Thredbo YHA Hostel – Budget Accommodation in the Snowy Mountains

All hostels should be made with views like the Thredbo YHA Hostel.

Mount Kosciusko, Thredbo, Australia

Especially in a town that is not cheap to stay in.

It’s Thredbo, one of Australia’s biggest ski villages. Within the small alpine village are streets of lodges, typical of what you’d get in any skiing town around the world. And then amongst them sits the YHA Hostel, with stunning views at budget prices.

It’s a crazy skiing steal. For anyone who is worried they can’t enjoy the pleasures of skiing in the Snowy Mountains as it is too expensive should consider staying here.

Thredbo YHA Hostel, Australia

I would consider staying here all year round. The view stays the same, its just what you can do with that mountain that changes.

In the peak winter season you have skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, back country and cross country. Whilst in the summer you have mountain biking, walks, abseiling, bob sledding, fishing and golf.

After a hard day climbing the peaks, bob sledding and mountain biking, we’d head straight to the deck with an ice cold beer and glass of wine, followed by dinner with a view.

The ravens would visit, patiently waiting for any scraps from our BBQ dinner. They were the biggest ravens, I’ve ever seen, their darkness imposing, yet interesting to Savannah who just wanted to chase them. Before coming here, I never even knew Australia had ravens. I thought they were crows.

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 258
dinner with a view

The peaks still had snow on them. It’s the first time I’ve seen snow in my own country. It was a special treat. I don’t think you can ever tire of looking at them.

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 064

The girls had ample space to play within the YHA.

It’s great for budget family accommodation, and there are plenty of toys for them to play with and DVD’s to watch. We felt so safe knowing they were entertained in an environment suitable for kids. They ran around the grounds of the YHA and made friends with the manager’s children.

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 260

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 249

One night we toasted marshmallows over the fire with the manager’s family and friends.

As we were staying between winter and summer during the quietest month of the year, we almost had the hostel to ourselves. We enjoyed the space for cooking, homeschooling and working online.

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 058

The YHA is only a short walk to everywhere in town. Nadia, the manager, was super helpful in giving us great tips on things to see and do in the area.

I’m going to miss that place and Thredbo.” Kalyra said as we drove away. I think she’s quickly developing a mountain heart.

And with those views who wouldn’t easily do that.

Benefits of staying at Thredbo YHA Hostel

  • YHA is in the heart of Thredbo village – easy walk to pubs, cafes and restaurants.
  • The award-winning YHA hostel is a purpose built lodge with a mix of accommodation.

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 270

  • Comfy lounge and dining room.
  • Open Fireplace.
  • Walk to the ski lifts after checking out snow conditions from the hostel lounge.

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 217

  • Full kitchen to cook your own meals and save money on eating out.
  • Or barbecue on the verandah

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 221

Thredbo Snowy Mountains NSW 052

  • Easy access to mountain biking.
  • Walk to Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko.

Climbing Mount Kosciusko, Thredbo, Australia

The Facts

Thredbo YHA Hostel has million dollar views at budget prices, suitable for families and those wanting a ski experience without spending a fortune. We stayed in a 5 bed family room which currently starts from $103 per night.

Disclaimer: YHA were our exclusive hostel provider as we travel around Australia.

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