Enjoy Southern Lifestyle at Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club, South Georgia

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A good family vacation should have an equal balance of fun, outdoor activities, and quiet serene moments. Throw in a few educational experiences and you have a perfect adventure.   

Lake Blackshear Resort
Lake Blackshear Resort

That’s what we discovered at Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club in South Georgia. We visited for three nights as part of our Georgia State Parks road trip that also included Amicalola Falls State Park, and Unicoi State Park and Lodge and Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa.

About Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club

large tree next to a lake
Sunset at Lake Blackshear

Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club is unique as it is situated in the 1,308-acre Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park.  

Established in 1946 as a memorial to U.S. veterans, it’s one of Georgia’s most visited state parks for the recreation activities people can enjoy such as boating, fishing, swimming, archery, hiking and a round of championship golf.  

Lake Blackshear epitomizes the Southern Lifestyle.  

That is, days spent at a slow-moving pace enjoying a stunning lake lined with wooded forests and cypress trees dripping with Spanish Moss. 

Your days end with that Southern charm we have grown to love: a cocktail or iced tea on the porch on a balmy evening to the sounds of crickets and stunning sunset views. 

Out here, the lake sets the pace! 

trees in a grassy field
Beautiful setting

The 8,500-acre Lake Blackshear was created in 1930 by the damming of the Flint River, which eventually joins the Chattahoochee River and flows to the Gulf of Mexico.  

Apart from providing low cost power to the nearby citizens, the lake is a much-loved recreational area for locals and visitors alike offering miles of shoreline and wooded areas. 

Where is Lake Blackshear Resort? 

Lake Blackshear Resort is located west of I-75 at the Cordele exit on Highway 280, just a short two-hour drive from Atlanta.  

Walk or bike around 

Biking around Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club, Georgia
Bike friendly

It’s easy to move to the different experiences and attractions at Lake Blackshear Resort. Slip into that Southern pace by parking your car and either walking or riding bikes for those distances that are a little longer.  

It’s the perfect way to get in your daily exercise as well as enjoy the cypress trees and the lakeside breeze.  

There are miles of trails (including paved trails along the lake) to enjoy within both the resort grounds and the state park.  

The resort has bikes for rent, which can be included in your vacation package. 

Activities at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club 

Whether you want to explore on land or water, Lake Blackshear has a plethora of activities to suit your style and pace. 

The Georgia Veterans Memorial Golf Course 

four star-rated course
four star-rated course

In keeping with golf’s tradition of being set in stunning locations, the Georgia Veterans Memorial Golf Course sits on the tranquil shores of Lake Blackshear.  

Designed by architect Denis Griffiths, the Lake Blackshear golf course has been listed on Golf Digest magazine’s list of four star-rated courses. 

The 72-par course stretches over 7,000 yards with 4 sets of tees and 130 bunkers. 

woman playing golf

I just hope those views don’t distract you from hitting your drive straight. Let’s just say I’m blaming the views for my shot landing in the water. 

Disc Golf 

Disc gold at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club
Fun for all the family

Swap your golf club for a frisbee and step up to the disc golf plate. Disc golf (or Frisbee golf for us Aussies) is a fun family activity.  

The objective is to throw a Frisbee-style disc into a metal basket called a “hole.” The targets are arranged along a course in the woods – similar to holes in the game of golf. Whoever gets the disc into the basket with the fewest tosses over the course wins.  

Let the winner get ice-cream! Savannah was thrilled with her prize.  

You can pick up your disc golf equipment from the lodge. It’s ideal for families and groups of people and suits all ages.  


Pontoon boat at Disc gold at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club
Pontoon boats are fun

Be your own captain for the day and cruise around the lake on a pontoon boat rented from the marina.  

Craig enjoyed getting behind the wheel and taking us for a cruise on the lake and enjoying the beautiful scenery of those cypress trees.  

With supervision by Craig, Savannah had a turn of driving as well, which the kids always love! 

Pack a picnic and fishing gear and head out for a few hours. I’d recommend closing the day with a spectacular lake sunset from your pontoon boat.  

Whether you have your own boat, or just want to rent one for a few hours, the Lake Blackshear Marina has what you need.  

lake blackshear resort

Lake Blackshear Marina is a two-minute walk from the lodge. They have pontoons that can accommodate up to 12 people for family fun, fishing, and cruising. Half-day and full-day rentals are the best value. 


