Week 8: Finding Connection and Bliss in Sedona

Out here in the wilderness you have space to find yourself.

That is why it’s so hard to leave once you are in it.

There’s no frenetic energy weaving in and out of you competing for your attention and space. Mostly, it’s just you and the open spaces.

Room to breathe. Room to absorb. Room to just be.

“Oh, this is who I am.”

My energy is not battling or getting lost amongst the chaos. It’s here sitting gently with me. I can feel myself.

Airport Summit Trail, Sedona

I noticed this when I stepped out of the train at Penn Station this week arriving to New York City for a short business trip and break from Sedona and the past few weeks of wilderness travel.

New York chaos hit me and I inwardly wailed, shielding my face from the onslaught of movement, pace, flashing lights and too many things to pay attention to.

“Oh my god I can’t find myself” was my first thought.

This is something you would never even realize, if this was your everyday reality, out in the hustle and bustle of life. You would never even know there is such a thing as feeling yourself.

I mean aren’t you with yourself each day? Of course you can feel it.

No. When you’re amongst the chaos you can’t because your sensory and space is overtaken by the needs of everything and everyone else,

It gets lost. And that is why you often feel lost, wandering aimlessly figuring out what it is all for and saying,

“I don’t know who I am anymore!”

Right? Isn’t that what the catch cry is for so many people who quit the cubicle, and throw on the backpack to explore.

Airport View Trail, Sedona, Arizona
Airport Loop Trail, Sedona

They’re going to find themselves.

Or, as I like to rephrase it, returning to themselves.

To reconnect to what is important to them:

Space, freedom, joy, adventure, connection – you can have all of this out in the empty spaces of the wilderness.

This week 8 wrap up of our one year USA road trip shares our adventures from Saturday to Friday.

I publish the posts on Sunday (I need a few days to prepare it!)

The below travel costs are also from that time period. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we share the current day-to-day adventures.

What we did this week in Sedona

Airport Loop Trail, Sedona

I arrived back to Sedona last night after 4 days in the Big Apple. I love it. But I am so glad to return to Goldie and the Beast and my family out here in the magic of red rock country.

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. There is a powerful energy here, and aura that draws in all of those who seek something magical.

It uplifts and surrounds you with joy. the beauty of the red rocks that surround you are indescribable.

Even my girls, who are prone to complaining on every hike we do – after 10 minutes they’ have usually slipped into a playful connected mode together – but on our Sedona hikes so far, there has been little complaining.

I feel a calming presence that walks with them. They are in awe of the beauty as well and are simply more joyful and playful.

I will write more about experiencing the Sedona vortexes, which for me, is a real thing. We will also share future posts on the incredible family friendly hikes and activities to do here.

We only had a couple of days exploring before I left for New York so we don’t have a lot to report on except a couple of hiking experiences. (Craig has written a post on things to do in Sedona with kids based on his visit last September with his family)

Bell Rock Pathway Sedona

Bell Rock Path - one of the best things to do in Sedona with kids

Bell Rock was a fun hiking adventure.

We hiked as far as we felt comfortable before the drop off from the trail looked to steep and close. We didn’t want to risk anything happening to the girls so we found a gorgeous felt rock for a picnic to soak up the views and the vortex.

This was a playful hike and I was most impressed to experience Savannah’s courage and commitment to making it to the top of Bell Rock.

Our usually cautious daughter was not afraid at all.

Bell Rock, Sedona

She was very upset that we decided to turn around, and with fierceness pointed out to me several pathways we could take that were safe.

She was watching fellow hikers do it and was adamant she could too. Not only do I get to feel myself out her in these spaces, I get to experience the growth and character of my daughters.

Airport Vortex Loop Trail

Airport Overlook at Sunrise

The Airport Vortex and Loop Trail was another fun adventure, this one a little more contemplative due to its flat path, stunning views that surrounded us and calming energy.

We took a wrong turn on this path and ended up going bush for awhile.

Thankfully you can’t get too lost on it, but after our adventure in Saguaro National Park, rattlesnakes were on my mind a little too much walking through the long grass!

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona

We explored downtown Sedona and visited the Holy Cross Chapel embedded into the red rocks overlooking the valley. What a place to say a few prayers.

I found the vortex energy here quite powerful.

A Side Trip to New York City

New York times travel show travel blogging panel

I visited New York to attend IMM (International Media Marketplace), an industry networking event, as well as the New York Times Travel Show.

I was invited to speak on a panel at the NY travel show about travel blogging, which was thrilling to speak at a prestigious event like that.

The panel went well and my fellow panelists (Angie Orth, Lina Stock, Amanda Williams and Janicke Hansen rocked it bringing a wealth of expertise and information to those who want to be professional travel bloggers and those who want to work with us.

