommodation, local experiences, an Aussie local bank account and mobile number, plus so much more.

Read our full post on Global Work and Travel here.

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Just for our readers: $100 off your trip (whatever your currency) You must use the code: YTRAVEL

Click here to learn more and use your discount code!

Moving to Australia Tips

Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia
Palm Beach

Deciding to move to Australia is the easy part. Now you’ve got to organize things.

  • Open a Bank Account Pre-Arrival – Sorting out your finances before you leave can make life easier. There a three banks with international services that can help you. Try the HSBC, the Commonwealth Bank, or the ANZ.
  • Get a Tax File Number (TFN) – Before you start working in Australia, you need to get a tax file number. You can only complete this application once you are in Australia. Learn more by visiting the Australian Government Taxation website .
  • Do You Have to Lodge an Income Tax Return? – If you are working in Australia you need to determine whether you are an Australian resident for tax purposes. Non-residents pay tax differently from residents. Learn more here.
  • Healthcare Agreement – The Australian Government has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with: United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta and Italy.

To enroll in the Australian Medicare System you will need:

  • your passport with a valid visa.
  • to provide, in some cases, identification showing you are enrolled in your country’s national health scheme.

If your application is approved, you will receive an Australian reciprocal health care card in the mail. Learn more here.

  • Leaving Australia Tax Overview – If you have been living in Australia, intend leaving Australia soon, or have recently left Australia, there are things you need to do to get your tax affairs in order. Learn more here.

Finding a Place to Stay in Australia

Finding hostels, a flat-mate, a budget hotel, or other cheap accommodation is an important part of your working holiday Australia trip.

Depending on your budget, your comfort zone, your travel style, and your relationship status, there are many options for finding the right accommodation to suit your short term and long term needs.

1. Stay in a Hostel:

how to work and travel australia
Byron Bay main beach

When you first arrive in Australia and you need budget accommodation, a Hostel is a great place to start. They are cheap, everywhere, and a great place to meet other travellers and locals.

Use these sites to search:

2. Find a Flat or a Flat-Mate:

Sharing a flat is another great budget option:

  • Gum Tree – a fantastic site for finding flats, units, apartments, and houses to rent.
  • Flatmate Finder – is a great resource to advertise yourself if you are looking for a room, or to find rooms that are already being advertised. Membership and advertising on Flatmate Finder is FREE!

3. Find a Cheap Hotel:

how to work and travel australia
View from YHA The Rocks, Sydney

There are several Hotel booking sites to compare hotel prices and facilities in Australia. Check out these sites:

4. VRBO – Vacation Rentals By Owner:

Vacation Rentals By OwnerSometimes staying in a vacation property can be cheaper than a hotel. Vacation rentals can also offer more space and privacy.

VRBO provide an online space for homeowners to advertise their vacation properties and make it easy for travelers to search 150,000+ rentals in over 100 countries worldwide.

5. Mind My House:

Mind My House – is a global house sitting matching service. They provide all the online tools for home owners and house sitters to find each other from around the globe (or around the corner).

Finding Work in Australia

Travel Jobs and backpacker jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Job agencies in Australia are plentiful and travel jobs for backpackers is a large industry.

Whether you want farm jobs, retail, hospitality, construction, nursing, engineering, childcare, or you want to go fruit picking Australia, chances are the opportunity is there for you.

Below is a list of websites, job agencies, and jobs boards:

  • GumTree – Great job site for travelers. There is a Gum Tree site for every city.
  • Alseasons – Hospitalty Recruitment
  • Helpx – Listing of host organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&Bs, backpackers hostels and even sailing boats who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation!
  • Fruit Picking – find fruit picking work around Australia.
  • Harvest Trail – links job seekers with harvest jobs plus has seasonal info.
  • Jobs 4 Travelers – One of Australia’s Premier Backpackers jobs board!
  • Aussie Jobs – For a REAL Australian work experience based in Perth.
  • Mumbrella – Jobs for travelers around Australia
  • Travellers at Work – Job search club for working holiday visa holders and backpackers!

Nursing Jobs:

Nurses with overseas qualifications first have to register with the Nurses Registration Board in the state you want to work in.

Visit the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia for info.

Nursing Agencies: There are loads of agencies to help you find a nursing job:

Teaching Jobs:

Teachers are required to register with the Teacher Registration Board in each state they hope to work in.

Getting to Australia

how to work and travel australia
Learning to surf at Bondi Beach in Sydney

There are several websites to start searching for cheap flights to Australia.

Once you arrive, all of Australia’s international airports have regular public transport such as bus, train and taxi connections to the CBD’s. For detailed information on all the airports see the Australian Airports Guide.