Kayaking at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club
Gorgeous cypress trees

Kayaking amongst the cypress trees at Lake Blackshear was fun. Do your best to dodge the dripping Spanish Moss, or just be like Savannah and paddle right on through it! 

We love kayaking as a family as a way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area we are exploring and create memorable moments.  

Next time we come back, I plan on taking out a kayak or SUP to paddle around at sunset – they are a special event on this South Georgia lake.  

You can rent kayaks from Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club if you don’t have your own.  


Fishing at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club
When at Lake Blackshear…

Lake Blackshear is well stocked with bass, bream, crappie, and catfish. You will find fishing piers around the resort area and the state park.  

There are plenty of secluded coves and hidden fishing spots waiting for you from aboard your boat! 

Beach & Pool Time and Picnics 

people on the beach
Lake life is the best life

I love how much grassy area there is on the edge of the lake in the resort grounds. You can easily find a place for a picnic with shelters and picnic tables under shady trees.  

There is a small swimming beach right near Cypress Grill which is perfect for a refreshing afternoon activity. And Lake Blackshear also has a heated outdoor swimming pool to enjoy if the weather isn’t just right for the lake.  

Pool at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club
Heated pool

Military Museum 

Museum at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club
Georgia veterans museum

For history buffs, Lake Blackshear Resort has a military museum featuring educational exhibits and artifacts such as uniforms, weapons, and medals from the Revolutionary to the Gulf wars.  

Since both girls have been learning about the Revolutionary and Civil wars in school, this was a great experience for them to connect to.  

rifle shooting demonstration at Lake Blackshear Resort
Rifle shooting demonstration

Remote learning is a NEW thing for so many. Take it from us Old Homeschooling Goats – this is the best way to approach learning.  

Outside you’ll also find various tanks and aircrafts including a B-29A Superfortress, jets, tanks, and a helicopter, and you have the opportunity to experience a rifle shooting demonstration from a fully dressed Patriot.  

3D Archery Course

Archery at Lake Blackshear Resort
Savannah loved the archery

Kalyra channeled her inner Katniss for the 3D archery course and set the standard by shooting the bear first.  

Her exemplary leadership rubbed off on us as we all fired off a target hit right after her.  

It was our first-time experiencing 3D archery and we all loved it. This is a cool family activity, especially for those with teens.  

Lake Blackshear Resort
Foam bear target

The 3D archery course took us along a wooded trail with 15 foam targets in the shape of animals and mythological creatures.  

Air Gun and Archery Range 

girl shooting a fake gun

Not only can you fire at 3D foam targets, but stationary ones as well at the Static Archery Range and Air Gun Range.  

The air gun range consists of 12 static air rifle targets located 10 yards from the shooting platform. 

The static archery range features 5 static targets ranging from 10 – 40 yards away from the shooting platform. 

Savannah loved the targets that were closer to her and were filled with animals. It makes it fun for the younger kids to shoot at them rather then standard bullseye targets.  

Sam Shortline Excursion Train 

Sam Shortline Train at Air rifle range at Lake Blackshear Resort
Toot toot

All aboard the Sam Shortline Train! 

At Lake Blackshear, you can enjoy a ride on a 1949 vintage train named for the original spur line that went from Savannah to Americus, GA and then onto Montgomery, Al. 

You can ride in different carriage classes on a journey of various lengths through the rolling farmlands of southern Georgia. 

sam shortline train lake blackshear

Stops include: 

  • Americus: a Victorian town and home to Habitat for Humanity’s new Global Village 
  • Plains: the small Georgia town made famous by President Jimmy Carter where you can visit President Carter’s campaign museum 
  • Archery: featuring President Jimmy Carter’s boyhood farm.  

The train stops for approximately five minutes at each depot allowing riders to disembark to visit the destination and continue on a later train. 

They also have special events like a wine and cheese train, a Day out with Thomas, and a Murder Mystery Dinner Train – I want to come back for that one.  

Sunset at Lake Blackshear 

Sunset at Sam Lake Blackshear Resort
Magic moment

On our first dinner at Lake Blackshear, I put down my fork to race over to the lake’s edge and gaze at the sun creating such a stunning orange sky.  

The next evening’s sunset was even better.  

