Burleigh Heads Accommodation: The Bujerum Apartments on the Beach

When we first arrived in Burleigh Heads, knowing it was a semi-permanent stay (I cannot use the word permanent!), we’d pass by the Bujerum Apartments every day to go to our campsite.

And I’d say, “I want to live there.”

A car parked in front of a house
Bujerum Apartments

Right across the road to beautiful Burleigh beach with wide sweeping views of Burleigh Point. I jumped straight on the internet, only to discover it was a Gold Coast holiday rental only.


We found a great Burleigh Heads accommodation at the other end of the beach with views through the pine trees of the ocean. It’s a pretty cool second best.

When Kirsty, the PR manager of Bujerum Apartments, contacted me after hearing me speak at SoMeT to ask if we wanted to stay at the apartments, I was bummed to say no.

We just live down the road so it wouldn’t be a great story for the blog.

Then, my friend and business coach, Mike Irving and I started planning a video coaching program on gaining confidence and control over your life. Originally we were going to shoot them over Skype as it involves raw live coaching. No editing or fancy production needed.

We then decided it would be better if we did it in person. Our apartment has semi-views of the ocean, but terrible lighting, limited space and decor that’s best suited to transient travellers.

Light bulb! I know just the place. The lighting is spectacular, the decor beautiful, and the views incredible.

woman sitting on a chair surrounded by cameras
Shooting at Bujerum Apartments
View of Burleigh Beach from Bujerum Apartments
A tree
Views all the way to Surfers Paradise

I contacted Kirsty and we organised for two days of filming in the best place to stay on the Gold Coast.

That’s what Bujerum apartments became known as during our stay there.

“I reckon this would have to be the best place to stay on the Gold Coast. Like seriously, you couldn’t get better views or position than this”

We’d have the same conversation over breakfast, over coffee, in between filming breaks, and our acknowledgement glass of wine at sunset after filming. All from the balcony while watching the surfers that look like herds of ants vying for their turn on the wave.

Very chilled with a refined edge – the Burleigh Boho style.

man looking at a road
View of Burleigh Heads Beach from Bujerum Apartments, Queensland
people sitting on a table
coffee on a table

Bujerum used to be a run-down party house.

The new owners saw the potential and renovated it to this luxury accommodation. Most accommodation options on the Gold Coast are located in high rise apartments – which can give you great views, but can also come with vertigo and a little clinical claustrophobia.

Bujerum sits on a corner block on a low-traffic road and is only three stories high. The only thing in front of you are pine trees, the surf break, and people walking, running, or boot camping in the park.

balcony facing the ocean

It’s also and easy stroll to the main street of Burleigh, James Street.

We loved it.

We were there to work, but it doesn’t feel like work when this is your office.

woman sitting at a table using a computer
Bujerum Apartments, Burleigh Heads
Looking towards James Street from our deck

It was perfect for our filming.

The glass sliding doors from the open-plan living and kitchen area brought in the sunshine and removed the need for artificial lighting. The decor in the living room was perfect for a backdrop – bright, colourful and stylish.

We were going to film ourselves, but thankfully realised our limitations and hired Jennifer and Andrew from Aus Sports TV who did an amazing job and even had a drone to film us walking on the beach outside. (I want one!)

Ignite your confidence (2)
woman standing on the beach
people standing on the beach
Mike Irviing Confidence Igniter
Ignite your confidence (1)

If you are in the online course industry and need to film videos, instead of hiring an expensive studio and sitting under hot lights, find an apartment like Bujerum to rent and have a holiday at the same time. It will be way cheaper and more enjoyable.

Which brings me to

The value of a Staycation

A bedroom with a large window

At first I rejected Kirsty because I didn’t think we could make a holiday up the road make sense. But after our stay at Bujerum, I realised how valuable a staycation is to recharge.

Holidays can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. A staycation removes all of this.

It’s less expensive

Your travel costs are reduced. You live in the area, so there’s not a lot of exploration to spend your money on, nor do you feel pressured to go out and do that.

It’s more about relaxing and recharging

You can just sit on the couch, with our favourite book and the views. Or cook an indulgent four-course dinner, or enjoy a stunning sunset on the balcony.

You can fit it into your schedule

You can even do it during the school week (when it’s cheaper) as you can still drop your kids off at school and follow your same routine – as we did. But, have the spaces in between (when it’s quiet) to yourself. No madly dashing around.

Finally time to appreciate the simple moments. At least you’ll return from this holiday feeling like you had one.

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Where’s your favourite place to take a staycation?

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how this world is great, and how we do not know anything yet. What a beautiful place, has already entered my list of places I want to know. Thanks for sharing

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