Why we think the Gold Coast is THE best place to live in Australia

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Once we made the decision to go on our USA road trip, I’ve questioned whether it’s the right decision. Mostly because I love our lifestyle in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

If you follow our life on the blog or social media, you’ve had a great insight into life in Burleigh, and it’s now possibly on your bucket list of places to visit, or possibly even live.

We travelled around Australia with eyes wide open to find a place for us to settle. There were many places we loved like Broome and Margaret River in Western Australia, and Bright in Victoria, but none of those checked off all the boxes.

Sunrise at Burleigh Heads - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Burleigh did.

So we can tell you that after 18 months of exploring Australia and living in several places in the country, and outside of them, that Burleigh and the Gold Coast is the best and the only place we’d choose to live in Australia.

We are in love with it, which is why I feel a little insane for wanting to leave it.

I’m writing this post while I’m in Denver, Colorado. Ten days back in the US has reaffirmed for me that, although I love my life on the Gold Coast, the US is where my soul most wants to be.

So I’m reflecting on my life in Burleigh and why I think the Gold Coast is a lot less the glitter strip you might imagine with retirees, schoolies and a lack of soul and much more a city full of rich gold.

The Old Gold Coast

I never thought the Gold Coast would have been the place to live in Australia for me. In fact, I used to turn my nose up at it, despite Craig and I getting engaged in Coolangatta.

I felt the Gold Coast lacked a bit of depth, was more for retirees and schoolies and felt a little run down. So back in 07, we chose to live on the Sunshine Coast instead.

Most people equate the Gold Coast with Surfers Paradise, and Surfers has always felt too touristy and tacky with a 24/7 party scene that is way beyond our age (Although it has improved somewhat and does have a great ice cream store, and a few great restaurants and hotels like the QT.)

But, the Gold Coast is so much more than Surfers Paradise and has grown up tremendously over the past few years.

The Gold Coast moves from glitz to gold

Over the past six years, we’ve explored the Gold Coast more on short trips and began to see changes. We’d stay at the Southern end of the Gold Coast around Coolangatta and Rainbow Bay and fell in love with laidback lifestyle and surfing culture.

Burleigh was never on my radar, though – in fact, I used to feel that it was a bit drab and lacked something.

Until 2014 when on our road trip we stayed at the caravan park across the road from the beach in Burleigh. I saw the changes then – a growing community, a retro, vintage vibe and evolving cafe scene and one of the best family friendly beaches in Australia. No manufactured glitz, just home grown raw goodness.

When it came time to decide where to live in Australia, my inner voice spoke so clearly – Burleigh. It has everything that aligns with my soul.

It’s incredible how much a place can change – from boring to bountiful in just a few short years.

We’ve even seen huge evolution since living in on the Gold Coast in one year even. The cafe and restaurant scene is exploding, craft brew is on the rise, and the farmers market keeps getting better and better.

Burleigh Farmers Market, Gold Coast, Australia

We have many people ask us why we chose Burleigh and the Gold Coast, after seeing the whole country. So I’ll share with you now more why we think it’s the most livable destination in Australia.

Why the Gold Coast is the best place to live in Australia

Family friendly and safe

Gold Coast best place to live in Australia

I’ll keep this short and sweet as the rest of my points will tie into this.

The Gold Coast is a great place to live for families. I never feel unsafe, and my children have access to a wide variety of experiences, opportunities, plenty of activities and facilities, and a good-natured upbringing by the beach.

There’s not an ageing population on the Gold Coast as is commonly perceived by many people. The average age of those on the Gold Coast is 37. No wonder we feel so at home here!

Just for the record, y’all know I don’t have a great opinion of the education system, and it’s hard to impress me, but Kalyra’s school does. They’re focused on real learning, are very encouraging and supportive, they did not pressure her at all for this years’s NAPLAN test, and they do cool things like gardening, cooking, violin lessons, and night time art shows showcasing the children’s exceptional work.

Vibrant, active, outdoor lifestyle

Greenmount Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love to start my day meditating on my balcony and watching Burleigh come to life.

The Esplanade is packed at 5 am: walkers, runners, surfers, SUPpers, kayakers, boot campers, and those taking advantage of the free exercise stations.

