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It’s got location, it’s got views, and it’s got comfort, space and me not wanting to leave the apartment door.

The Hilton Hotel Residences in Surfers Paradise was the highlight of our recent Surfers Paradise stay on the Gold Coast.

I didn’t even know Hilton did apartments, but I am so glad they do. Apartments are our preferred accommodation choice now that we have children.

It’s easier, cheaper and creates a home environment that our girls really appreciate.

There are rooms for them to run around and play in, beds to bounce on, mock cafes to set up, comfy couches to watch TV on and fridges to clean. (Yes, Kalyra set to work while Mummy laid on the couch and watched. Is that not how it is supposed to be?)

girls playing

a little girl standing in a kitchen
Time for baking

a man and child in a living room

We arrived after a hectic two weeks of travel and were looking forward to having a more relaxed pace on the Gold Coast.

We’ve been to the Goldie so often that we decided, this time, we didn’t need to explore, just enjoy time together as a family.

We arrived in the afternoon and immediately began our usual hotel inspection routine, where Kalyra runs around exclaiming at a hundred miles an hour how much she loves each room and bathroom, and drawers with “hair dryers and knives and forks in them.”Like so amazing!

This time, Mummy and Daddy ignored her as we squealed and raced on to the balcony to enjoy the views.


Looking out over the ocean and back over the Hinterland and over the Surfers Paradise canals as well.

All I wanted to do was sit with a coffee and a read of the magazine. All my girls wanted to do was crawl all over me.

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast
Hinterland and canal views
Surfers Paradise Gold Coast
Ocean views

woman and children sitting on a couch

We put that dose of Mummy sanity aside and went for a wander around the property. It was winter so we could not enjoy the swim up bar and pool areas, but I could imagine how they are the place to be in the summer.

Savannah and I had a quick little snuggle in one of the pods before her, Craig and Kalrya went swimming in the heated pool and spa.

I snuck upstairs for some time out, called catching up on work!!

woman and a baby sitting on a chair
Snuggle time

Hilton Surfers Paradise

On our first evening staying at the Hilton, Craig went down to Woolworths to buy food to cook in our kitchen. There was a knock on the door, which kinda freaked me out because I have watched far too many scary movies. I peered through the little peep hole and saw two ladies standing outside.

Feeling safe, I opened the door slowly and stuck my head out the door.

“We’re the turndown service. Do you need us to turn down your beds?”

I was a little taken aback, although very impressed.

A quick glance to the right reminded me how the girls had made themselves welcome by scattering their toys all around the bedroom.

“Oh no, it’s okay, but thank you anyway.”

“What about some chocolates then?”

Their arms glided towards me with palms outstretched. A few little bars of turn-down chocolates smiled up at me.

“Oh okay then thank you.”

I eagerly awaited the knock on the door at around 7pm the next night and sure enough it came. Kalyra nearly tackled me out of the way.

“Why Thank you!”

After dinner, Kalyra and I snuggled up in my bed together to watch some reality TV cooking show, instead we mostly pulled faces and talked five-year-old-I’m-tired-and-silly talk.

pull silly faces

One of the highlights with staying at the Hilton Residences was the buffet breakfast.

We developed quite a crush on Luke Mangan the week before on our P & O Pacific Dawn cruise.

Luke is one of Australia’s top chefs and we ate twice at his Salt grill restaurant on the ship.

It is beyond delicious.

His food is simple, yet exotic with a heavy Asian influence. ( I fell in love with his take on mango and sticky rice, my all-time favourite dessert.)

How excited were we when we discovered the restaurant at Hilton Hotel Residences is Luke Mangan’s Salt Grill?

I say very. Even Kalyra got up in the dining area to do a little dance.

dancing in hotels

I loved having miso soup for breakfast, followed by a hot brekkie, chased down with a smoothie shot.

We actually had a lot more than one of those, and way more than our fair share of smoked salmon.


The Hilton Hotel and Residences is perfectly located on Orchard Avenue in the middle of the action in Surfers Paradise.

This area has always been famous for the party, particularly for school leavers at the end of the year. The last time I partied here was for Schoolies in, wait for it, 1993.

Over the past few years, its seedy reputation has not done it any favours. I was really pleased to see how much work they are putting into cleaning up the area and adding some class and style to it.

The Hilton Residence Towers for one, the new Soul building for another. The whole Cavil Avenue area is getting a face lift.

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast (

seagulls Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

We spent the day blissfully walking up and down the beach strip, chasing seagulls, playing in parks and enjoying the Gold Coast sunshine.

Before hurrying back to soak up the comfort of our hotel apartment and those views.

Hilton Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Tips

The Hard Rock cafe has the best vegetarian burgers I have ever eaten.

Q1 tower is the tallest residential building in the world. The views from the top are beautiful as are the cocktails, but it will cost you $21 to go to the Observation deck. Luckily our apartment had views that were pretty darn good.

If you want a cool local cafe then you must go to Black Coffee Lyrics. It is hard to find upstairs hidden away in a small arcade. It has a real alternative vibe, excellent Panini’s and good food.

Check out my 29 things for families to do on the Gold Coast

Black Coffee Lyrics Surfers Paradise

The Facts


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Have you stayed at a Hilton Hotel before?

We stayed in the Hilton as guests of Gold Coast Tourism

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