26 Memorable Moments on P&O Pacific Dawn

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Our life motto has always been “it’s all about the memories”.

People and things can come and go, but memories can stay with you forever!

We’ve created some cherished memories over the years through travel by experiencing memorable moments that really stay with you. Sure we have photographs to look back on, but there are some moments that really stick in your mind.

Recently we were fortunate enough to create some more memorable moments on a 7 night cruise with P&O Pacific Dawn from Brisbane to the Pacific Islands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

As a family of four we have really taken to the easy going cruise lifestyle and the experiences you can have both on board the ship during sea days, and the land excursions at ports of call.

We love how you can basically do nothing at all but relax, or you can get involved with the many activities and entertainment available. And of course there is the amazing food.

Below is a collection of photos from moments we will remember most:

1. Sail Away Party

Leaving from Brisbane on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the music was pumping, people were dancing, and the cocktails were flowing in anticipation of the exciting week ahead.

A sign on the side of a building

a woman on a cruise

a man holding a girl on his shoulders

2. Sunsets

We have seen amazing sunsets around the world, and this cruise didn’t let us down.

a man holding a girl on a cruise balcony

woman standing on a cruise balcony during sunset

people standing on a cruise balcony

3. Dining at Salt Grill Restaurant

The Salt Grill is the creation of Australian celebrity chef Luke Mangan. And let me tell you this is a not to be missed experience. The food was AMAZING!

a plate of food
grilled snapper

a plate of food

4. Welcome Aboard Cocktails

We loved this special touch from the friendly and creative staff on board.

drinks on a table

a drink on a table

5. My Home Office

Running a mobile business has its benefits. Including being able to work in locations with spectacular views like this.

a woman working on a computer on a cruise balcony

6. Morning Sunrise Walks

Each morning the top deck of the ship is transformed into a jogging and walking track. No better way to start your day than to walk a few miles in the fresh air with ocean views.

a cruise ship

a woman walking on the top deck of a cruise ship

7. Galley Tour

Meeting the Head Chef Alex from Germany and learning about the process that goes into feeding 2,000 people three times a day was very interesting. It’s an incredible operation with many challenges.

people standing in a large kitchen

multiple plates of desserts in a kitchen

chefs in a kitchen

a man carrying a baby
sneaky glass of champagne

8. The Big Screen

New on Pacific Dawn is a giant screen overlooking the swimming pool. Take your pick, catch a movie, watch a live music concert, or enjoy your footy.

people sitting on lounge chairs
Movie time
a television screen
Sunday football

 9. First Port of Call

After two days at sea everyone was excited to see land again for the first time. Our first port of call was Noumea.

people standing on the balcony of a cruise ship

a woman and baby wearing captain hats

10. Kids Club

Klayra absolutely loved the kids club program. The staff were amazing friendly and professional. And at the end of the cruise they organised a huge concert to put on for all the parents.

children dancing together

11. Swimming on Lifou Island

Bring your snorkel gear or just go for a swim. The water here was very inviting.

a beach

a man and child swimming

12. Views from Lifou Island

A relatively easy climb to the top of a hill provides stunning views such as these.

a woman and her children walking down a mountain

A little girl standing

13. Bridge Tour and Meeting the Captain

Another interesting experience was learning about the technology and what drives the ship and keeps it on course. And of course meeting the Captain is always a nice bonus.

a cruise ship captain in the control room

people and a cruise ship captain standing together

14. Relaxing in the Hot Tub

The kids, and us adults loved this. It was just as enjoyable as it looks.

people in hot tubs on a cruise ship

people in hot tubs

15. Meeting the locals in Vanuatu

This is one of the main reasons we travel. To meet and learn from different cultures. An interaction our one year old daughter Savannah had with a local village girl will stay with us forever.

kids holding hands
Savannah and local village girl

kids high fiving

women holding children

16. Taking a moment in Vanuatu

A person lying on a bench

kids playing in the sand

17. Afternoon Beers

Moments like these don’t happen very often any more and it was something to really look forward to at the end of the day.

a hand holding a bottle of beer

18. Local Beer in Noumea

And of course trying the local beer wherever we go is always on the to do list. We give it a thumbs up!

a glass of beer on a table

19. Thermal Couples Suite

A very welcome retreat for busy parents like us was the opportunity to get some quiet time, enjoy a glass of champaign, and lie on the hot stone bed.

a spa room

a glass of wine on a table

a bathroom in a spa

20. Adults Only Oasis Deck

If you want to get away from the kids on board, this is the place to do it. Grab a sun bed, a book, and a cocktail and enjoy the views.

people lying on lounge chairs on a cruise ship deck

lounge chairs on a cruise ship deck

a woman lying on a lounge chair

21. “Life As We Know It” Show

The entertainment on board was great, especially the all new “Life as we know it” music and dance performance.

people performing on stage

people performing on stage

22. Zumba Class

Caz likes to keep relatively active whilst cruising. And she loves to zumba, as do many we found out.

people doing a dance class

people doing a dance class

23. Formal Night

We don’t get to dress up all that often. And the girls really enjoyed formal night and putting on their pretty dresses.

a girl standing next to bushes

a girl and a toddler standing together

24. Catamaran Cruise around Noumea

This was a relaxing way to experience Noumea. Our host was very informative and humorous and the kids had a lot of fun.

a woman and children wearing life jackets on a boat

a man sitting on the side of a boat

25. Birthdays

It was just one week before Kalyra and Savannah were to celebrate birthdays. And the staff and our host David were very kind to organise a delicious birthday cake for them to share.

a birthday cake with candles

a girl blowing candles out on her birthday cake

26. Champagne Tower

On the last night of the cruise a huge pyramid constructed with champagne glasses is built. Balloons fall from the ceiling, a live band plays, and everyone toasts to an enjoyable week of cruising.

a woman pouring champagne on a glass tower


Which moment would you like to experience?


Disclaimer: Our cruise was courtesy of P&O Cruises Australia. All opinions remain our own.

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