Guide to the Powerful Sedona Vortex Sites (+ My Experiences)

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If you’re new to this concept of vortexes and feeling energy, you may struggle to have an experience at the Sedona Vortexes – well at least one you are aware of and can connect to.

woman looking at view Boynton Canyon Sedona
Boynton Canyon Vortex

You may not even want to tune in or believe in any of this woo woo nonsense. That’s okay.

Whatever floats your boat. It floats my boat.

I have had a daily meditation practice now for about 7 years. I could write a book on how positively it has changed my life. I would not have this life you see on this blog without it.

I’ve also participated in deep meditative and chakra healing courses. I’ve even learned how to read past lives.

If anything is out of balance in my life or body, my first response is to see an energy healer. I regularly get my chakras cleansed by a healer.

So needless to say I have a ton of experience and wisdom when it comes to energy – how to tap into it, how to feel and experience it, what it feels like and how it can transform your life.

savannah looking at Bell Rock Trail, Sedona
Bell Rock Trail

I KNOW people think I’m weird for it. But I don’t care.

As my life, most of the time, flows effortlessly with joy and I KNOW it is because of how I work with energy. Bring on the weirdness!

Only Zen and abundance in my world!

I’m guessing since you’re reading this post about vortexes in Sedona, Arizona you are at least mildly curious and want some insight into where to find them and how to experience them.

Well, luckily for you, I have all the answers below!

My Best Sedona Vortex Tips

  1. Remain open to it
  2. Be willing to experience
  3. Let whatever will be will be

By that I mean if you feel something, wonderful, if you don’t feel anything, wonderful.

Sedona has developed a reputation around the world as a spiritual destination of enlightenment.

You will find a large community of healers and spiritual practitioners. The town is filled with crystals and mystics.

People who love this kind of spiritual way of living are drawn to this region for spiritual retreats, introspection, and to feel a sense of harmony.

Me included.

Sedona is breathtaking.

people looking at rock mountains
Devil’s Bridge

You’ll experience enough light and joy just by being in the presence of those rugged red cliffs. The color is strong enough to ground you at the same time and help you feel present and alive.

In reality, how can one tell if it’s just the stunning landscape that is heightening your emotions, and lightening your load, or is it in fact the Sedona energy vortex doing it.

One thing you will be completely sure of – there is something spiritual and magical about this place and it definitely draws people in who want more of that in their life.

(As a side note, red is the color of your base chakra which is all about rooting to the ground. You will feel very grounded in Sedona. So much you may not want to leave. It took us two weeks to finally leave for the Grand Canyon. I miss it already. )

What is a Vortex?

family eating a snack on the airport loop walk, while looking at mountain view
Vuew from the Airport Loop Walk

A vortex is thought to be a swirling center of energy that has powerful ability to heal, calm, and give insights and clarity to transform your life.

These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. You cannot see a vortex but you can feel it.

Sedona is special as it is said to be full of vortexes. Some people say they feel a palpable sensation, or a tingling sensation, when they visit.

You’ll know as soon as you arrive that this is some kind of special place.

I had tears in my eyes when the red rocks first appeared on my horizon. I was so overcome with what I was seeing in front of me. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen to me before.

There are no words to explain the power those rocks emanate.

Is it masculine or feminine energy (and what does that mean)?

Vortices, or vortexes as most people call them, have masculine and feminine energies or a combination of both. They are often referred to as yin and yang energy, which you’ve probably heard of.

Feminine energy, or yin energy, is when the energy flowing enters the earth from above. It has introspective power that connects you to memories and past lives.

It’s a subtle powerful energy that encourages you to become calm, slow down and grow quiet.

Masculine energy, or yang energy, is when the energy exits the earth with an upward flow. It’s supposed to bring joy and rejuvenation and inspire creativity.

What Will I Feel from the Sedona Vortex?

girl sitting on red rock with sedona peaks in background
Airport Loop hike

It’s very hard to say as you can feel a wide range of things.

You may feel tingling, or an upsurge of emotions. You may want to release through tears, dancing or yelping. You may feel nauseous or dizzy or tired or just reflective.

If you meditate often and are used to feeling energy, you could possibly feel a powerful surge, or a pulsing, especially around your chakras.