TV Interview:

I also was interviewed on Bold TV. It was a fun interview chatting about our travel lifestyle. I come on from the 17:55 – 25:40 time mark. Watch my interview here.

I also spent time with the Allianz Ambassador team in New York chatting about the year ahead and the wonderful campaigns and exciting innovation happening.

Allianz travel ambassadors

I love being part of the Allianz group. We brainstormed together and then got to play and catch up in the evening with dinner and drinks.

Travel blogging has blessed my life in so many ways, one of them is that I have made friends with so many diverse and beautiful people.

I was surrounded by them in New York and I felt so lucky to have so many cool people I call friends walking this journey with me.

Sadly, both my girls were sick while I as gone.

Kalyra had a stomach bug and then last night when I arrived home, Savannah was up a couple of times throwing up. I hate it when they are sick. I’ might have to take them to a vortex today to help heal them!

RV and on the Road lessons

Looks like our lessons are getting shorter!! Maybe we’re figuring this out.

  • Our pipe froze! It could have been a costly mistake for us, but thankfully it was only our external water hose and the RV parks spigot, the ice melted quick and all was okay. It was a freak evening cold snap down to 25F which no one was expecting so we didn’t prepare the RV – that is put the furnace on overnight to keep the bottom of the RV warm, keep our faucets dripping a little and fill up our fresh water tank and disconnect from the main water supply.

Read more:

Where we are Staying in Sedona

Distant Drums RV Resort

Distant Drums RV Resort, Sedona

Distant Drums is a great RV Park. It’s very clean with all the amenities you need including a fitness center, pool, hot tub, and dog playground!

Distant Drums RV Resort, Sedona
Distant Drums RV Resort, Sedona

We arrived on Martin Luther King Jr weekend so were lucky to find a spare RV site. The only problem is that it is about a 25-minute drive from Downtown Sedona – the drive sure is pretty, but I’d love to stay closer to those red rocks.

The scenery here at Camp Verde is also pretty but doesn’t have the stark boldness and magnetism of Sedona.

There is an RV park right in the middle of downtown, which we considered moving to after our first week here, but they were pretty full and the price there was more than double were we are staying here.

$245 for a week compared to $560. Hmm. That’s a huge difference.

For those who are looking for Sedona hotels or apartments, check out the options through our partner, Booking.com.

Last year, Craig and the girls stayed at Hilton Sedona Resort in Oak Village right near Bell Rock, and his family stayed at the Best Western Plus Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creekside Villas. right in the center of Uptown Sedona.

You can also check out Airbnb options for Sedona here.

Distance Driven

This week, distances have been short, going in and out of Sedona from our RV site. We also had to drive down to Phoenix twice to drop off and pick me up from the airport.

RV Travel Costs

Pink Java Cafe, Sedona

We’re just including our costs for the RV trip, not for my side trip to New York.

My return flights to NYC from Phoenix were just over $300 and my accommodation was free because I had enough Hilton Honors rewards points to cover it.

Vehicle Costs

  • Fuel: $160

Accommodation Costs

  • Camping: $245


  • Park Fees: $15 (7 day pass for Red Rock country


  • Restaurants: $115
  • Coffee: $20
  • Groceries: $435
  • Take out/ snacks: $30
  • Alcohol: $12 

We eat a mostly whole foods, organic diet, which means our grocery bills are higher than what would be typical.

Don’t forget with eating out costs, tip will be included in the prices below.

RV supplies and living

  • Laundry: $15
  • Firewood: $0
  • Propane: $0

Total paid by us: $ 1,047

Where to Next on our US RV Trip

This week, we’ll be taking a special train journey and a pink jeep 4WD adventure in Sedona which so many of you recommended.

So please follow our journey on Instagram as we share the behind the scenes fun of that in stories.

We plan to stay in Sedona for another week, because we just love it and we want to stay in its aura! Then it looks like we’ll be heading back to The Grand Canyon –  we’ve visited twice in summer, so would love to see it in winter!

Stay tuned to see what happens!

Videos of the trip coming out soon. We’re very behind! Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss it. We’re now releasing our road trip videos.

You can find our previous months posts here.

More Arizona Travel Tips

Have you been to Sedona before? Anything else you recommend before we leave?

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  1. I love reading your weekly wraps. We happen to be following you, literally, now in Mobile AL after 2 months of Florida. I’m very happy to read what’s in front of us on our way West.

    We’ve funnily enough read your Australia adventure on our own 1 year trip through Australia 2 years ago. So keep on traveling we somehow seem to be following. 😀

    All the best from another traveling family.

    1. That’s so great to hear Patrick! Thank you. Next continent will have to be Europe. So funny to have that connection and I’m so glad the weekly wraps help! It inspires me to keep writing them

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