Why We Are Reversing Our Australian Road Trip

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It’s hard to believe we’ve been on the road now traveling around Australia for 6 months!

If you were to look at a map of our travels so far you’d probably think we haven’t gone far, but we have experienced a lot in this time period.

We started out with our 6 weeks in southern NSW, then had an amazing month in Tasmania, and incredibly we’ve spent over 3 months in Victoria. 

people standing in front of a lake with mountains in the background
Exploring Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

Who knew we’d spend that long in Vic. It’s been a revelation. So much to see for a small state. Plus, we have a lot of friends based in Melbourne to catch up with and had some business matters to attend to.

Besides that, we are all about traveling slowly and the fact that we are homeschooling Kalyra and running our travel blog we can only move so fast.

Up until now, we had planned to continue from Victoria to South Australia then into Western Australia and around, but we’ve had a change of heart.

Ever get those feelings that something’s not quite right?

You’re not sure what’s going on, but things seem to be slowing down and shuffling around. You thought you had the destination figured out, yet the haze soon seeped in and the pieces didn’t seem to fit anymore.

That has been our journey for the past three months.

I’m a spirit junkie – a big believer in the miracles of the Universe. Our destination is the greater purpose and each day we either move towards our special role in the greater plan or further away.

Most of the time I’m stuck on which way is forward or back, but the more I let go, hand myself over to serve, and trust things will work out, the more the miracles and the right path appears.

We planned to be in Victoria for one month, we’ve been here for over three. There was a stickiness at my feet calling me to stay. I thought it was because I needed to rest – and in large part, it was.

And I was learning a lot of lessons. My angel cards kept telling me I had more learning to do, but not to worry, because a new direction was coming soon. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I did start to worry.

I’m very good at envisioning my future.

I can see clearly what’s going to happen next and I feel my way to the next place. But, when it came time to envision and prepare for South Australia and Western Australia, I could not feel a thing.

There was a black hole instead of adventures and new discoveries.

Did this mean the road trip was stalling or over? What was going to happen to us?

I tried not to panic and just trust we were sorting it out.

I was kinda tired of the road trip in the way we were doing it. So I chose to sit with the uncertainty until the Universe showed me the right way.

I decided to pause, learn, and be guided on a daily basis instead of pushing for the long-term plan.

We were led to purchasing our camper trailer as the best way to continue our trip.

Things miraculously moved around for us so we got the exact one we wanted at a good price. We were planning to pick it up and head to South Australia.

But, I just wasn’t feeling South Australia. It’s not that I don’t want to visit there, I really do. But, our timing was off.

Because we had delayed our time in Victoria so long, we were heading to South Australia during winter.

I’m tired of the cold.

This summer has not been the summer dresses and balmy evenings I’d envisioned. The weather down in Tasmania and the far south east corner of Oz is not our finest.

Yes Tasmania has amazing beaches, and you must see them, but it’s too cold for swimming. And whilst Melbourne and Victoria is incredible, the state is famous for its unpredictable weather.

And cooler weather means we always seem to eat more – we’ve been stuffing our faces with coffee and cake (one of the dangerous joys of Victoria & Tassie).

Binnalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Binalong Bay in Tasmania

So if we continued on our current path it meant we’d be south for the winter and north for the summer – the worst time to be up in the northern part of Australia as it’s hot, humid, rainy, impassable roads, cyclones, and in certain areas you can’t swim because it’s stinger season (jelly fish whose stings can cause serious illness).

What’s the point in spending time and money in beautiful places if you can’t enjoy the full impact of them?

So we threw the suggestion to the wind.

What if we just reversed our trip?

Let’s just head straight up to Queensland and the Northern Territory now, via parts of NSW we haven’t seen before or done thoroughly.

We haven’t moved too far yet that we can’t do a big old u-turn.

That way we can have winter in the Top End and then hit Western Australia and South Australia for summer later this year – the perfect time for weather, explorations, festivals and fun.

I started to get excited.

I started to see a clear future again. My inner knowing stepped forth and said, this is the way.

You know you’re on the right path when something that usually takes months to organise happens in a few days.

We all went through the day with a spring in our step that had been missing for awhile. We’ve become a bit jaded and are tired of wearing layers of clothes and inconsistent weather and need a change of environment!

We’re longing to wear nothing but summer dresses, sarongs, board-shorts, singlets and thongs (flip flops).

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia
bring on colour and sunshine

We want to jump in the ocean, run along the beach, experience island life, watch sunsets, and swim at waterfalls.

Hayman Island Resort, Queensland, Australia
Bring on Island Life!

Winter up north is supposed to be amazing – perfect weather, less people, cheaper prices!

Bring. It. On.

As I write this we’re currently spending our last few days in Vic in the town of Echuca on the border of Victoria and NSW.

We have several posts coming on Melbourne and Victoria so subscribe to our blog if you haven’t already and you won’t miss them. From then on, our live social media updates and future blog posts will be coming to you from heading north!

Our rough plans (we like to travel with a lot of flexibility) our outlined below:

  • April: NSW
  • Winter – Top End of Oz
  • Summer – WA & SA

We’re super excited about this road trip reversal.

It’s going to be the best fit for us and it means we can share the rest of this country for you in its BEST light.

Do you live up north or visiting there?

What are some of your favourite places? What are some of your “MUST DO’s?”

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