Savannah’s First Year of Travel in Photos

Savannah received her first passport when she was six weeks old and had her first overseas trip to New Zealand at 8 weeks.

Before that she had been on a plane to Melbourne to attend the Problogger conference.

With us as travellers and travel bloggers and the fact she is named after one of our favorite cities in the world Savannah, Georgia she never stood a chance.

We have loved our first year with Savannah. It was her first birthday last week and we couldn’t imagine our little family without her. Her joy is infectious.

While she is quite the Mumma’s girl and loves cuddle time, she is not frightened to go to other people.

We believe that travel has exposed her to so many different people and experiences that it has helped her to not be frightened of them.

Here is a look back at her first year of travel with us.

First Day Out: Taronga Zoo in Sydney at just 1 week old

a man holding children

First Hotel Stay: Novotel, Melbourne

The Novotel on collins melbourne

First Flight: Sydney –> Auckland

a girl standing next to a baby in a stroller
a woman and children sitting on plane seats

In Rotorua, New Zealand

a family standing in front of a lake

Enjoying the hot springs in Rotorua

a man holding a baby and a little girl in a pool

Auckland Harbour cruise

a woman and her children sitting on a boat

First Theme Park:  MovieWorld, Gold Coast, Queensland

a woman and children sitting on a train cart

All asleep at the Marriott, Gold Coast, Queensland

a woman and a baby sleeping in a hotel room

First Camping Trip:  Glenworth Valley, Central Coast, NSW

girls sitting in front of a camping tent

First Trip to the Wineries:  Hunter Valley, NSW

a woman holding a baby and standing next to a banner
a woman holding a baby

Crowne Plaza, Hunter Valley

a baby and a little girl lying in bed

First Big Road Trip:  Sydney –> Brisbane

a women and a baby sitting in the back of a car

are we there yet?

a baby sleeping in a car seat

Contemplating life in Port Macquarie, NSW

a child sitting on a blanket on a hill

First Lighthouse:  Sugar Loaf Point, Seal Rocks, NSW

a man holding a baby in front of a lighthouse

First Hiking Adventure:  Bouddi National Park, Central Coast, NSW

a man carrying a child up a mountain
a man and a child holding hands on the beach

First Cruise:  P&O Pacific Dawn, Brisbane –> Pacific Islands

Sailing out of Brisbane

a woman holding a baby on a boat deck

Dancing on board with mummy at the sail away party

people dancing on a boat deck

Lifou Island, New Caledonia

a woman carrying a baby in a sling

On the job with daddy attending the tour of the galley with the head chef of P&O Pacific Dawn

people standing in a large kitchen

eye on the champagne

a man holding a baby in a kitchen

Cultural village in Vanuatu

women holding children

Meeting my new friend in Vanuatu

children playing together

I could get used to this travelling life in Vanuatu

a man and baby sleeping on a hammock

Animal Encounters

Meeting a Lama at Honeycomb farm, NSW

a man holding a baby next to an animal

Feeding the Kangaroos at Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast

a woman feeding a kangaroo

Hello Mr Kookaburra at South West Rocks, NSW

a man holding a child

Out and About

a man carrying children

Port Macquarie

a man carrying children

Copacabana Beach, NSW

a woman carrying a child on a beach

Byron Bay Lighthouse, NSW

a woman standing next to a sign

Morning walk in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

a woman pushing a stroller on a pathway

Dorrigo National Park, NSW

a woman carrying a baby through a forest trail

Seal Rocks, NSW

a man and his children standing on a beach

Helping daddy

a man working on his computer while a child holds his leg

Kirra Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

a man holding a baby

Views from the Hilton Hotel Surfers Paradise, Queensland

a man holding children on a balcony
a man and a baby touching foreheads

Views from the famous “Loo with a View, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

woman standing on a pier holding a baby

TV time in the hotel

kids watching television

Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSW

a woman and two kids standing in front of a sign

Turning One on the Gold Coast, Queensland

a woman sitting with two kids at a table with a birthday cake

A pretty good first year don’t you think?

31 thoughts on “Savannah’s First Year of Travel in Photos”

  1. Caz and Craig, congratulations fot travelling with a so little child..only one week old…wow! Great pictures, great landscape and mostly, great and so sweet kids! Savannah looks like mu daughter, she’s also blond and blue eyed. Appreciate you so much!

  2. Great memories in this set of pics…I think the fact she has seen so many new and nice places is one of the reasons she’s always smiling. Great work as parents!

  3. What an amazing first year for Savannah! She is so adorable! I love that you started to travel with her pretty much right after she was born 🙂 She’s going to be a seasoned traveler by the time she starts school 😉

  4. Caz and Craig, your family is beautiful! Happy birthday to miss Savannah!! Cheers to a lifetime of incredible travel for you all!

  5. Craig & Caroline,
    Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful experiences for BOTH of your daughters with us! What a wonderful legacy for your girls. The only problem I must mention is that Craig was wearing a UNC shirt in one of the photos. What was he thinking? Please have him burn that and put on a proper NC State shirt. We all miss you here in North Carolina. Come back!

    1. Who??? NC State!! Those words are forbidden around here!
      How are you Leigh Ann?? We so miss NC so much. We sure miss your Christmas parties. I think of them every year wishing we were there. If we can get a green card we’ll be back!

  6. This is such a lovely post and such wonderful photos of your beautiful daughters. I really admire you guys for taking your children traveling and teaching them about the wonders of the world. They are having such amazing experiences because of you. It’s obvious that you are fantastic loving parents.
    Posts like this reassure me that I’m not crazy for thinking that one day when I have kids I can take them on adventures in faraway lands with me! I’m sure traveling with kids has its challenges but it is probably not nearly as difficult as people seem to think it is.

    1. Thanks Kelly! You are not crazy at all, although at times I think we are. The rewards are so worth it. I actually think “normal” life is way more challenging with kids

  7. Great pictures! That kid’s been everywhere! And she’s only 1! She’s catching the travel bug early on in life! 🙂

  8. Lovely photos! I haven’t been ‘around’ the travel blogging world much since my son was born in Jan 2011, so a very late congrats on your little girl and all of your adventures since then. I love the new (might be two years old by now…) look of the blog. Great color scheme and beautiful family photos.

    1. Hi Heather!!
      I was only thinking about you the other week and wondering where you went. Congrats on your son, I’m sure you are all settled into parenthood by now. It’s a trip in itself!!
      The new design is only a month old so you didn’t miss much!! Great to see you again. ARe you back writing and travelling again now?

  9. I’ve finally just really gotten back into managing my blog now that I’m settled in my new teaching job and Gabriel’s sleeping through the night consistently. We are in Saigon which is a wonderful place to have young kids. If you’re ever stopping through here, let me know!

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