Riding The Thrilling Broken Arrow Sedona Pink Jeep Tour

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The Broken Arrow 4WD trail in Sedona has some of the most impressive landscapes I’ve ever seen. It’s remote, rugged, and surrounded by craggy rock formations.

The best way to experience this wild landscape and get an up-close look at the red rocks of Sedona, is certainly on a Broken Arrow Sedona Pink Jeep Tour.

car parked in a canyon on a rock

By riding around in a 4WD, Sedona Jeep Tours takes you into this untamed desert, on the exclusive Broken Arrow trail, to places a standard vehicle can’t reach.

Not only do you get closer to the rock formations, cliffs and overlooks, but you also get the thrill of the ride!

These tours are not for the fainthearted. The custom-built, open-air jeep wrangler can go up and down rocky terrains that should not be deemed possible.

But the skilled drivers know exactly what to do.

If you’re thinking of taking a Broken Arrow Sedona Jeep Tour but not sure what the experience is like, well, read on to read about our experience!

About The Sedona Pink Adventure Tours Company

pink jeep beside looming red cliffs of Sedona

Since 1960, Pink Jeep Tours has been running award winning excursions and the most talked-about off-road adventures in the Southwest.

They run multiple Pink adventure tours throughout Red Rock Country.

The Broken Arrow tour is exclusive to Pink Jeep Tours. It is the most popular tour and extreme off-roading.

You can also combine it with a Scenic Rim Combo Tour, which takes you to where some of Hollywood’s most beloved westerns were filmed.

It’s also where the movie “Broken Arrow” starring Jimmy Stewart was made in the 1950s.

The exclusive Broken Arrow 4WD track is located in Sedona, just a 5 hour drive (282.4 mi) via I-40 E from Las Vegas, making it an ideal day trip.

Our Experience on A Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour Broken Arrow

kalyra and savannah jumping in front of pink jeep  in front of Sedona red rocks

Savannah sat a little slouched on the seat, one elbow resting on the side of the pink jeep.

“Well, if we’ve done it once, we can do it again,” she said with the grace of someone who’s experienced a few things in life.

On our Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, it wasn’t a few mild things.

She’d just came down a 45 degree graded rock face called The Devil’s Staircase. “Oh, we’re really not doing this!” she’d squealed as we teetered at the top.

Her and Kalyra squealed and giggled as their seats in the back raised up and they tipped forward and rocked as we descended down the steep slope!

The rock face before that one was an ascent and I had slipped back from my seat almost falling on top of them, which had them giggling just as hard.

This was going to be a 4×4 adventure to embrace.

caroline taking a photo of savannah on red rocks of sedona

To be honest I didn’t even think about whether the girls would be freaked out by this experience. I just signed them up.

We’ve been on so many adventures now I just take it for granted they’re ready for it and will love it.

To me, it feels like fun, but to their young souls it could possibly have been terrifying.

At the beginning of the Broken Arrow Jeep Tour, I saw a little fear in their faces and heard it in their nervous giggles.

But they willingly jumped in the back seats – the bumpy ones of the jeep.

They cuddled and covered their eyes, and whooped and maybe said, “Oh No” a few too many times, but by the end of it, they had this thing in the bag!!

kalyra and savannah sitting in Pink Jeep Tour

I’m not sure what I enjoyed more: the spectacular giant red rock spires and formations that makes Sedona unique geological formations and sooo beautiful, or the thrilling adventure driving up and over rocks and and bumpy tracks, or watching their reactions and the joy they got from this experience.

I love how they are always living on the edge of their comfort zone, the place of amazing growth.

Just the change they had from the nervous beginning to taking the next dip down in their stride.

view of red rocks of sedona

The Sedona Pink Jeep Tours are one of the most recognized and loved Sedona activities.

When we asked our online community for tips on what to do in Arizona, the Sedona Jeep tours came highly recommended.

You’ll see the pink wranglers zipping around town everywhere, wondering where they disappear too. They go deep within the fiery canyons of the Coconino National Forest surrounding you and over Sedona’s famous red rocks.

The Pink Jeep tour is now at the top of my list of best things to do in Sedona.

It was wildly adventurous and beautiful. I’d do it again, not just in Sedona but in the Grand Canyon. When you visit Sedona AZ, don’t miss it.

Pink Jeep driving down red track

It wasn’t all screams and steep rock drives, there is a lot you learn on the tour from the narration of your guide.

Bob, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable about the history and culture of the area.

For the entire two hour journey Bob shared with us stories, facts and jokes. It made me appreciate the area so much more and love the wild and free nature of the state of Arizona!

What a lawless and renegade state it once was. The cheeky Aussie in me loves it.

We made two stops on the tour where we were able to jump out for photos and insider information about various things.

family standing in front of Pink Jeep
With Bob our guide

The first stop was Chicken Point. When Bob reversed up to the parking spot we understood the meaning of the name Chicken Point.

“Okay Bob, you can break now, we screamed out as we saw that perilous edge appeared.

He did with a chuckle that let us know he was totally in control.

We jumped out to appreciate the spectacular picturesque views to the south and the east overlooking the Verde Valley and the red rocks.

