Weekend Getaway in a Historic Lighthouse Cottage – Seal Rocks, NSW

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mountains surrounding a beach
Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse – Seal Rocks

I have always wanted to stay in a lighthouse.

Being perched high on a cliff overlooking a rugged coastline seemed exhilarating to me. I also liked the idea of getting nice and cozy inside whilst the wild weather did its thing outside.

Images of passing ships and distant encounters with migrating wildlife also come to mind. We came close to experiencing a lighthouse stay many times whilst living in Ireland back in 2002, but never quite got there.

10 Years Later

We had been in serious need of a getaway and to spend a relaxing few days together. Just the four of us hanging out, cooking some nice food and enjoying a slice of nature was long overdue.

So when the opportunity came up to go and spend a few nights at Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse in Seal Rocks we jumped at it.

Located upon rugged cliffs in the sleepy fishing village of Seal Rocks, just three hours drive from Sydney, Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse is heritage listed having been built in 1875.

Whilst we wouldn’t actually be sleeping inside the lighthouse, the historic keeper’s cottage was the next best thing.

Its secluded location was everything we had been looking for with pristine beaches, coastal walks, rockpools, and the opportunity to see migrating whales all on offer.

The Entrance

The road leading up to the lighthouse immediately gave us a feeling of tranquillity as it cut its way through the magnificent trees that boarded the driveway.

Sugarloaf Point lighthouse seal rocks

a pathway next to bushes

a sign on a picket fence

The Self-Contained Keeper”s Cottages

Just below the lighthouse perched high on the cliff are the fully self-contained and historic keeper’s cottages beautifully restored and full of character and warmth.

The Exterior

a house

a porch on a house

people standing on a front porch

a front porch of a house

a man and children standing next to a door

The Interior

You have the option of 3 cottages with the head keeper’s cottage containing 3 queen bedrooms and all cottages come with a modern kitchen and full of all the conveniences and charm you could wish for. Perfect for a family getaway, or grab a group of friends.

A living room filled with furniture and a window

A bedroom

a bowl of fruit on a table

A dining room table

people playing in a backyard

a kitchen

a man and a baby touching foreheads

a woman and a little girl cooking food

a plate of food

plates of food and wine glasses on a table

a man working on a computer while a child holds onto his leg

 The Views

The highlight of a stay at Sugar loaf Point would have to be the expansive views over Lighthouse Beach. Either sit on your front porch or grab a book (or your laptop) and a coffee and admire the view from your interior sun room.

a beach

a woman working on a computer

a window

a beach

The Lighthouse

a lighthouse

a sign on a wall

people standing in front of a lighthouse

The Local Area

It’s an easy stroll into the village of Seal Rocks which is a very peaceful fishing village offering clear bays for swimming, snorkelling, boating and fishing. Or simply take a nature walk and enjoy the fresh air.

a woman pushing a stroller through a forest pathway

a beach

a rocky beach

a man and children standing on a beach

a beach

a rocky beach

The Facts

Location: 3 hours north of Sydney and 2 hours south of Port Macquarie on the mid north coast of New South Wales.

Website:   SealRocksLighthouseAccommodation.com.au

Want more information? Read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway in a Historic Lighthouse Cottage – Seal Rocks, NSW”

  1. How gorgeous does the lighthouse look? And those Cottages…stunning!
    Can imagine sitting there, looking out from the sun room and never wanting to leave again.
    Thanks for sharing your magical stay, hope you all feel so much better for it 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I was just recently talking about the lighthouse at Byron Bay and someone mentioned that I should check out the area around Seal Rocks. After seeing these photos, I see that they were right. I would definitely love to check this place out.

  3. The fact that it took 10 years to get to visit this place, I am sure it was well worth the wait! This place is simply delightful and charming! This would be the perfect place to read or write a book! Please take me with next time! 🙂 I don’t mind babysitting for my keep! lol

    How much are the per/night rates to start in the cottages?

    Sally Stretton

  4. Awesome! I always forget that there are so many amazing places to visit just a few hours drive from Sydney (and for you foreigners reading, that’s close!!). This one will definitely have to go on the list.

  5. Hi Craig, this place looks awesome, thanks for the great write-up. I’m heading up that way next weekend to camp at Treachery Beach, but after reading this am now already planning in my head the next trip – a winter weekend in the lighthouse cottage!

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