A Stay At The Bujerum Burleigh Heads Apartments, Queensland [Review]

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When looking for places to stay on the Gold Coast, you won’t feel more at home that at one of the Burleigh accommodation apartments. They are well-kitted out for families traveling with a lot of toys, games, and well, stuff in general.

In fact, when it comes to finding accommodation in Burleigh Heads, you’ll find more Burleigh beach apartments are opening up than hotels. Plus, when it comes to price, beachfront apartments are on par with 4* luxury hotels, so it’s a no-brainer which you would choose over – a whole place to yourself or a room?

But that does make things a little harder in terms of choosing, as there are so many options to choose from.

A car parked in front of a house
Bujerum Apartments

When we first arrived in Burleigh Heads, knowing it was a semi-permanent stay, we always passed by the Bujerum Apartments every day to go to our campsite and thought it looked like a stunning place to stay.

And I’d say, “I want to live there.” Right across the road to beautiful Burleigh Beach with wide sweeping ocean views of Burleigh Point.

It seemed like the ideal location, and from the outside, it was glamorous and modern-looking. So when we were offered the chance to stay there and see what a stay would be like, I jumped at the chance.

Here’s what our stay at the Bujerum Holiday Apartments in Burleigh Heads was like…

About Bujerum Holiday Apartments in Burleigh Heads

woman sitting at a table using a computer

The Bujerum Holiday Apartments Burleigh Heads were one of the first-holiday apartment complexes to open up as a Gold Coast holiday rental only.

It was originally built in the 1930s but has gone through some major upgrades since then, the last being in 2013 when the building was renovated to a more modern style, but still staying true to the Queenslander character.

It gets its name, Bujerum, from the Traditional Custodians of the land that the apartments are built on. The Kombumerri Aboriginal people use the word “bujerum” to mean “spirit” in English, which is very fitting since the building has stood tall for over 90 years. It must be something in the air.

You can find Bujerum Holiday Apartments in across from Burleigh Beach, facing north across the beach with the beautiful skyline of Surfers Paradise looming in the background.

A tree with beach and view of surfers paradise skyline peaking through the branches
Views all the way to Surfers Paradise

It’s only 14km from the Gold Coast Airport and 15km from the Gold Coast CBD.

How We Came to Stay at Bujerum Holiday Apartments

At the time of writing, we were living on the Gold Coast semi-permanently, so didn’t see the point in staying in a Burleigh Heads accommodation in our own backyard.

We just live down the road so it wouldn’t be a great story for the blog.

people sitting on a table on balcony

Then, my friend and business coach, Mike Irving and I started planning a video coaching program on gaining confidence and control over your life. Originally we were going to shoot them over Skype as it involves raw live coaching. No editing or fancy production needed.

We then decided it would be better if we did it in person. Our apartment has semi-views of the ocean, but terrible lighting, limited space, and decor that’s best suited to transient travellers.

Light bulb! I know just the place. The lighting is spectacular, the decor beautiful, and the views incredible.

woman sitting on a chair surrounded by cameras
Shooting at Bujerum Apartments
people sitting on chairs in front of camera speaking

I contacted Kirsty and we organized to stay for two days of filming in the best place to stay on the Gold Coast.

That’s what Bujerum apartments became known as during our stay there.

“I reckon this would have to be the best place to stay on the Gold Coast. Like seriously, you couldn’t get better views or position than this”

man looking at a road

We’d have the same conversation over breakfast, over coffee, in between filming breaks, and our acknowledgment glass of wine at sunset after filming.

All from the private balcony while watching the surfers that look like herds of ants vying for their turn on the wave. If we had come during the right season, we might have even been able to do some whale watching from our balcony (June to November).

Very chilled with a refined edge – the Burleigh Boho style.

We realized that even though it was down the road, it was the perfect staycation accommodation for us. Why take a staycation you ask? Well, allow me to elaborate…

The Value of a Staycation

At first, I rejected Kirsty because I didn’t think we could make a holiday up the road make sense. But after our stay at Bujerum, I realized how valuable a staycation is to recharge.

Holidays can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. A staycation removes all of this.

It’s less expensive

Your travel costs are reduced. You live in the area, so there’s not a lot of exploration to spend your money on, nor do you feel pressured to go out and do that.

It’s more about relaxing and recharging

You can just sit on the couch, with your favorite book and the views. Or cook an indulgent four-course dinner, or enjoy a stunning sunset on the balcony.

You can fit it into your schedule

You can even do it during the school week (when it’s cheaper) as you can still drop your kids off at school and follow your same routine – as we did.

But, have the spaces in between (when it’s quiet) to yourself. No madly dashing around.

Finally, time to appreciate the simple moments. At least you’ll return from this holiday feeling like you had one.

