A Helpful Resource for Georgia Tips and Highlights

Welcome to our things to do in Georgia bucket list.

This is your hub for all the best places to visit in GA, including top Georgia attractions, cool cities and small towns, unique outdoor adventures, beautiful beaches and mountain getaways.

people standing next to trees and a water fountain
Savannah, Georgia

You’ll find our best tips, recommended hotels, tours and deals. We’re adding to this the more we explore Georgia, so keep checking back.

We live in Raleigh, and have finally stopped full-time travel, and are ready to explore Georgia on short trips and getaways. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of content at the moment (which is why we need your recommendations. See below!)

We traveled Georgia before blogging and love it. Our favorite places are Savannah and Tybee Island.

If you want some ideas right now, jump to the comments, there are so many in there!

We’ll be adding our ideas to this list as we go.

Be sure to check all of our USA travel tips, as we’ve been exploring the country in-depth for the past year on short breaks, getaways, road trips, and a year long RV trip of the American West.

What are the best things to do in Georgia? Help us create our bucket list.
What are the best things to do in Georgia?

What are your favorite things to do in Georgia?

As you can see from the comments at the very bottom, we already have some wonderful tips on places to visit in GA. Please shares yours as well!

When we visit Georgia we still want to see the obvious Georgia vacation spots, but can you suggest other places to visit in Georgia? What are your best things to do in Savannah? The best things to do in Atlanta?

You can be sure Savannah will be on our list. We love this city and visited several times whilst living in Raleigh, North Carolina and named our youngest daughter “Savannah” for a reason!

What are the best things to do in Georgia? Help us create our Georgia bucket list.
Historic home in Savannah, Georgia. Image by Shutterstock.com

Some things already on our Georgia bucket list include:

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20 thoughts on “A Helpful Resource for Georgia Tips and Highlights”

  1. So many suggestions in my home state! Here are just a few, but reach out if you want more! And be sure to holler when you get here 🙂
    Golden Isles about an hour from Savannah
    Atlanta Food Walks (run by Akila McConnell!)
    Atlanta Movie Tours
    The Beltline and Ponce City Market, Atlanta


  2. World of Coca Cola, to give your kids their sugar rush 😉
    A show in the Fox theatre
    Martin Luther King historic site
    Stone Mountain


    1. Haha, our kids and sugar don’t mix 🙂 And none of us drink Coke but I’d actually still like to see what the World of Coca Cola is all about, I think??!!

      Thanks for the other tips Chantal.

      1. Hi Craig

        My husband and I lived and worked in Savannah Ga for 17 years. We now reside in Louisville KY. Restaurants were one of our haunts when we lived there. Places to try: Gryphon tea room. Good food and dessert and of course teas. It was formally years ago a pharmacy. Beautiful refurbished cubby holes and counter. Look up and notice the interesting ceiling. Off Stephenson Avenue in midtown try the fried chicken at Sweet Potatoes….yummy. For delicious low country boil try The Crab Shack on your way to or from Tybee Island. Support any of the local theater group s like Tybee Center on Tybee Island or a fun and hysterical time with the improv group Odd Lots. Explore Pirate House for good dining and all the interesting rooms to dine in. One our favorite things to do (which we did with friends on two of my birthdays) is ride the party trolleys. Different stops along the way shits, drinks and more all powered my the energy of the group peddling the Trolley through town. Hope others get to try out these activities. You will have fun.

  3. ATL is my hometown too, but I’ve been living abroad since 1997 so I see it almost like a tourist now! Last summer the kids and I enjoyed biking the Beltline — an ambitious urban renewal project if there ever was one. As for nature, we enjoyed walking through Rottenwood creek trail.

    For politics and history, the King Center (MLK) is essential and the Jimmy Carter library is well worth your time.

    For sports, a Braves game at that amazing stadium is a blast

    And for creativity, the Center for Puppetry Arts is quite great (Muppets, Fraggles! Characters from Bowie’s Labyrinth!). Also the High Museum of Art. They have an exhibit on right now from my favorite living artist: Vic Muniz: https://www.high.org/Art/Exhibitions/Muniz

    If you’re carnivorous, don’t forget BBQ. I recommend Fat Matt’s Rib Shack (for atmosphere & blues), Heirloom Market (for originality…kimchee on your sandwich anyone?) and Community Q for just plain greatness.

    In the mountains north of ATL, the quirky “German” town of Helen is worth a visit. And in the south, you could spend a week in Savannah alone and never run out of things to do. On the coast, Cumberland Island is hard to beat: wild horses, no cars, etc.

    I used to hang out in Little 5 Points as a teen, but have no idea if that’s still the cool spot anymore. Will definitely visit again once I’m State-side again!

    1. Hey Jason, appreciate all your local tips for things to see and do and places to eat in Atlanta. That bike ride around the beltline sounds like a challenge we’d like to take up.

      Had not heard of that German town in the mountains, sounds cool, or Cumberland Island – thanks for that. And yes, I think at least a week in Savannah is on the cards. Cheers!

  4. Best camping in Georgia is by far Cumberland Island near Savannah, which can only be reached by a ferry. Great place to backpack or camp. Feels like you’re in a different country.

  5. Laser light show at Stone Mountain, Tubing the Cartecay River near Ellijay, Chickamauga National Battlefield, Andersonville Confederate prison camp, Rafting the Chattooga outside of Clayton, Atlanta History Center which has an Olympic exhibit plus the Swan House which was General Snow’s residence for the Hunger Games. Sweetwater Park outside of Atlanta also had a scenes shot there. The Atlanta zoo has the Pandas which are adorable. The previous suggestions are great too!

    1. Hi Grace. Thanks for sharing your tips on things to do in Georgia. We actually witnessed that light show at Stone Mountain on July 4th many years ago pre-kids, so we have to see it again with our girls this time 🙂

  6. Highly recommend walking or biking the Beltline, there are plenty of restaurants/casual stops along the way. Check out Ponce City Market (the kids will love the play area on the roof) and Krog Street Market. For a different feel, venture over to Decatur for some cool food and eclectic bars. Enjoy!

  7. What a beautiful living dream. Especially the entire family!!!! Boy, you can seriously thank God for this one! You know HE’ll be in the BACK seat. Be safe and let us know when you’re passing through Roswell GA.
    My suggestion will always be the Talulla Gorge!!!!!! (Spelling?) massive swinging bridge over the gorge providing incredible views. 360*!! 600 plus steps down to bridge-another 600 plus back up. It’s so worth it!

  8. Tallulah Falls is a sight to see for sure! You should visit Expedition: Bigfoot! in Cherry Log, GA. We recently discovered Providence Canyon State Park, which is know as the little Grand Canyon. It is incredibly beautiful. Anna Ruby Falls is a nature area with a scenic cascade. Enjoy traveling GA. I can’t wait to see your adventure. I loved the trip to Monticello, FL as I am in Tallahassee and discovered some new things.

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