Here is a list of websites to start searching for flights to Australia and within Australia:

Flights to Australia:

Flights within Australia:

Getting Around Australia

Emu Bay is one of the best beaches on Kangaroo Island. Click to read more tips

Australia is big, and how you get around depends on factors like your budget, the amount of time you have, and your traveling style.

Thankfully, there are options to satisfy all situations

Cars and Campervans for Sale & Rent:

Backpacker Bus Companies:


Rail passes offer unlimited train travel over certain periods of time. A great value in exploring Australia. With eight different passes available check out your options here.

Need Travel Tips for Australia?

For insider travel tips on things to see and do, check out our City Guide’s for:

Looking to road trip from Sydney to Brisbane? Check out our suggestions here.

We road tripped around Australia for 18 months and have in-depth articles on Australian destinations and travel tips. You can find all of them here. 

Have you experienced life on the Working Holiday Australia Visa?

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105 thoughts on “The Working Holiday Australia Visa: All You need to Know”

    1. Hey Tom,

      I’ve added TNT to the jobs section. And updated the countries under the 462 visa. My links to the two visa options go to the official Government site so they should have all the current info at their fingertips when they click through.

      Any other changes you know of?

  1. The working holiday visa sounds like such a great way to see Australia (or New Zealand if you do their version). I never even knew about this until I turned 30, and by then it was too late. Would’ve been fun to do when I was right out of college or something!

    1. Ali, working holidays have been a great strategy for us over the years to incorporate travel and experiencing life in different countries.

      Caz lived in London and we both lived in Dublin and the USA, all on working holiday visas. Highly recommend them as a way to fund long term travel and to gain new life experiences!

  2. Hey! So, I’ve been planning on doing this for over a year now (money is a bit tight, but I’m almost there) and I was looking at the requirements. The visa is now 365 AUD to apply. Just a heads up!

    1. Thank you so much for the heads up Kate! Australia loves to raise their prices–one thing to be aware of down under here. We are not a cheap country. Keep planning and saving. you’ll love it when you get here and if you earn Aussie dollars it is not that bad

  3. I love this blog. I have been a travel nurse for years and love it! Nurse travel jobs are a great way to build a resume while seeing the world. The travel information in this article is so helpful. I will be back!

  4. This is a lot of nice information. Thanks for sharing.
    I will be 31 in 2 weeks and want to know if it is possible to travel with a work Holiday visa. And if i have the visa wat will be the last day to go to Australia?

  5. I am currently in the process of saving up to get one of these right now! After spending 2 years in Europe, most of my friends are down there in OZ – not surprising given how many of them are in the EU (is there anyone actually left down under?). Looking forward to getting down there for a year and visiting everyone and seeing the beauty of the place xx

  6. hi craig great site alot of help indeed a question for you my wife had applyd to get a working holiday visa bfore she turn 31 she was accepted and may decide to travel to brisbane in october its a little different for me tho im 34 and cant get work hol visa because of my age such short of time is it possible for me to travel on a holiday visa and when out in brisbane if possible get a sponership im i allowed to do this because i want to do the thing right before we come would be great to hear from you for some advice thanks neil

    1. No worries Neil. I am not too sure. It is probably best to speak to the embassy. There are so many different rules for each nationality so I couldn’t give you any accurate advice. I hope you can find a way. I know its not easy.

  7. well i m from india
    professsionally an ece engg
    and an abstract artist and
    want to come australia for exihibition and selling my art work
    is there some proper way to come with par time job.
    plz give me some suggestions those are practically feasible.
    is there any institute who sponser me on the behalf of my art work
    i dont want to do ielets as i dont have money presently

    1. I have no idea Gaurav. It’s not something we can really help you with. Use the resources in this post to help you with your research and start reaching out to companies.

  8. I am from Poland and my country don’t belong to any of those subclasses. Is there any way to get this Visa or should I apply for normal one?

  9. Thanks for highlighting the procedure to get working holiday Australia visa. The information will be of great help to people who are planning to explore the exotic tourist designation in Australia without spending a lot of money.

  10. I have been interested in getting a work holiday in Australia and have looked at a few work and travel companies. Do you know if companies like Global Work and Travel and Interexchange legit companies to go through, I have seen mixed reviews on both, or would it be cheaper and more rewarding to go a different path?

    1. Hi Kenny, I haven’t heard anything about these two companies. We don’t know much about the credibility of any companies since we are Australian we’ve not had to use anything like this. I’d keep researching them on Google and jump in any travellers forums or facebook groups to ask if anyone knows anything. Your other option is to organize the visa and work yourself. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Look around and see what you can find by way of jobs etc.