Our Experience Staying at Bujerum Apartments, Burleigh Heads

terrace with ocean views
View of Burleigh Beach from Bujerum Apartments

When Kirsty, the PR manager of Bujerum Apartments, contacted me after hearing me speak at SoMeT to ask if we wanted to stay at the apartments, I was bummed to say no at first.

But after I found the need for a staycation and a great place to film, I was glad to finally take her up on her offer.

The first thing I noticed was the views. From the balcony, you see a road (don’t worry, it was quiet at night), then you see the grassy area and running track, before seeing the beautiful Burleigh Beach right there.

It must have been less than 20 meters from our balcony.

Although the tide was in during our stay, we enjoyed watching the surfers take on the waves and listening to the sounds of birds tweeting in the pine trees.

View of Burleigh Heads Beach from Bujerum Apartments, Queensland
view of street at night
Looking towards James Street from our deck

Bujerum used to be a run-down party house.

The new owners saw the potential and renovated it into this luxury accommodation. Most accommodation options on the Gold Coast are located in high-rise apartments – which can give you great views, but can also come with vertigo and a little clinical claustrophobia.

Bujerum sits on a corner block on a low-traffic road and is only three stories high.

You have the beauty of being high up so you don’t hear the noise but without vertigo. Perfect!

coffee on a table with ocean views

It’s also an easy stroll to the main street of Burleigh, James Street.

We loved it.

We were there to work, but it doesn’t feel like work when this is your office and you have the ocean breeze on your face.

man and woamn sitting on chairs laughing

It was perfect for our filming.

The glass sliding doors from the open-plan living and full kitchen area brought in the sunshine and removed the need for artificial lighting. The decor in the living room was perfect for a backdrop – bright, colorful, and stylish.

We were going to film ourselves, but thankfully realized our limitations and hired Jennifer and Andrew from Aus Sports TV who did an amazing job and even had a drone to film us walking on the beach outside. (I want one!)

woman standing on the beach
people standing on the beach
Mike Irviing walling on beach

If you are in the online course industry and need to film videos, instead of hiring an expensive studio and sitting under hot lights, find an apartment like Bujerum to rent and have a holiday at the same time.

It will be way cheaper and more enjoyable.

But of course, we are not all looking for a place to film, even if TikTok is taking the world by storm!

When it came to finally settling down to sleep, I was in heaven. The master bedroom was spacious and yet still felt cozy.

A bedroom with a large window and ocean views

The king-sized bed had a mattress that was soft and comfortable, and the black-out blinds meant I was able to drift off to sleep without disturbance.

I loved being lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves.

Other facilities in the apartment which were a nice touch and gave all the comforts of home are the fully equipped kitchen with an oven, stove top, dishwasher, microwave, and coffee machine.

There is a choice between self-contained apartments, of either 2-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments, but the living and dining area is always open plan.

You’ll find free wifi, flat-screen TV, secure parking, and all the linen, towels, and bedding supplied.

There is a private bathroom with a double shower and separate toilet.

All apartments come with reverse cycle air conditioning and even have laundry facilities (not just a washing machine but a dryer too), which is perfect for those looking to stay longer.

The ambience is cozy and welcoming, but also has a resort-like quality to it.

Nearby Attractions to Bujerum Apartments Burleigh Heads

view of ocean with burleigh skyscrapers in background and reflected in water

When it comes to choosing Burleigh Heads accommodation, you need to think seriously about location.

If the idea of being a stone’s throw from the beach (even if you have a poor throw) doesn’t entice you, then the nearby attractions might.

Bujerum Apartments is pretty much located halfway between the airport and the CBD of the Gold Coast, meaning it’s in the perfect location just a short drive from many of the best local attractions. Check out on our post on our favorite local things to do in Burleigh Heads. And here is a list of free things to do on the Gold Coast.

On its doorstep, are the following places:

  • Burleigh Heads Rock Pools (2-minutes easy walking distance)
  • Burleigh Head National Park (a five-minute walk down the road)
  • John Laws Park (again, across the road)
  • Burleigh Hill (right next door)
  • Sea World (the closest of the Gold Coast Theme Parks at 30 minute’s drive)
  • James Street for Boutique Shopping (a 5 minute walk)
  • Rick Shores Restaurant (a top-rated restaurant across the road)
  • Burleigh Heads Surf Club (a 10-minute walk, max)

Final Thoughts on Bujerum Apartments Burleigh Heads

Our stay at Bujerum was exactly what we needed – a home away from home. It offers visitors a space where they can relax and unwind, and enjoy the luxury of being across the road from the beach.

If we are ever to come back to the Gold Coast and in need of a Burleigh Heads accommodation, we would definitely be back here.

I hope this guide helped you understand what to expect from a stay at Bujerum Holiday Apartments and gave you some inspiration for accommodation in Burleigh Heads.

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