On many mornings (or equally busy afternoons) we join them. This vibrant outdoor activity beckons you to embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We decided not to own a car so we’d appreciate it more. We walk along the Esplanade almost every day to get to places. The girls often buzz around on their scooters and bikes, and I love that being so close to the beach and out in the sunshine, is a natural part of my day.

The council implement programs to encourage Gold Coast citizens to be fit and healthy. In fact, it is the largest active and healthy program run by a Council anywhere in Australia.

When we first moved to Burleigh, I would attend early morning boot camp on the Esplanade. They’re held three mornings a week and cost only $3 a class – and you WILL sweat, groan, and see results. My Mum often attends the free tai chi classes down at the beachfront, and there are often free, or cheap, yoga classes.

All along the beachfront are free BBQ’s and stations that even have hot water. The grass is well kept and constantly maintained to its lush green state. There are playgrounds for our girls every couple of hundred metres we walk along the Esplanade.

My mother in law and I often like to stand on our balcony and watch the boys working out the chin-up bars!

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

This past weekend, I competed in a mock Commonwealth Games event (which I’ll write more about later) and met many local Gold Coast professional athletes (some about to go to the Rio Olympics), and those in training at Griffith University.

All of them commented to me how the Gold Coast provided an optimal lifestyle to help them train.

Click play to see my Commonwealth Games competition:

Amazing climate

Greenmount Beach - Gold Coast, Australia

The climate on the Gold Cost is almost perfect. It has enough rain to keep everything lush, but more than enough sunshine to keep you enjoying the great outdoors. And when it does storm, it’s so fantastic you can’t help but be impressed.

I’ve seen cyclonic waves roll in and take away half the beach, and I watched it all morning so in awe of the power of Mother Nature.

It has a cooler winter, but realistically, I wore a sweater/jumper about five times during winter last year. Summers are long and hot, but not so hot that I get bothered by it – again there are maybe just a handful of days I turn on the air con.

Surfing culture

Learning to surf on the Gold Coast

Kalyra took up surfing lessons during the past year. I’d get out in the surf with her to help, and even though I spent more time getting smashed about then assisting, I loved this time with her in the water and how being at one with the ocean helped to shape her.

One of my favourite things to do in Burleigh is a walk along the beach to Burleigh Point, otherwise known as Surfers Point. We pick up a coffee from Nook Espresso, a hole in the wall local’s favourite, and sit on the grassy hill to watch the surfers.

Surfers Point is also the place to be on a Sunday. The locals gather together bringing down their picnics and bottles of wine to hang out and watch the surfers. It’s super chilled, safe and friendly.

Burleigh Point, Gold Coast, Queensland

In March, one of my best friends scored tickets to the Corona tent at the Quiksilver Surf Pro at Snapper Rocks and dragged me along with her. Attending that event has been a bucket list dream of mine since I was a teenager. We had the best day ever, with the best seats and saw our favourite female surfer Stephanie Gilmore carve it up.

Gold Coast is home to many surfing world champs.

Mick Fanning is one and Kelly Slater (although American) has a home at Palm Beach, the next beach south of Burleigh. We’re yet to see either of them, but I have heard that pros are often found surfing Burleigh Point.

Incredible coastal walks and beauty

Burleigh Heads National Park, Gold Coast, Australia
Burleigh Heads National Park

The walk between Greenmount Beach and Snapper Rocks and the Burleigh Headland coastal track are some of our favourite walks in Australia. They’re short and easy, yet pack in a lot of wow moments.

The beaches, particularly on the Southern end of the Gold Coast are beautiful.

One of our favourite things to do is walk around to Tallebudgera Creek, and either swim in the calm, family friendly beaches or Stand Up Paddle Board in the crystal clear waters. I think it’s one of Australia’s best-hidden gems.

Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast, Australia
Tallebudgera Creek

The Gold Coast has many clear creeks, pristine beaches and rivers, hidden rock pools, and more canals than Venice. There is an abundance of water activities you can do. (You’ll learn more about the inland activities next)

The Broadwater north of Surfers Paradise has a fantastic playground for kids, a safe swimming beach, and activities to enjoy such as jet skiing, fishing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.

As I tell anyone when I give them tips on the Goldie – get down to Snapper Rocks for sunset, it’s my favourite on the East Coast.