This was where Bob taught us a lot about the Verde Valley and the richness of the flora and fauna in the region.

people on Pink Jeep Tour

We jumped back in to continue on the most exciting part of the journey that took us past mushroom rock and a 6 degree climb down the rock and around to Devil’s Staircase.

savannah looking at Mushroom Rock,
Mushroom Rock
savannah and kayral in Pink Jeep looking at steep ricky track and laughing
Devil’s Staircase
jeep going down the devils staircase in sedona
Devil’s Staircase

Like an alien spacecraft emerging out of the forest, submarine rock appears as you wind around the bumpy track.

It’s some of the most notable rock formations in Sedona and is the second jump off stop on the Broken Arrow Tour.

tour group looking at view in sedona
Submarine Rock
car driving in a canyon

Don’t just spend all your time feasting on the eye candy that stretches out 360 degrees around you. Look down as well to learn the stories embedded in the rock.

Bob showed us a white disjointed circle that looked painted on the rock. It was created by the master artist called 500 million year old earthquake.

It was cool to see the obvious geological shift and the fault line.

tour group looking at fossils Braoken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour, Sedona
people walking on red rocks

We were all enthralled by the perfectly round small white circles randomly scattered on submarine rock – the imprint left behind from a lightning strike!

Wow!! We walked around picking out as many lighting strikes as we could.

people walking on red rocks in a canyon

What a great science lesson for my girls.

This is why I don’t bother with teaching the girls science in my homeschooling lessons. There is nothing I could ever teach them form a book that could give them such first hand knowledge and absolute awe at the world we live in.

Yeah. I think they understood lighting is pretty powerful.

It was fun walking back to the car and hearing some high pitched screams in the distance. “There goes a jeep down The Devil’s Staircase!”

FAQs About Pink Jeep Tours Sedona

Here are what people usually ask us about the Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona…

What are some Pink Jeep Tours you can do in Sedona?

pink jeep  driving in a canyon

There are several trails you can choose from for your jeep tour.

Could you do the Broken Arrow Trail on your own?

It’s possible.

We saw quite a few jeeps out there and many people walking the trail out to Chicken Point.

To be honest, I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all driving that track on my own. You’d have to be confident and experienced with off-roading to take it on.

There was an off-roading jeep club on the track at the same time as us.

Although we would not do the Broken Arrow trail on our own, the the Pink Jeep Tour gave us faith and confidence to finally take The Beast, our 4×4 high clearance Ford 250 along the off-road track to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead.

It saved us an extra 2 miles of walking and it was good bumpy fun. The girls didn’t even flinch this time or worry that we’d get stuck or bust the Beast. They’re old pros at this road touring.

If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. No problem.

How many people can fit in a jeep?

The maximum number of participants the jeeps can carry is between 6-9, depending on the passengers weight and height.

What is the departure time?

They have multiple departure times throughout the day, from 7am – 5pm, but I recommend you choose the 5pm one so you can watch the sunset on the way back.

How long is the tour?

The standard Broken Arrow tour lasts for 2 hours, but if you choose to add in the Scenic Rim combo tour, it’s 3 hours.

Pink Jeep Travel Video

Places to Stay in Sedona

Are you still undecided on where to stay in Sedona? Here are some places we stayed and really liked…

Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock

Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock

We’ve stayed at the Hilton Resort at Bell Rock.

Situated in the Village of Oak Creek, the Hilton Sedona Resort is a lovely place to come back to after your Sedona activities, and it’s just a 15-minute drive into Uptown Sedona along the stunning Red Rock Scenic Byway 179!

You can get gorgeous red rock views from your balcony all the way to Bell Rock, and resort amenities include three pools, an athletic club and spa, and championship golf course.

girl standing on a hotel balcony

Our girls loved the games of cornhole, table tennis, and jenga – which allows parents time out to actually sit and relax during a meal whilst they were entertained.

kids playing games in a backyard

There’s also fire pits to sit around, and you can dine out on the resort porch area with distant mountain views.

Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas

man stasnding in front of Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas

Want to stay in the heart of Uptown without spending a fortune? Consider the Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas.

My parents and sister have stayed here in one of the Creekside Villas and loved the space and location.

Book early though because of this hotels proximity to Uptown.

Best Western, Sedona

Luxury Sedona Resorts

Looking for luxury, consider the L’Auberge de Sedona situated on the banks of Oak Creek in the heart of Uptown. This is an unmatched luxury resort and nature spa with award-winning dining.

Sedona Boutique Hotels

Another popular choice is Orchards Inn offering panoramas of red rock views and centrally located among Uptowns finest shops, galleries and restaurants.

There are plenty of other great places to stay in Sedona depending upon whether you are looking for Uptown Sedona hotels, Sedona family resorts, or other hotels near Sedona AZ.

For a complete list of all the best hotels in Sedona, visit our partner Booking.com. 

Before You Go

The Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour company offers the perfect tours for those looking for an awesome adventure full of adrenaline.

However, before you go, you should make sure you are not expecting any babies, as this tour is not suitable for pregnant women.

It’s also not appropriate for anyone with back or neck problems, toddlers under the age of 2, and those with a fear of heights.

You should make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as you travel to some of the most remote areas in the park, which can be very hot and also reflect the sunlight off the startling sandy desert rocks.

You should also check the weather forecast before going as they cannot operate during wet weather due to unsafe conditions.

Sedona Tours

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