You may get sudden insights or clarity. You may feel the need for intimacy, you may just use the energy to guide you on self reflection.

Or you many not feel anything other than inspired, recharged, and tranquil with a pleasant sprinkling of joy.

I’d say that’s plenty!

The spiritual energy you take in at one of these energy centers can stay with you and affect you positively for days afterwards.

What if something weird happens to me?

woman and child looking at red jagged peaks
Views from the airport

Just remember the energy from a vortex spot is powerful, pure and healing. It can’t hurt you!

So if something weird is happening, let it go and relax.

Trust that something is getting processed through your body that is ready for healing. It’s better out than in.

Drink plenty of water, get lots of rest, embrace silence and solitude and use it as a time to reflect.

Write in your journal about what is happening, be willing to heal and change.

It’s all only temporary.

As I said, I’ve been having these “weird” energy experiences for years. Sit with it. I promise it won’t hurt you.

I’ve only ever grown as a better person and life has slipped into greater ease, effortless flow and joy as a result.

Plus, it’s fun and keeps you connected to and humbled by the mastery of life we’re all a part of.

Where Can I find the Sedona Vortex Sites?

family walking on orange dirt path towards bell rock
Bell Rock Vortex

When you visit Sedona, the whole area is considered to be a vortex, but there are specific Sedona vortex inflow sites where the energy vortex is super charged.

Juniper trees respond to the vortex energy in a physical way that reveals where this energy is strongest. The stronger the energy, the more of an axial twist the Juniper trees have in their branches.

It’s a good way, so they say, to tell if a vortex is in the vicinity.

There are four main vortex sites in Sedona, all of which are easily accessible on hiking trails.

I’m going to share with you the five Sedona vortex hikes we experienced and what each felt like. Each vortex has a different feeling and transformative power.

You will probably see people meditating, practicing yoga, praying or performing other rituals at the vortexes. Please be respectful and quiet.

If you want a more in-depth experience there are several companies, individual guides and healing practitioners that offer Sedona vortex tours.

You can learn more about this jeep tour to the vortexes here. 

We were happy to explore it on our own, but I would like to experience one of those tours another time.

For those looking for Upflow sites, you should look for places higher up, such as mountains and mesas. Upflow vortex sites are where you can help you reflect and gain a higher perspective.

You will find inflow closer to the earth, such as in valleys or caves, and are the best places to seek contemplation.

Below are the vortex sites we visited and what they felt like.

Bell Rock Vortex

childrne hiking over red rocks with mountains in the background
Bell Rock hike

An experience at the Bell Rock Path will bring you back to the unencumbered playful nature of youth.

As soon as you drive up to Bell Rock and the Courthouse vista you are entrenched and ready to jump out of your car door to go play.

It’s a fun place to be and the kids will especially love it.

Savannah – who is a naturally joyful, playful and curious child, fully embraced this experience.

She was leading us up the rock, supporting her sister who felt a little nervous about the heights, and demanding that we all keep going to the top.

“I’ve seen the track and it goes up there and we’re all going to be fine.”

girl running down Bell Rock Trail, Sedona, Arizona
Bell Rock hike

What she failed to see was the sheer drop off the narrow path that her mother’s eyes could see.

“We’ve gone far enough. I’m not risking going any further. This is as far as I feel comfortable with my babies.”

We made it halfway up the rock and got to enjoy the exquisite views out from both sides of Bell Rock. We sat down for a snack break and to soak it all in.

I definitely felt playful here, which is evident in our video with Craig singing and me dancing in the background. It’s not normally what we do, but we were just overcome with joy and a desire to celebrate.

Where is the vortex on Bell Rock?

girls walking trail at Bell Rock
Bell Rock, Sedona

There is a 1 mile red dirt track leading to Bell Rock. You can then decide if you want to climb it or just admire it from below.

A trail leads from the north side up the rock that goes through a crevice in the rock to the south side. This was as far as we got and felt comfortable.

You can continue up to the top. Just go as far as you feel comfortable.

girl posing in gap between rocks
Bell Rock hike

Many people believe the vortex is at the top of Bell Rock, but I believe that no matter where you sit or walk to on Bell Rock, you will feel the subtle energy of this vortex.