Sunset from Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Queensland
Sunset from Snapper Rocks

There is something magical about sitting on those rocks, watching the surfers and their silhouettes against an orange glowing sky. I’ve often seen dolphins swimming around the point as well. There are walkers, unicycle riders, yogis, and all sorts of people watching to enjoy.

Head up to Rainbow Bay Surf Club for a sunset beer and cheap meal. The surf club maintains rustic seventies charm and with views out over the ocean and hinterland. For a moment, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a Hawaiian island.

The Gold Coast Hinterland

Exploring the Binna Burra Mountains in Lamington National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia

Until two years ago I didn’t even know the hinterland existed. I thought it was just a mountain range in the distance. I can’t believe that ancient rainforests and mountain retreats are right on my doorstep. It’s untouched, timeless, spiritual and the place I love to go to disconnect and reconnect.

There are cute hinterland towns, adventurous activities, rainforest walks, enchanting forest, waterfalls, and spectacular views. Not to mention cooking classes, amazing fresh produce, cheese makers, and wineries.

Twin Falls in Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia
Twin Falls in Springbrook National Park

You can escape from the blue and gold of the coast to the green of the hinterland in under an hour’s drive.

Emerging food and craft beer scene

Burleigh Brewery, Gold Coast, Quuensland
Burleigh Brewery

The Gold Coast is taking off with the food scene. When we moved here, it was the only place I could get almond milk in my cappuccinos. I couldn’t even get it in Sydney (you can now).

Burleigh, in particular, seems to be on the pulse with current food trends. I can easily find gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free foods that taste great and are unique and interesting. New cafes are popping up all the time and places like Mermaid Beach, and Palm Beach are on the move for exciting eateries.

Many cafes like Commune, have a retro, eclectic vibe, and many have beautiful beach views, like Dbar on the NSW/QLD border. Justin Lane has an incredible rooftop bar in Burleigh and often has line ups to get in for their highly recommended pizzas.

Justin Lane Pizza Bar, Gold Coast, Queensland
Justin Lane Pizza Bar

Diners spill out onto the pavement of a weekend in Burleigh, and it buzzes. Fish House is noted as one of the best restaurants in Australia. We’ve not been yet but have heard the views and food is amazing.

Jupiter’s Casino has recently opened their latest restaurant, the Garden Kitchen & Bar, which we’ve visited several times in the last few months. The food is delicious as is the ambience with inside and outside seating, modern contemporary design and cascading foliage of the vertical garden walls. The outside space is fabulous for the kids to run around on and our girls enjoyed a game of croquet that was set out on the lawn for guests to play.

And food trucks are popping up everywhere from events to day and night-time markets, to festivals dedicated to feasting on their yummy and cheap fare.

The craft brew scene is also booming, with long-standing Burleigh Brewing, Balter Brewing in Currumbin, Black Hops Brewery in Burleigh and Fortitude Brewing Company in Mt Tamborine.

Access to amazing travel experiences

travel with kids

I love the location of the Gold Coast.

Just over the border are the NSW towns of Kingscliff and Byron Bay, in particular, the Byron Bay Hinterland. I have several friends who live in the region from Byron to Sunshine Coast, so I’m delighted I get to see them more often than ever before.

The Gold Coast has an international airport at Coolangatta. It’s an easy 15-minute Uber ride, or we jump on the express bus 777, which stops virtually outside our door. It’s effortless, and the airport is small, so it makes plane travel a lot easier with fewer lines and hassle.

We have spent some time over the past year exploring many areas of South East Queensland that are only a few hours’ drive away. We’ve been so impressed with all the places we’ve discovered – even amazing mountain retreats that get snow. Here are some of the incredible places we’ve discovered.

If you live on the Gold Coast, you are spoilt for easy getaway destinations. And it’s a beautiful place to return once your break is over.

Festivals, arts, and markets

The Village Markets

Imagine going for your afternoon beach walk, finding a lot of people sitting on blankets at Burleigh Point with picnics and learning that Ben Lee is about to start playing!!

In case you don’t know, he’s a famous Australian musician with upbeat, groovy tunes and who I first saw play live when I was 19. I was over the moon and pulled up a patch of grass to sing along.

It was part of the Bleach Festival, whose aim is to connect the community with culture through an expression of music, theatre, dance, visual arts, outdoor events and much more.

