7 Romantic Date Ideas For Barossa Valley & Adelaide Hills

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What could be more romantic than a weekend away at one of Australia’s premier wine growing regions?

The Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills are just under an hour’s drive from Adelaide city center, and offer a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

After spending 18 months traveling Australia with our kids, we were excited for some relaxation and a little romance with just the two of us. What’s that again?

Sunrise from Mt Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Sunrise from Mt Lofty House

The Barossa Valley is a beautiful region with stunning vistas of rolling hills and vineyards, and has some of the most incredible food and wine, what could make a date night more romantic than that?

Well, if you’re stuck for ideas on romantic things to do in Barossa Valley and need some inspiration, below are some of the ways we were able to unwind and fall in love.

Disclaimer: We traveled to the Barossa Valley as guests of Jacob’s Creek, though all thoughts, ideas and opinions in this guide are our own.

What Makes Barossa Valley A Perfect Romantic Destination?

man on bike in the middle of the vineyards in the Barossa Valley,

If you’re not sure the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills are the right destination for your romantic retreat, allow me to explain why this region is so romantic.

There’s a lot of love floating around in the Barossa air. It can be felt in every conversation, every morsel of food that is grown and eaten, the stories that stand behind everything that is produced, and with every sweet, dry, rich and flavoursome bottle of wine.

There’s a quiet, laid-back vibe and everything, from the restaurants to the accommodation, exudes luxury and comfort.

This tranquil atmosphere allows you to focus on your loved one and enjoy their company in an intimate setting.

Romantic Things To Do In Barossa Valley

Now you know why Barossa Valley is romantic, let’s see how you can get your Marvin Gaye on in the Barossa and Adelaide Hills in South Australia!

So without further ado, here are the most romantic things to do in Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills…

1. Picnic for Two by Bike

woman riding bike on path in the Barossa Valley
Bike riding Barossa Valley

People are often surprised when Craig and I suggest activities like cycling and hiking for a romantic experience. I think most people picture champagne, candlelit dinners and spa treatments, and we do that too, but we also like getting out and enjoying an experience together.

Before kids, many of our memorable moments were spent hiking mountains, horse-riding through canyons, and exploring places on bikes.

So, when the rare alone time moments arrive, we’re keen to lace up the shoes and get dirty.

The Jack Bobridge Bike Trail winds for 27km through vineyards and villages between Gawler and Tanunda. We set off from the Jacob’s Creek Visitors Centre down towards the creek and along the hilly track until it hit the main road.

picnic on blanket
wine glass on stump in vineyards

We then turned around to have our picnic at the perfect place we spotted on the way down.

In our books, it’s one of the most romantic things you can do in Barossa Valley.

Choose a picturesque spot along the trail to enjoy local cheeses, olives and other delights for lunch with a glass of wine, all from your specially prepared picnic pack.

Tip: The Jacob’s Creek bike hire and picnic pack costs $155 for two people and can be enjoyed for 2 hours. You can learn more about it here.

2. Enjoy a Massage at Mount Lofty House

Mt Lofty House spa

Apart from getting active in nature, the next requirement we have for a romantic and relaxing getaway is a massage.

It’s a treat we rarely give to ourselves and after our massage at the Stables Day Spa at Mt Lofty House, we both walked out saying, “We need to do that more often.”

woman getting t a massage at the day spa at Mt Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia

I think this was the best massage I’ve ever had. It was only for 30 minutes, but it was a deep pressure massage on my back.

It was a very relaxing experience and was perfectly timed after our strenuous Mt Lofty hike.

3. Share An Early Morning Yoga Session

women Practicing yoga on grass beside vineyards

Yoga is part of my regular morning routine. When I travel, I’m always seeking yoga classes in beautiful locations in the local area.

I was excited to take an early morning class looking out over the gardens and valleys in the Barossa, and even better that Craig could join me.

When we visited, we did a 1 hour yoga class on the grounds of the Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre (in front of that tree!) followed by breakfast, tea and coffee, but they are no longer offering this experience.

The good news is you can still book yoga classes in The Barossa! Check out Yoga Amongst The Vines for details.

4. Have Bubbles with Breakfast

couple having breakfast in cellar at Jacob's Creek Winery

Okay, so you can’t come to the Barossa for romance and relaxation and not have bubbles for breakfast. We love balance, so we recommend doing it after a yoga session! No guilt needed.

We ate in the servants’ quarters attached to our cottage, with the fire crackling and gorgeous views over the vineyard.

I think it was possibly my idea of the most perfect morning. We didn’t quite have champagne, as it’s not what this region is noted for, but we had the most perfect alternative with the Jacob’s Creek Reserve Chardonnay Sparkling Pinot Noir.

Can you think of anything more romantic than cooking your partner breakfast and sharing a sparkling wine? Or better yet, make it a mimosa!

5. Go for A Walk Around Mengler’s Hill Lookout Sculpture Park

The Barossa Valley is all about wine and you’ll find pretty much all the attractions are wineries, cellar doors and tasting rooms.

While these are great and you should absolutely do a wine tour while you’re there, you don’t get an intimate experience on these tours as you are often guided around with other people.

A great place to escape other people and enjoy your alone time together is Mengler’s Hill Lookout Sculpture Park.

It’s a great place to walk around, admire modern art and sculptures, and best of all, take in the view of the whole Barossa Valley region!

6. Unwind at Boutique Hotel Stays

Mt Lofty House, Adelaide Hills, Australia
Mt Lofty House

A great way to experience a touch of romance and relaxation on your Barossa and Adelaide getaway is to stay in a boutique hotel.

Look for a place that has charm and history, with many stories to tell.

jacobs cottage in the Barossa Valley, South Australia
Jacob’s Cottage

We stayed in the Jacob’s Estate Cottage, which is the beautifully restored original home of William Jacob after whom the famous creek was named.

Staying at the cottage where the Barossa, as it stands for today, really grew its roots was such a humbling experience. Unfortunately staying at the cottage is not available to the general public, but you can still find other unique cottages and historic homes to stay at across the region.

In the Adelaide Hills, we stayed at Mt Lofty House, which used to be the residential home of the Hardy family.

Mt Lofty House, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Nice digs Mr Hardy! Sure would have liked to have come to one of your parties.

The charming manor house, built in 1852, has incredible views over the Piccadilly Valley.

Find some boutique stays in the Barossa Valley on Expedia and also VRBO.

7. Have An Intimate Dinner at 1918 Bistro and Grill

a sign

1918 Bistro & Grill is chiseled into the foundation stone by the front door of this popular restaurant in Tanunda.

Friedrich Carl Gottleib Wallent added it as a finishing touch to his new family home. His son Morris later became the mayor of Tanunda and in 1992, a group of locals turned this home into the Barossa’s first bistro grill.

You can cosy on down beside the fire in what I presume was the family’s living room. The restaurant is warm and intimate and the perfect way to end your romantic and relaxing experience in the Barossa.

fine dining chicken meal on plate
bowl of pasta

With it we enjoyed the St Hugo Barossa Shiraz 2012, which was a deliciously heady mix of dark ripe fruit.

And our friendly waiter insisted that we find room for dessert. The food is just too good in this region to say no, so we took the recommendation and was not dissappointed!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, those are some of the most romantic things to do in Barossa Valley and as you can see, there is a lot you can do here that spices up the romance!

While you might be expecting wine tours to be the only thing you can do in Barossa Valley, we hope this guide proved that there is more to see and do here than just that.

We loved our date trip to Barossa Valley – we need to bring back the romance more often!

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