You will even feel it from the track below if you ground yourself to its presence.

Bell Rock has a masculine energy that is best for serenity and solving problems from a higher (spiritual) perspective.

Airport Mesa Vortex

woman and child sitting on rock
Airport mesa views

Whoa!! This one was powerful.

I didn’t realize I was affected by the Airport Vortex until later in the afternoon and the next morning when I connected all the dots and solved the mystery.

You can feel the special beauty of the Airport vortex as soon as you arrive.

I didn’t really feel too much at the time of visiting. I was too enamored with the views to pay attention.

girl looking at red mountain peaks
Kalyra at Airport Mesa Vortex

I think I would say I felt calm and restful. Sometimes it won’t be what you feel during your time with the vortex but after that is important.

The energy of a vortex is healing which means once it enters your psyche it can start working to help heal or raise your vibration. Sometimes this takes time and sometimes, because it is cleansing, you can feel pretty awful.

Once we left the Airport Vortex we hiked the 3.3 mile Airport Loop (So beautiful. Do it).

family wlaking the Airport Loop Trail, Sedona
Airport Loop Trail

At the end of the walk, once we got in our car, I started to feel awful.

I had been experiencing dry, flaky skin on my eyelids, which can happen to me when I eat the wrong foods. I’m trying to narrow it down, but my estimates of the culprit would be gluten, diary or corn – also the dry desert climate doesn’t help.

Once I got in the car, my eyes felt inflamed and were stinging. Then my ears and my scalp started burning.

I felt awful.

My brain was really foggy and I could barely see or think straight. I just wanted to shut the world off.

I battled through lunch and felt like the waitress was staring at me in a very unusual way, like she could see right through me and knew what was going in.

It was so bizarre.

girl sitting on rock looking at mountain views
Don’t worry, there is another rock level below Savannah you can’t see

By the time we got in the car to go for a drive, I was wiped out. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and my head was still burning.

I was wracking my brain trying to work out what on earth I had eaten this time.

It’s so hard when you are traveling and eating out as you don’t know what oil the restaurants are cooking with or putting in their food.

As soon as we got back to our travel trailer, I collapsed on the couch, which is a rare thing for me to do, but I just needed five minutes of stillness to get myself together.

I’m sure as a parent you know lying down doesn’t happen for long.

I got up and continued on with the evening preparations.

It wasn’t too long before the fog suddenly cleared and I felt light and energetic. It was an energy I recognized all too well.

I regularly see energy healers and have my chakra cleanses so I know what it feels like. I suddenly got an insight to put some manuka honey on my eyes – why had I not thought of that before?

I felt much clearer. Still a little inflamed and off kilter but better.

I jumped on to Google to see if I could confirm that I had experienced a reaction to that airport vortex.

I tried to find particular experiences people had at that vortex, including any negative reactions, but I couldn’t find anything,

I did search burning eyes, ears and scalp metaphysical to see if there was something there and it came back that these can be signs of a spiritual awakening.

I finally put Google down and went to sleep – a deep sleep where I didn’t move until my alarm went off. I needed it.

girl leaning on rock looking at valley views
Kalyra at the Airport Mesa Vortex

That morning, I did my daily meditation practice which had been off for me for several weeks. I had found it hard to get into the mediation zone, my mind so full and clogged.

I have a chakra cleansing meditation I do each morning. Everyone connects to the chakras in different ways. Some via seeing the colors of them, some through smelling the essence of them, and some like me, just by feeling the vibration of them.

I’ve never really been able to “see” the colors of the chakras, only feel their energy.

This morning was different.

I was completely connected to the mediation experience as soon as I began and I vividly saw the colors of each of my chakras.

It was striking how different this experience was.

That morning after a visit to The Chapel of the Holy Cross (I’ll explain in that section what I experienced there) we randomly went into the New Age Spiritual Center and I found a book about the vortexes in Sedona. I flicked through it to see if I could learn anything and was amazed at what I read.

The Airport Vortex is said to be one of the most powerful and is very good at helping to clean your chakras.

It all made sense to me then.

I had felt that my chakras had been blocked for some time, which is why I had been struggling with my morning meditation.