The Gold Coast has an incredible amount of festivals, events and growing arts scene that have a casual street party vibe. Every year, Broadbeach also hosts the Country Festival and the Blues Festival, which we attended with the girls and loved.

We have not yet been to the Arts Centre but have many friends who attend musicals, cinema showings, and some of the festivals and events held there. It’s bringing a lot of culture to the Coast.

The Village Markets is one of my favourite places to visit every first and third Sunday of the month at Burleigh School. It’s a collaborative community of designers, artists, creatives, foodies and musicians providing a hip experience for those who come. There’s also other markets held along different beach fronts every weekend.

Burleigh Farmers Market, Gold Coast, Australia

One of our favourite places to go to on a Friday or Saturday night is Miami Marketta – an outdoor nighttime gathering of food trucks and live music. We usually meet up with our friends, the kids all hang out eating lots of yummy food and dancing to music, and we can catch up in a relaxed, funky and safe place.

The newly opened Night Quarter Markets at the northern end of the Gold Coast at Helensvale have become a hugely popular and successful music venue and night market shopping area.

Every Sunday evening in James Park, Burleigh there is drum playing, fire throwing and one of the local stores brings down juggling balls, hula hoops and lots of fun things for the kids to play with.

Emerging entrepreneurial scene

Entrepreneurial gold coast

We love living on the Gold Coast as we have many entrepreneurial friends doing amazing things with their own business. That means we have a lot of people who think like us we can connect to on a regular basis.

A lot of movers and shakers are moving to the Gold Coast as a place to run their business, and there is such a creative spirit and freedom here.

There are our Instagram superstar friends, Lauren Bath, Jewlzee and Gary Norris. Dan Norris is the founder of WP Curve and Black Hops Brewery, which has just opened up behind our house. The Merry Maker Sisters have just moved to the Gold Coast and transforming people into healthy, happy people.

These are just the people we know. There are many others creating their own products, services, and skin care lines. There’s a lot of fresh, creative energy here.

Alternative healthy living

The Burleigh Heads Farmers Markets

Farmer’s markets abound.

I love that I get more of my produce now at my local farmer’s market (and organic at that) rather than Coles or Woolworths. I can walk to Burleigh farmer’s market, which I wrote about here, and it’s my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning.

They say that Byron Bay has a special healing energy, but I think that extends to Burleigh.

We have met some of the most amazing healers and alternative therapists on the Gold Coast. We regularly visit Matt, our chiropractor, Melanie our NLP therapist, Cheryl our chakra rebalancing and energy healer, Lani our kinesiologist and my good friend, Belinda Davidson, a white light healer who lives just on the border down in Tweed.

I love having access to this right in my hometown and is one of the major reasons I am so in love with Burleigh and the Gold Coast. Yep, my love for the US must be so damn strong for me to leave it behind.

And it’s only going to get better. With the Commonwealth Games set to be held here in 2018 and three Universities and research development, exciting growth and opportunities are on the rise.

Sigh. I must be crazy right?

The Gold Coast, especially Burleigh, has everything I ever wanted in a place I’d call home. Even though my eyes are set on a move elsewhere, it will always have a home in my heart – a large, soft chunk of it. And I’ll never stop telling people who wonderful it is.

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  1. Oh I had forgotten that many Gold Coast BBQs have hot water!
    My husband & I have considered moving from our north Brisbane beachside suburb to the Gold Coast – a few factors to consider first though 🙂
    The Burleigh Headland coastal track is still a favourite of mine from a kid. It seemed so magical to me.
    The Natural Bridge in Springbrook is pretty stunning – if you haven’t been you should take a short drive to check it out before you go to the US.

    1. I know we have not done the Natural Bridge yet! When we visited Springbrook it was pelting down with rain so were really limited by what we could see. We loved it even with all that water, which is of course how it is so lush and green! We’re definitely keen to go back.

  2. Wow, that was awesome to read through. I definitely agree, further south you go the better on the Gold Coast. Also. Air Asia offer flights to Auckland now so you can cheap flights year round to NZ, weeee.

  3. Brrr… being in Victoria, early winter, makes me wish we could be moving up there too. Always have loved the vibes and you have nailed it with this article for sure. Planning to do a lap of Aus next year and go clockwise… so we will be cruising slowly down the East Coast on the return leg and soaking up all the spots you have mentioned on the way. Enjoy the U.S.!