    2. Hi kenny,

      I used The global work and travel co back in 2012 to go to Canada on a working holiday, and it was great. I went with 3 friends, and we all got jobs in Jasper (A little town in Alberta). I was working for a 5 star hotel as a server, and let me tell you, whilst the wage is shit house ($9.5 p/h) the tips are INCREDIBLE!!! Some nights I earnt up to $400 cash in hand, no tax. I went into their Gold coast office in Australia to sign up, and also to their Vancouver office for my ‘orientation’ where they tell you about life in canada, and how its different to Australia.
      Overall, they were a great company, I didnt have to worry about any of the nitty gritty stuff when travelling like visa and other regulatory things. Everyting was organised for me, and I got to Canada and started my job within 9 days (I spent 3 days in Banff)
      Hope this helps, if you want any more info, feel free to contact me.

      1. I am currently going through global work and travel and I’ve been told I have to do my visas myself and I’m really struggling. I feel like I have been handing money over and receiving nothing in return. I’m just looking for some answers, and the fact you say they did it for you is confusing me? The more info the better!

  11. This is a lot of nice information.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m 24 and planning a trip to Australia in 2014. I am planning on applying for a working holiday visa so can Pakistani come to Australia on working holiday ?

  12. Hey,

    Some friends and myself are planning to go to Australia next year with a working holiday visa.
    Is it true that one of the conditions is that you have to stay for at least six months? Or can you leave Australia after three months of work and holiday without coming back.
    Maybe this is a condition for the tax back? I’m a little bit confused 🙂

    1. Hi Jessie,
      We aren’t so sure of what the conditions are. I’m pretty sure the 6 months is related to how long you can stay in one job for. I don’t think they can stop you from leaving early It’s best to check with the embassy, we’d hate to give you the wrong advise for something so important.

  13. Try in Australia for some cheap travel options. Connects you with other travelers to share the trip, fuel expenses and fun on the road.

  14. I’m so glad I found this website! I’ve been dreaming of traveling to Australia my whole life but never thought it could be possible. Now it’s my mission. I live in Canada and work as an office assistant in the oil & gas industry. Do you think it’s possible for me to find work in Aus on a WHV in my profession? If so, would it be wise to apply for work before I travel or wait until I arrive? Would appreciate any advice anyone could provide 🙂

    1. I’m not too sure if you could find work or not. It is possible, the mining industry in Australia is huge, although quite competitive for jobs as the pay and benefits are very good. You’ll have to do some research to see, and I would recommend definitely applying for work before you leave. It’s always great to know you are moving to a new country and will have work. Sometimes you may even get perks like a flight over there (rare, but does happen)

  15. Thanks for this! I am thinking about moving to Australia for a year after living in Vietnam…not sure I’ll ever make it back to England!!

  16. Thank you so much for all this useful information!! I’m still deciding if I should do the working holiday in Australia. I’m already 29 so I need to decide sooner rather than later!! I feel that it would be well worth it!! 🙂

  17. dang..massive thank you for this post, since i’ll have short training at Adelaide on August for 3 weeks and i’m planning to visit other places such Sidney or Brisbane. I need bunch information about hostel, how to go, where to go around,how to travel affordable withing the city,cause i’m planning to go on backpacker style..

    this blog has been my travel adviser as well..

  18. I need working holiday visa. I am from Pakistan. can anyone guide me if i am eligible for this. I am 29 years at the moment. Regards, Zeeshan

  19. Do you know if there are restrictions on where you can work on a Working Holiday Visa? I have family in Brisbane and want to live with them and work in that area.

  20. Apologies if someone already asked this but do you pay the application fee up front online when you submit the application? Also, if for some reason your 462 application is rejected do they give you your application fee back or not? Thanks!

    1. Application fee won’t be returned. Not sure about paying it upfront or not – I’m pretty sure you do but just check submission guidelines, it will tell you

  21. hi, i would like to travel to Australia in early april to mid april. (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane )Would most stores/restaurant/places of attraction closed during this period?

  22. Hi guys,

    I’m applying for a working holiday visa to work in Australia next summer for 12 months. I’m looking at primary school teaching out there. Does anybody know how about going abou doing this?

    1. You’d have to apply for your teaching licence for the state you want to teach in. Just do a quick google search for That state education department and the procedure should be there. I am not sure what the requirements are for international teachers.

      1. Hello if i go on a 18-30 visa and find a job out there is it am option to get sponsored by the company in this job to stay

        1. It is possible, I have heard of people who have had this happen, but there is no guarantee. It would depend on the job, your skills and your employer’s needs.