When your chakras are unblocked after some time, you will feel exhausted and things will flare up – it’s cleansing you.

It also mentioned wearing amethyst is a good way to tap into the airport vortex more. Well the day before I had bought an amethyst bracelet in Uptown Sedona as I knew amethyst was good for your third eye chakra.

Mine was obviously blocked as I was having these eye issues and the third eye controls that.

My third eye is never usually blocked. It’s always been quite open and intuitive and ready to peer into the future to guide me on the right path.

No wonder I as so inflamed.

Oh I forgot to mention when I woke up the stinging, redness and flaky skin around my eyes was 95% healed (and now a month later, I have had barely an issue with it, and it was a daily problem for a couple of weeks).

Go the manuka honey and airport vortex.

How to find the Airport vortex

woman meditating on rock
Meditating with the vortex

When you drive up airport road you will see a small car parking area on the left.

It will probably be difficult to get a park and I recommend skipping it to park at the top of the airport overlook anyway. It will cost you $3 to park there but totally worth it.

The airport mesa overlook here is especially popular at sunset and will be busy at any time of the day.

From the car park you will see a trail that says Sedona View Trail. Follow it 0.5 miles down to where you saw that small parking lot. You will have drop dead gorgeous views of Sedona and the mountains on he way down.

At the bottom you will come to a red rock clearing. On the right is the start of the airport loop trail. I highly recommend you take it. It’s a gorgeous hike and very calming and reflective.

Turn left and you will see a small hill. This is where the vortex is.

You’ll see a trail called summit overlook or trail. It’s very short, but a steep (somewhat) climb to the top. I actually found it easy so don’t fret.

At the top you’ll get 360 degree views. I recommend just sitting here for awhile and soaking up the energy. Do some yoga or meditate if you want.

The vortex here is powerful and cleansing – let it in and let it go.

Strange coincidence or not?

On our last evening in Sedona, we went to the Airport Vortex area to watch sunset. We were only there briefly and later that evening I had the same issue with my eyes and burning ears.

It wasn’t as bad and didn’t last as long, but it did wipe me out again.

I’ve never experienced that anywhere else and I doubt it was any kind of plant doing it to me as that hasn’t happened to me before.

Also, after visiting the Airport Vortex the first time, both girls ended up with a stomach bug that lasted some time for Kalyra.

With my mystic mind, I believe the energy was cleansing them and their chakras!

Bonus Video of the Bell Rock and Airport Mesa Trails

Cathedral Rock Vortex

girl sitting on red rock posing
Cathedral Rock Vortex

We arrived at Cathedral Rock ready to climb it the morning after the Airport Mesa Vortex.

The day was overcast and really cold. I didn’t think too much about that though and got of the car to get started. As soon as we got to the trailhead I stopped.

“I don’t think we should go up today.”

Normally I’d be powering up there regardless of the weather or anything else. But suddenly I just felt a wall blocking me and I knew we couldn’t go up there today.

“Nope. Not going up. It’s overcast and so cold. It looks like it’s going to rain.”

Then I looked down and saw what Kalyra was wearing, grateful that I now had an even better excuse to not go up other than – there’s something I can’t explain saying no.

woman walking up a rock
Climbing Cathedral Rock

For some reason, Kalyra had put on fashion boots instead of hiking boots and three quarter nylon Nike workout pants on. It was freezing and I knew she’d be whining and crying the entire way.

Cathedral Rock is meant to be the steepest and most challenging of the vortex hikes and there was no way I was letting her do that in those boots (we were so thankful when we climbed up a week or so later. There’s no way she would have made it)

So we turned away and went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross instead.

When we’re talking about energy work, which is what the vortexes are – powerful energy work – you’ve got to let go and trust how they engage with you.

I just knew that for whatever reason I was not ready for the energy of this place yet and I’d return when the timing was right.

And when we did return the timing was so right!

girls hiking up rock face
The kids will love this hike

We hiked up on a perfect, sunny and warm afternoon.

During the wetter months, there is a creek at the beginning of the trail that kids love to play in. Our girls did when they visited in September.

It was just a dry creek for us on this visit.

I will always remember this hike up to the Cathedral Rock Vortex for the strength and joy my girls displayed.