We’d just finished a finer dining experience at Cordelia’s and walked down to the water’s edge to experience the tranquility and beauty of the pink sky and the kayakers gently paddling to their perfect water vantage points.  

lake blackshear georgia
Sunset over Lake Blackshear Resort

We then closed out the last of the evening light around the firepit with a glass of red wine soaking up the serenity while the girls danced and played on the grass.

people sitting next to a fire
Relaxing by the fire pit

Is lake Blackshear Resort pet-friendly? 

girls playing with a puppy on the beach
Yep, it’s pet friendly

Do you travel with pets? 

Our suitcases never have enough room for them, so we were elated to adopt this gorgeous puppy, Cotton, for the afternoon. She joined us on our filming shoot at Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club! 

Cotton really was a beautiful puppy and even stole my heart a little! 

The girls are now begging us for a puppy. It’s a no for now, but it’s great to know that pet lovers can find pet-friendly resorts to travel to.  

Lake Blackshear is one of them!  

Accommodations at Lake Blackshear Resort

The lodge and villas

Guests can stay in an array of accommodation types, which include Lodge guestrooms, a selection of 68 Villa guest rooms, 10 lake view Cabins and a campground.  

High speed Wi-Fi is included and there is plenty of space in the rooms (with a desk) for those who are remote working or learning.  

The Lodge 

lake resort
Pretty at night time

The Lodge is at the heart of Lake Blackshear Resort with stylish rooms offering lake views.  

Each of its 14 guest rooms can comfortably accommodate a family with two double beds in each room. 

The Villas 

A large building with bushes in front
Loved our screened in porch

For more spacious accommodations with lake views a screened in porches stay in the villas.  

Its serene secluded setting makes it perfect for families.  

The Villas are located next to the Lodge and have easy access to all amenities. For extended families, they have interconnecting rooms.  

Camping at Lake Blackshear 

A small boat in a lake
Camp right beside the lake

We had a peek at the Lake Blackshear camping ground as we cruised around the lake on our pontoon boat. I could picture us happily enjoying a few days camped here on our RV trip.  

It has a serene setting on the banks of the lake inviting you to unplug and reconnect with nature.  

There are 82 campsites designed to accommodate tents, trailers, or RVs. And it is within easy walking distance to the lodge and resort amenities.  

Dining at Lake Blackshear Resort 

tables on a lawn
Cypress Grill has great views

I love how you don’t need to leave the property to experience great food at Lake Blackshear Resort. And why would you when the views are this good and perfectly matched with serenity? 

Whether you dine at Cordelia’s or Cypress Grill you MUST order the asparagus as your side for every meal. It was the BEST asparagus I have ever had. 

Lake Blackshear makes it possible to get excited about asparagus. As Savannah never eats her sides, I was sure to order it for her and give myself a double serving.  


Take full advantage of the lake and garden vistas at Cordelia’s Restaurant, either inside or on the covered verandah.  

Named for the daughter of Samuel Hawkins, the founder of the nearby city of Cordele, Cordelia’s is the perfect place for a casual relaxing country breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or an elegant dinner. 

lake blackshear resort

Keeping with the Georgian flavor, enjoy a serving of Georgia peach and bourbon wings for appetizers.  

This is also your breakfast spot at the lodge, which includes eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and other delicious treats (think waffles). 

88’s Lakeside Bar

88’s Lakeside Bar is attached to Cordelia’s and is a great spot to wrap up your day with cocktails or fine wine, either inside or on the patio. Either place has exceptional views.  

88’s Lakeside Bar takes its name from the historical timeline of the region. The State of Georgia was established in 1788, and the city of Cordele was founded in 1888. 

Cypress Grill 

people sitting at a table eating
Don’t miss lunch at Cypress Grill

The casual Cypress Grill’s location adjacent to the marina makes this a popular watering (and dining) hole for locals, those staying at the resort, and those parking their boats at the marina for a lake cruising stopover.  

Grab a table on the patio, a signature margarita, and a delicious meal that ranges from burgers to sandwiches and seafood.

  You’re in the Peach State, so you have to get the blackened catfish with the whiskey peach & jalapeno preserves. The deliciously fresh summer berry salad is also perfect for those summer lunches.  

The Cypress Grill often has evening entertainment such as live bands and karaoke nights. 

If you’re looking for lake resorts in Georgia, we highly recommend going here for a family getaway, or even for those without kids!

The next stop on our Georgia State Park Road trip: Amicalola Falls, North Georgia mountains.

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