          1. Ok thanks i just planning to go over on this visa and try my best to find a sponser as i am a hairdresser and may of found an sponser

  23. Im planning on going there after high school which is very soon. This is very helpful, a lot of great information about jobs and flats. Thank you for sharing!

  24. is there any 1 who can sponsor me to australia i wil work hard for him i shall be very thankful for him for whole life plz help me.i m 29 male from pakistan.

  25. Hello,

    What city would you recommend for a young adult moving over there? I know it’s a broad question… !

    Also, do you mean, once your visa is approved you have 3 months to get to Australia? Meaning I couldn’t apply now and leave 10 months from now?


    1. Just double check on the conditions on the visa once it’s approved as it can change easily and we haven’t updated this post in awhile. IF you just ask the embassy they can tell you.

      It all depends on what you like of course. IF you love beaches and stunning scenery and good weather – Sydney is the place to go. IF you appreciate more culture and cafe scene then Melbourne would be it. The weather is not brilliant there though. Or there is Perth, which gives you access to the beautiful Western Australia, but it is a very remote city, and not as big as the other too, but I like it.

  26. Get Qualified is one of the best RPL companies that operated.They stated the policy so well that expectations were so clear. we are mede to understand they are not a visa company so they will not process you without passing IELTS and the visa requirements. I recommend them to anyone searching for RPL. One of the best ways to work and travel in Australia (

  27. I want to explore australia so does indian citizen come for australia for one year on working holiday visa over australia

  28. How about srilanka? Are srilankans eligible for this visa? How about if we are travelling with a partner or husband. I doubt i can get this visa if i have a 1 year old baby. What is my partner is 35 years old.

      1. Thank you for your reply but this blog has now be ome my most favourite and im not going to sto unyil i read every crook nd corner of ur blog haha.. i love travelling and i hope i can put some of ur suggestions to practice..

  29. thank you very much for the insightful information. can an inexperienced qualified nurse qualify to work in ozzy?

  30. Hello,

    This blog was very helpful. I am looking to pack up and hit the road for a minimum of a year starting December 1st. I haven’t decided whether I will be doing working holiday in Australia for a year, teach English in Thailand or another Asian country for a year, or get my masters in Europe. I am working out the different ideas now but I plan to be out of here by 12/1 this year. please send me any other helpful information you may have!

  31. Hi, i’m from Hong Kong and was interested to go Australia for working holiday next year 2016. I was bit hesitant since i heard from my friends who just came back from Australia and mentioned that there will be no tax refund starting July 2016 and tax are like 35% high. I was a bit worried about finding jobs, financial means and no tax refund issues. I was hoping i can get more information about this.

  32. How can i come from Iran, i am well trained in food safety, iso 22000, haccp and also material planning and production planning.

  33. Selling a working holiday package to Australia. This package is with the company The Global Work and Travel Co. – here is their website if you would like more information:

    The package includes many things to make your working holiday that much more of an easier process. The following is a link to the eligibility requirements of the program and what it offers:

    I purchased the ‘Get it All’ working holiday, which offers the most out of all the programs. This program is worth $1685, and I am selling it for $1300 (a savings of $385). The programs through the Global Work and Travel Co. do not expire until 10 years after purchase. I purchased mine last year and therefore it is good for 9 more years.

    I simply cannot commit to this working holiday anymore as my life circumstances have changed, but would love to pass this opportunity on to someone else who wishes to explore beautiful Australia! If you love to travel and explore new experiences you should definitely consider.

    Please contact if you live in Toronto or the GTA and are interested 🙂 email: [email protected]

  34. You’ve filled this page with tips for people coming to Australia to work/travel around our country but I couldnt find anything for Australians who would like to work and travel around their country.

    1. Hi Cindy, the post is titled ‘Working Holiday Australia Visa’ so the focus was on that. To do the other topic would require a separate post, and to be honest that post could be endless 🙂

  35. Since 2004, we have been successfully assisting people from different parts of the world to study and to settle permanently in Australia. We are one of the fastest growing Visa Consultancy and Global English Language training provider.

    We have more than 12 years of extensive experience in Australian Immigration Law
    Our Australian Visa application approval rate is more than 95%
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  36. I am in my 40’s and want to start traveling. How does someone my age get visas to work and what kinds of jobs would be available for someone in her 40’s?