They took charge of the rocky path, refusing to give in when it involved a few climbs up over steep and smooth rock faces with only small foot holds to grab onto.

people climbing up rocks
Fun for the kids

From my research, I actually thought it would be much more dangerous than it was. I didn’t think we’d get to the saddle where the vortex is, but we made it up no problem.

It’s only a 0.7 mile hike but it goes up 600m in elevation so it’s a steep one.

It’s a walk that tests your strength and resolve. I think when you finally reach that saddle and peer up over at the 360 degree views, you feel a sense of victory and empowerment.

So I can say that’s the energy I felt there – pure elation and empowerment.

It could have been the endorphins from the exercise, but it also could have been from the Cathedral Rock Vortex.

It’s predominately a masculine flow energy, and is said to be great for soaring and feeling inspired for greater oneness and serenity.

Again, with such stunning views how could you not feel that way?

people standing in front of a canyon
Beautiful views from Cathedral Rock

The walls of both sides of the rock tower up high above you here. It feels like you are nearing the top of the world. High above the earth, yet still so far to the heavens.

It’s very dramatic.

canyon walls
Just wow

We enjoyed soaking up the views and watching two crazy rock climbers reach the peak – wow!! I told you – it’s all about elation and personal power up on Cathedra Rock.

Cathedral Rock and Pink Jeep Video

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Vortex

Chapel of the Holy Cross, perched on cliff face
Chapel of the Holy Cross,

It was only during my frantic research about the negative airport vortex that I discovered the Chapel of the Holy Cross is also considered a vortex – and the one most people feel the most.

It’s a chapel built into the beautiful Sedona red rocks.

If you’re an architecture lover you will enjoy visiting this small chapel embedded into the rocks overlooking Sedona.

Walking up here I felt surrounded by the vivid colors of orange. The light was soft and gentle making them pop to feel like a bubble surrounding me.

It was beautiful.

Chapel on edge of cliff
Chapel of the Holy Cross,

I was raised a Catholic so am very used to a Catholic church experience. I helped the girls light a candle and told them to send a healing wish for someone they cared about as they did it.

We then sat in the chapel l to look at the gigantic statue of Jesus on the cross.

It was this vortex I physically felt the most with – a strong, swirling pulsing rush of energy through me.

Now I’m very aware of what this feels like during my years of deep meditative practices. I felt very safe and secure here and very loved.

I could have sat there for a long time in its presence, but of course, I have children who don’t like to sit still for every long especially in front of unnerving statues of someone nailed to a cross.

jesus on cross
Powerful vortex in here

Later in that book I picked up in the store, I read that the vortex here is one of all encompassing, unconditional love.

Strange that it’s found in a Catholic church. The irony! I guess it’s the right kind of  church.

Driving back to our campsite after this (20 minutes away in Camp Verde) I began to feel really nauseous and dizzy. It was so bad I had to ask Savannah to stop talking.

She is a chatterbox and was in her usual ask a million questions mode. I think she was asking me if we stacked a million people on top of each other would they reach the clouds.

“I’m really sorry honey, Mummy feels really sick at the moment and I just can’t give you any attention.”

I had to press my head flat against the head rest until it passed. Could be just a coincidence but I believe it was energy healing happening?

Boynton Canyon Vortex

A canyon with trees
Boynton Canyon Vortex

The Boynton Canyon Vortex is said to have a balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Therefore expect to feel quite balanced at this vortex.

I found it had quite a calming happy energy and the perfect place to meditate. It was very powerful to me.

I felt quite a zinging and swirling energy moving through me here. It was pleasant in its strength though and very reassuring.

Interesting to note as we approached this vortex, Kalyra was in a foul mood. She was argumentative and complaining about the stupid Sedona Vortexes.

So I suggested that she sit down the bottom on the rock patiently waiting and wait until we come back down.

I just knew she wasn’t in the right frame to go up there and I was at the end of my tether with her.

Surprisingly she decided to sit down and stay.

woman in a canyon
Boynton Canyon Vortex

Savannah bounded up to the top of the saddle with me.

The Boynton Canyon Vortex is only a short 0.2 mile track detour on the Boynton Canyon Trail (at the beginning of it) up to the saddle which is between a rock formation known as Kachina Woman and a knobby hill.

