How Do You Know What Bliss to Follow?…My 8 Step Plan

You’ve heard it a million times – follow your bliss and you’ll live an amazing life.

We preach it all the time on this blog. Posts such as What lifestyle are you working for and a Return to love and travel point the philosophy that if you just follow your heart, you’ll find peace and happiness.

It sounds pretty simple. Or is it?

I had someone ask me the other day,

“I just don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know what’s in my heart and what my purpose is. How do I find out?”

When I paused to think before I wrote, “it’s easy just follow your heart” I realized that its easy for me to say that now that I know what that calling is, but I didn’t fully gasp that calling until I was 34 and started this travel blog.

I had signs and deep-seated emotions that kept pointing the way, but I ignored them because they didn’t seem logical and I was afraid and insecure.

Each of us does really know what the bliss in our heart is.

We know the path of our purpose, we’ve just added layers of dirt on top of it with each new life stage we live. Our parents, friends, school counsellors, uni lecturers and friends have done their best to steer us on the wise and safe path, teaching us to look outwards for the answers rather than within.

The bliss of our youth

Think back to when you were a child and you had the freedom to explore and play to what ever your imagination wanted to create for you.

What were you doing?

Were you singing, dancing, creating art, digging holes in the garden, going on adventures, wrestling with your friends or kicking the footy around?

How were you feeling? What were you dreaming? What brought you the most joy?

Although our interests evolve over time, and our childhood dreams might not be the bliss we want to follow now, I bet buried down there somewhere is the spark that, if you followed it, would lead you to a place now that’s more heart-centred and meaningful.

I truly believe the secret to a fulfilling life is to follow your heart, and listen to your gut, which will guide you to the right expression of your bliss.

Bear in mind that sometimes that pathway involves experiences that are simply awful, but when you’re ready to look deeper, you’ll see they are perfect as they prepared you for what your heart really wanted.

I write about this process in my book Step into your Sacredness.

The principles in the book show you what I call your soul’s yearning. Because our days should be sent singing rather than moaning.

8 Steps to Finding Your Bliss

1. Ask the right questions

Don’t fixate on all the problems and how clueless you are about what your bliss is. Just ask.

[ybox_large] What is my purpose? How can I discover what I was born to do? What do I need to learn or do so I can live a heart-centred life? How can I best serve? What’s my special talent? [/ybox_large]

2. Allow the answers to come

No point answering the questions if you’re not prepared to listen. Once you ask the questions let your fretting over the answers go.

Continue about your day, but leave your eyes and ears open and let the answers come.

They can spring up from anywhere – a book that lands in your lap, a chance encounter, a random conversation that sparks an idea, a movie, or song.

3. What brings you most joy and peace?

Here’s where you’ll find the answer to your bliss.

Most of the time we don’t explore these avenues because the things that bring us joy and peace are what we usually categorize as hobbies.

Who ever taught us at school that hobbies can be turned into lifestyles?

We’ve grown up believing that our hobbies are something we only dedicate time to when we have a few hours on the weekend, after we’ve finished our job for the week. We don’t comprehend that our job and hobbies can be joined – in fact, it’s best that they are.

Get back to your hobby.

[ybox_large]Don’t think about HOW you’re going to make this into your daily bliss, just LIVE the bliss. [/ybox_large]

Pick up the guitar and strum for an hour every day, paint a picture, take up dancing lessons, do morning yoga, write the book anyway, or volunteer at your local RSPCA.

Then just let it evolve.

4. What do you feel called to do?

All of us have certain urges or callings to do leave a deeper footprint in some way. Usually we try to ignore it because we don’t understand them, or we think its silly or unreachable. Those callings are your soul speaking to you. You must listen and follow.

I always had a strong calling to travel and write about it. It felt so crazy, but it never left until I did something about it and created this blog! I have had a strong calling to do something recently, and it feels so silly, I’m not even going to mention what it is, but it’s just this feeling that says, “I really feel like I need to do this.”

I think I heard this expressed in the most beautiful way on X-Factor the other night. The contestant, Jaymie was speaking about his decision to take a step forward to follow his bliss for music.

I’m not doing it because I want to, I’m doing it because I HAVE to.

It’s a I can’t sleep at night until I do this sort of feeling. Yossi Ghinsberg, one of the most influential persons in my life describes it like this.

How Do You Know What Bliss to Follow?

A life-changing book to read is Manifesting Michelangelo. The author, Joseph Pierce Farrell, spoke about a calling he had from a young age to help young children who had suffered from physical trauma. But, his high school counsellor told him he was not fit for the life of a doctor and he buried that calling and dream.

Many years later he fulfilled that calling in the most incredible way – re-sculpturing people’s damaged bodies. I’ll let you read the book, to find out what its about. (He has an amazing five step plan for manifesting what you want.)

[ybox_large] Pay attention to what you feel called to. What topics move you? What problems in the world do you dream of solving? What passions do you have? How do you feel you can best help? [/ybox_large]

HOT TIP: Do the ugggh I’m so over it test

You know those moments when after an exhausting day you collapse on the couch with the unsolvable challenges of the day racing through your head.

You’re completely over it and so you grunt out, “Ugghh all I just want to do is ___________”

What goes in the blank? How you really want to live your days is what your bliss is?

I realized this was a good strategy the other day, when I grunted, “I just wish someone could take care of everything else for me so I could just focus on writing what’s in my heart.”

So that’s my calling – all I want to do is the creative writing so now I know what I have to work towards.

5. Say yes to the expression

One of the most essential components to creating your bliss, or anything, is to say yes to it.

Something else I gained as I watched X-Factor the other night (I love shows like this) I watched the most mesmerizing performance by a contestant of Clown by Emeli Sande.

I thought to myself, “It’s not really the music she’s doing this for, it’s for the true expression of herself.

That’s why artists, or anyone living their bliss experience such joy, because they have the freedom in that space of creation to truly be themselves.

Intend to discover the answers and make your authentic expression happen. Don’t be frightened of YOU. Commit to the process and connect to a higher power that not only keeps you focused on the dream, but allows the right people and opportunities to come your way to help you do it.

Once you tap into that bliss, the Universe opens the doors for you and the journey seems effortless.

6. Stay present

Much of the advice above is a calling for you to stay present. Remove yourself form the world of your past and future in your mind and ground yourself in your current reality.

[ybox_large] Present moment is where the answers are found. Present moment is where the magic happens. [/ybox_large]

7. Follow the sparks and intuitions

If you’re following all the steps above, your answers will come to you via sparks of thoughts and intuitions.

Something will tell you to just walk into that cafe and order a coffee. Whilst there you’ll have a conversation with the barista who mentions they are in need of a singer for a live gig tonight – their regular called in sick and they’re stuck.

You just happen to be free, and offer to save their arse. You don’t expect too much, you’re just called to sing more and here’s an open door.

One thing rolls after the other and soon your selling records. No joke – it can seriously happen that easily and it will if you follow your inner voice – accessed via the present moment.

8. Let go

It’s time you listen to Elsa’s epic Frozen advice.

“Let it go, let it go, don’t worry about it anymore!!”

Release the inner control freak. Give up the sleepless nights trying to find the answers and searching for it behind every curtain. Just trust in the above process and go about your day.

The more you do this and notice the miracles that occur, the more you’ll want to let go. It makes life so much easier and fun. You don’t have to do any of the hard work! You just set the intention, keep an open mind and heart, stay present and follow the nudges to your bliss. It’s perfect.

I’m so sorry for the constant repeat of Let it go that will be in your head for the remainder of the day.

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free!

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go

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