  37. Please need help,Iam a Kenyan woman resides in Japan for 21yrs,I am divorced and Imy sons happen to be working in Australia for in the meantime,I have not seen them for many years since my divorce.My age is a problem for these visa for I just turned 43yrs .Iam healthy and look younger.I wish you can help me find any Job for a short time ,Three months would be great if Someone can help so that I can unite with my children after so many years of longing .
    With all your love.
    I wish You

  38. I’m going to Australia soon – and open-ended trip on a working holiday visa. I want to be able to communicate with an Aussie friend of mine a bit easier once I’m there, is there any phone options/sim cards/whatever you can reccommend?:-)

  39. Hey Craig,

    Your blog is definitely of great help for my research on a holiday to Australia. However I do have a couple of questions relating to the working visa.

    As I’ll be in Australia for a 2 weeks break with my partner. We’re thinking of experiencing as a fruit picker for about 3-5 days as part of our itinerary.

    Is that possible in Australia or do we still have to get our visa applied?


    1. Unfortunately, we can’t give you any advice in regards to visas. It’s very dependent on each person’s situation and we’d hate to give you the wrong information. I’d ask the embassy they’d give you the best answer.

  40. Uttam sutrodhar

    I’m from Bangladesh and my religion is Hindu. Actually I love this country and go to there for any work. please help me! I’m waiting

  41. Mohammad unus ali

    Hello, very good information. I’m very pleased. I’m a BangladeshI student now study in Malaysia travailing visa 100% can got so I contact & ur office address in Malaysia have pls inform.

  42. OZ was So awesome place in my life.
    I stayed in here, OZ almost 2 years on working holiday visa.
    I missed everything in here….
    Amaging place and delicious foods,
    Spactacle attractions…
    And kind OZ people…
    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Dubbo, Tamworth….
    And, 12 apostle !!

    The life is short.
    That’s why you must visit OZ
    Just come here and enjoy OZ life!!

  43. There are some great tips here! Thanks for sharing, this will be useful for any of my family coming on extended visits to see me in Australia as the place is great to visit! Since I relocated, I haven’t looked back.

  44. Excellent advice Caz and Craig.
    Combining working and travelling is an excellent option.

    Thanks for highlighting the importance of checking the latest laws and regulations, as they do change quite rapidly.

    Just wanted to share a point that travellers do not have to use migration agents in their own countries (which may not have up to date information) before they come to Australia. You can book an appointment with an Australian based registered migration agent and have an online consultation online via Skype. Here is an example –

    Hope that helps.

  45. Hi! i have two weeks left of work in Sweden and after that i will probably hop on a flight to Australia. Thanks for all the info, it’s really useful! I am a litte worried that i won’t finns a job or a Place to stay:P hopefully it will figure itself out once i get there. maybe there are lots of people wo are looking for roomates, haha;)

  46. Why Indians are not allowed to work there, I studied diploma in electrical and electronics engineering and doing as a freelancer I have experienced on db dressing, cable laying, trunking work, tray laying works, cable termination works untill 400 sqmm double compression glands can I work there or get a visa

  47. An interesting read, thanks for sharing! If you wish to work in Australia you will need to have a working or business visa. The type of visa you choose will depend on length of stay, your age (in the case of working holiday visas) and the type of work or business you will be conducting in Australia.

  48. I read your give us very useful information and these information help us to make our future bright.and these blog help those student who are plan to study in abroad.i am also providing the same services and if you awant more usefull information you can visit our website.

  49. Hi
    Thanks for this great post.
    Which city/cities did you spend you year in? What did you find easy and what did you struggle with most?

  50. Hi my son has gone backpacking he is going to Australia does he need to show he has enough money to support himself

    1. Possibly. He’d have to look at the conditions of the visa. I’d say it’s best to have at least 3K to show, but I’d definitely check with the authorities, I do not want to give you the wrong information

  51. Hello and thanks for all the info in the post!!

    My name is Almudena, from Spain. I wanted to ask you a question, since I have asked it to the embassy and to other organisations and I cannot manage to get the answer… maybe you can help me.

    My question is about the Work and Holiday Visa, which I would like to apply for in the next application period. I have seen that one of the options to prove the English level is to have a “post-secondary qualification with at least two years of full-time study, in which all tuition was in English”. I have a bilingual bachelor degree in Engineering. This means I did 2 years of total tuition in English and 2 years in Spanish. So, is it enough to fulfill the requisite, or should the complete bachelor be in english? Do you know anyone who has applied in the same situation as mine?

    Thank you very much!!

  52. Hi
    I’m a nursing student from South Africa. I’m doing my Bachelors in nursing and want to move to Australia permanently to work there. I know that the first step is to register with Aphra. Would like to know how do I go about this move in my life. Im so I love with all the stories I’ve heard and read about Australia. My dream is to live and work in Adelaide one day.
    Thank you

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