The Vortex is said to be on the knobby hill. The air here was very reverend.

There were several people moving about very slowly and quietly. People were sitting on various places on the hill in quiet contemplation.

It just had this presence of stillness and peace. It was very beautiful.

Savannah and I found a place to sit in stillness together on the rock. She was embracing the Sedona Vortexes with me and was happy to meditate.

It was beautiful and the views are extraordinary into Boynton Canyon.

people sitting on a rock
Taking it all in

If you don’t care about Sedona Vortexes at all, you will love this spot for its views and peaceful nature.

I’d love to stay at the Enchantment Resort here so I could easily run up to the vortex for morning meditation.

Before we started our walk we heard beautiful flute playing in the distance from the parking lot.

When we arrived a fellow Sedona Vortex seeker told us we had just missed the flute player.

Apparently, every day at 10:30am and 2:45om he comes to the Boynton Canyon Vortex and plays his flute. He also hands out rock shaped love hearts.

We were disappointed to just miss him but as we arrived at the saddle, a very joyful man stopped us to give us a heart shaped rock. It was him!

He told us it was filled with the spirit of the Sedona energy vortex and unconditional love. What a wonderful memento of our Sedona travels.

hand holding up a rock carved into a heart
Finding my heart with the vortexes

When we reunited with Kalyra she was a completely different person. The man had passed her by on his way back down and given her a heart as well.

She enthusiastically told us about that. For the rest of the day she was very light and positive and joyful, chatting away and asking us thoughtful questions.

Had the Sedona vortex changed me or her? or both?

people hiking trail in Boynton Canyon
Boynton Canyon hike

We hit the Boynton Canyon trail then for a 6 mile return hike.

The canyon is a spiritual center for the Native American Yavapai-Apache, who still hold private sacred ceremonies in the area.

I had a spring in my step and a deep knowing that those Sedona vortexes were making magic happen in a quiet, unassuming, joyful way.

I understand all too well the quiet power it has to transform your life without the need for expensive visits to the couch to bare your soul to a stranger to try and figure out what is wrong with you!!

Just let the pure energy heal and uplift you.

So simple. So easy. So joyful. So serene.

And my goodness, so beautiful!!

Other Sedona Vortex Sites

These are some other Sedona Vortex sites that you might want to check out. We didn’t go to these, but others have told us they felt a connection when they visited.

Oak Creek Canyon

At Oak Creek Canyon, the presence of vortexes is said to amplify one’s emotions and inner feelings.

Many visitors report a sense of tranquility, clarity, and rejuvenation when visiting the site; whether it’s the peaceful sounds of the flowing creek or the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, the vortexes at Oak Creek Canyon allow you to connect inwardly with oneself.

How to find the vortex at Oak Creek Canyon

The vortex is located on Schnebly Hill, which also offers amazing views looking down into the canyon.

The vortex here is said to help restore balance and bring harmony to your soul.

You can also feel the vortex as you walk along the West Fork Trail through Oak Creek Canyon.

The trail starts from near Munds Park, and measures 10.4km in length. It’s an out and back trail and has quite an elevation gain, so be prepared for a strenuous hike if you want to hike the whole thing.

Red Rock Crossing

A vortex site that’s nestled along the waters of Oak Creek is Red Rock Crossing.

This hiking trail can be found connected to the Baldwin Trail, Cathedral Rock Trail, and Templeton Trail.

How to find the vortex at Red Rock Crossing

The vortex can be found at the spot where the creek runs next to Cathedral Rock.

If you are planning on climbing up to feel the vortex from the top of Cathedral Rock, be sure to take the path down to feel the spot underneath.

Final Thoughts

people looking at mountain view

I’ve never been to a healing office quite so beautiful as what you will find in the open valleys, canyons and rugged cliffs or the Red Rock Country.

I can promise you, if anything, you will leave with a lighter heart, a wider smile and loads of bouncing energy.

Try it for yourself with an open mind and heart and let me know your vortex experiences in the comments below.

As you can tell I love this stuff and I love hearing stories and personal experiences about it.

You can never be too strange or woo woo for me!

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