    1. What a great way to finish the big lap. Much easier to go slow and soak it up down the East Coast as there are so many spots in between short drives.

  4. I was on the Gold Coast just a month or so ago and we passed through Burleigh on our way to Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary on the bus. I was looking out the window at all the different towns and when we got to Burleigh, I really noticed the great vibe there, without even getting off! I just knew it was a place I’d like to come back to sometime. The next morning we took a taxi to the airport, and I asked the driver where he lived, he said “Burleigh, best place on the Gold Coast”. Now having read your blog, I understand even more why he thought so. So it must be the universe telling me something! I must get back to the Gold Coast and stay in Burleigh next time!

    1. I’m hearing more and more people say it about Burleigh. I was on a tour bus recently and the driver kept telling everyone that Burleigh was the best as well. Yay!

  5. Wow! thanks for this article on Burleigh it sounds just the place for me too. I am a holistic health and fitness person who lives off raw living foods also is a healer in many disciplines and love the beach scene. I have to live by the beach to feel alive! I also love surfing having done this since childhood and so just living by a great coastline perfect for surfing will have me in paradise land. I loved reading about the organic farmers market, my supermarket 🙂 and how Burleigh is great place to be for alternative therapies and healing. Having started my own business to create an income online and also offline Burleigh sounds again like the place I need to be. At the moment I live in New Zealand and a Citizen so I can just hop and skip over to Burleigh in no time. I was intending to check Australia again in November this year and it sounds like I am heading over to Gold Coast to check it out. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

    1. No worries Jane. It definitely is the place for you here. The holistic health is growing rapidly. I love all the options! I forgot to mention Gwinganna Health Retreat, which is also on the Gold Coast and one of the best places to go on retreat. It’s part owned by Hugh Jackman. We’re hoping to visit soon!

  6. I love the idea of living in Burleigh!! We currently live in Melbourne, and dream about living beachside. My kids are 8&6, and while I’m sure there are some great primary schools, I wonder about the quality of secondary education??? Have you done any research into good public secondary schools??

    1. Not too much at the moment, but I have heard relatively good things about the school and the various programs they have to support children with special interests and talents. I think Palm Beach High School is meant to be great for that.

    2. Hi there We live in Robina here on the Gold Coast. Would highly recommend Varsity College (prep -year 12). We moved our son from another school in Year 10. The staff and principal are amazing and although I believe it is the largest school in Queensland, the quality of education and care of students is amazing. We moved here from NZ when kids were 8 and 6 ?BTW. ..winter here is a little warmer than Victoria if that’s not a good reason to move I don’t know what is?? lol…x

      1. Hi Leanne,
        I know this thread is a couple years old now, however we are considering a move to the Gold Coast from New Zealand and have a boy currently in college and another one approaching very shortly. Can I ask what it was that you liked about Varsity College?

  7. Your article resonates with me on so many levels – I’m trying to convince my wife to move our young family away from the cold of Melbourne to the warmth of SE qld

    How did you guys find the Sunshine Coast and why did the Gold Coast win your vote?


    1. The Sunshine Coast didn’t have the vibe we were looking for. We couldn’t quite explain it as it’s a beautiful place with lots to doand we do like it a lot (more so to travel there) but if felt like it was missing something for us. It’s a bit quieter than the Gold Coast and I don’t feel not as ahead with current trends, but that could possibly change. The Gold Coast feels more vibrant, holistic and happening.

  8. Your blog has made me want to pick up and move to the Gold Coast! What a beautiful, refreshing place to live. Thank you for sharing with us!

  9. I have traveled all over the Gold Coast and I have to say it really is beautiful! I especially love the year round warm weather and surfing lifestyle. There are so many gorgeous places in Australia and I think I like the whole New South Wales area better, but the Gold Coast is definitely in my top five!

  10. I really enjoyed your post! I will be coming to living in Australia in September from Canada and have not yet decided where I’d like to live, but your piece has me intrigued. Would you say the cost of living in this area is average, more, or less? You say the cafes & restaurants etc. are booming, does this mean possible job opportunities? I appreciate any thoughts you have!

    1. Hi Ceilidh, I would say the cost of living would be average, certainly no more expensive than Sydney or Melbourne. The Gold Coast has a huge hospitality industry with all the hotels, cafes, restaurants etc so if you have the correct visa you should find something!

  11. I had once visited the Gold Coast and its wonderful atmosphere, culture, breathtaking places made me fall in love with it. It gives people the best experience they could ever have. And that is what made it the best place to live in Australia. Thanks for the awesome post.

  12. Hi Caz, I’m going to the Gold Coast next year to undertake a Masters program and I’m looking for a school for my daughter. Could you please recommend me one?
    Thank you very much, I’m even more inspired now that I read your blog.

      1. Thank you, Craig! Unfortunately I believe she will not be able to go there. My daughter will probably be enroled in the 7th year so I think we will need to look for a high school. She’s 11 now and will be 12 next May. Do you know of any nice high schools at the Gold Coast?

          1. I don’t know yet, I’d like to choose the location according to a good school. My brother lives in Burleigh though, and I will study at Griffith University. So we will probably live near one of these two reference points.

  13. Hey,

    A very inspiring blog which made us move to Gold Coast recently.
    We’re staying in Miami at the moment but we find it too quiet and nothing happens there. Burleigh seems like a nice place to our family. I looked at the images you posted and was wondering where exactly where you staying in Burleigh Heads as it seems to be quite a nice area?


    1. Hi Zig, we were staying in an apartment complex along the Esplanade in North Burleigh, towards North Burleigh Surf Club but still a nice 10 minute walk into town of Burleigh. We love Burleigh 🙂

        1. We won’t recommend the apartment block that we stayed in because the management were awful and made life difficult. Any along the Esplanade will be fine except for Solmanara

  14. Hi, thanks for such a great blog post! Were moving to the gold coast early next year and are looking to settle in Burleigh, which is how I found it. You mentioned your daughter’s school, could you send me the name of that school so that I can research it as an option for my sons? They will be 5 and 8 when we arrive and currently attend a great independent school here in Joburg. Kindest regards, Cecilia

  15. Forgive me if you have already shared this, but how did you manage to get Visa’s for longer than 3 months to live and work there? i am from UK and visas for australia and USA are only 3 months!

  16. Hi Live in North San Diego.ca. But lately my attention has been drawn to Australia. And I do Surf alot. I am a Song writer and singer. I have writen a new music Album. In the past i have been a TEACHER for A&P for Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Practitioner here in Oceanside, Ca. It is good to have recieved your information. I wish visit Burleigh on the Gold Coast. It sounds right for me to think to relocate there. THANKS, RICHARD. Goff (760) 994-2111

    1. Burleigh Heads without a doubt. It’s centrally located so easy to get to the north and south of the Gold Coast. It’s not far from the airport. There is no traffic. The beach is gorgeous. It has a fantastic food scene and alternative vibe. It’s the only place I’d live in Australia

  17. hi Caz,

    My wife and I are in our early forties and we have 2 children, aged 5 and 8, where would you recommend a place to live for a young family?
    We visited Gold Coast last August and stayed in Runaway Bay, we loved it and have figured that the Gold Coast is the place to live.
    We are currently living in the UK but my wife and children have NZ passports so no trouble there!! :o)

  18. I just love this post about my beautiful home! I have recently spent over 7 years living abroad with just a few months here and there back on the Gold Coast and now I have moved back more long term and I am absolutely loving it. I appreciate it so much now. We are so lucky!

    Georgia 🙂

      1. Hi Caz We are a couple in our 50’s and have just put our place on the market in Melbourne. We too are contemplating Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. I’m a Nurse and my husband is a Sales Manager. Thanks so much for your article on the Gold Coast, because I think its so true. There is not much in Sunshine Coast really, even though we have a unit there. Events are few and far between although it is growing residentiallly, but not much commercially, so business ventures are harder to get going there.
        I want a complete career change and was looking at doing B&B or Air BnB and moving up that way. I think Gold Coast is probably the place to be.

  19. Okay we are sold!

    Originally from Newcastle, NSW I have been on the international teaching circuit for the past 14 years. During this time I met my wife and have travelled extensive around Asia. My wife and I have decided that it is time to head back to Oz. We are chasing a lifestyle change. Time to stop and smell the roses!

    Burleigh has been a favourite place of mine for many years so when we started thinking about our move back it was the first place that came to mind. Your blog post has certainly convinced us that the move there could be the one we are looking for. Right now we are starting to explore our options as to where in Burleigh we would like to live. We will certainly rent first so no need to get it right first time, right?

    Thank you for the awesome article! You have inspired two fellow travellers to settle down, well for a while at least 🙂

    1. That’s so wonderful to hear!! You cannot go wrong with Burleigh – best place to live in Australia in my opinion! It’s getting pretty popular so get in now!

  20. Thanks for the great article and many details, we are always looking for the next stop in our journey as a family of 3 with a very active 7 yr old. Love the beach and this looks like my kind of place.

  21. Neska steenekamp

    My family and I want to immigrate from South Africa to Australia. I read your article on Pinterest about Burleigh. It sounds like the pefrect place to make our new home. My husband and i are both teachers. Can you maybe help with some info on job opportunities for us. We have 3 kids – a boy aged 6 and twin girls aged 4. It sounds like the perfect place for families with young children. 🙂

    1. Burleigh is so wonderful. I can’t help you with job opportunities though. I don’t know too much about that as we have our own business so I didn’t pay too much attention to it

  22. Hi Caz, thanks for this post.

    Just wondering if you’ve explored secondary school options any further since you posted it?

    We’ve been holidaying in the Sth GC for a few years and love it and I’m now really seriously considering the move. I’ve done a bit of research into schools but it’s just hard to know without local opinion.

    My daughter is extremely academic and thrives in a competitive environment so I really need a school that fits her.

    1. Hey Marc,
      Since publishing that post we have actually moved to the USA 🙂 We love the Goldy, and still think it’s the best place to live in Oz, but we’ve also lived in the US several times, and love it here in North Carolina, and are planning to stay full-time. Good luck with the school search, we didn’t look into schooling beyond Burleigh Heads State School.

  23. I loved your explanation about Gold Coast, thanks!
    My name is Cynara, I lived in USA for 15 years and now I live in Brazil and hopefully this year I’ll be moving out of Brazil, thank God! hehe I’m having doubts of moving to either Gold Coast, Australia or back to US and with Trump in power and all the chaos there, I’m having my doubts of moving to US so I thought I would find another country to live. Do you like better living in Gold Coast or US? Since you lived in both of these places, what is your opinion for me regarding moving to Gold Coast or US? I would very much appreciate the hear your opinion.
    Looking forward to your insight.

    1. Tough decision and it’s difficult for me to answer. We love living in the US – despite the Trump chaos (this too shall pass) But I feel like Raleigh is my soul home.I’ve never felt like that about any other place before so living here is kinda out of my control and a very unique decision to me. For you, it might be completely different. As I am Australian, living in the US is quite exotic for me, so I love that aspect of it too.

      The Gold Coast is a great place to live with a fantastic lifestyle. If I lived in Australia it would only be in Burleigh on the Gold Coast. We were very happy there. You can always give it a go for a year or so and if you don’t like it you can always return home. It would be difficult not to like the Gold Coast though.

  24. Hi Caz,

    I am moving from Melbourne to GC in a few months. So very confused about the place! a lot of people have written on online that it is like vegas by the beach, it is tacky and touristy with a high rate of crime and partying, and that the people here are racist. Your blog says something totally different. I am 34 and single, looking for a suburb in GC that is anything but what I have written above. Can u tell me which suburb/s would be best for me, please? I have mostly lived in cities with a lot of culture and diversity, and no narrow mindedness. Thank you!

    1. STay away from Surfers Paradise and you’ll be fine. That is what people are talking about when they make those comments. IT’s one tiny section of the Gold Coast. IT’s annoying how people don’t clarify that and make it sound like its the entire area. You can easily avoid this. Anywhere from Burleigh down to Coolangatta is amazing. You won’t find a lot of diversity of culture in Qld though. Burleigh is your best choice for open mindedness and growing diversity.

  25. Great read and brings back memories. I used to live in Burleigh Heads, but moved to the Sunshine Coast a couple of years ago. In all honesty, I regret the move. Burleigh is beautiful and really coming into its own. The Gold Coast as a whole has so much to offer, but definitely prefer the relaxed vibe of the southern end. The Sunshine Coast is a great relaxing visit, but the everyday lifestyle is not as good as the Goldie.

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