3 Hip and Quirky Miami Boutique Hotels

Confession: I’m from Florida and I love Miami.

Magic happens in the place where South America, the Caribbean, and North America mix in an eclectic cultural explosion that you have to taste, hear, and experience to truly believe.

Certainly Miami remains famous for its hallmark bright sun, dazzling beaches, and sizzling temperatures for most of the year, but for anyone looking to supplement their vacation with a little more than infamous activities from the 80s, boutique hotels are the right place to start.

The whole point of boutique hotels is to be different, and my favorite type of different is a cool vibe.

Cool boutique hotels are effortlessly hip. Each with their own quirkiness, you’ll find travelers and locals alike who are ahead of the trends.

But that’s only half the storythe best part about a cool boutique hotel is the easy connection with locals and other travelers in a laid-back environment.

And in Miami, anything can happen.. Here are 3 hip and quirky boutique hotels in Miami you don’t want to miss.

Diesel’s Pelican Hotel

Pelican Hotel Miami

South Beach couldn’t be a better fit for Diesel’s Pelican Hotel.

A bit of an irreverent brand in the first place, Diesel’s packed each room full of the best of Florida-sourced kitsch and tchotchkes, creating a zany wonderland in each and every room.

If ever I’ve wanted to explore every single room in a hotel, this is it! The young at heart flock here for energizing design and affordable prices in one of South Beach’s most popular areas.

Kids are definitely welcome – there’s enough room (and personality) for everyone in the oceanfront suite rooms.

Diesel's Pelican hotel
Boutique hotels Miami

The Marlin on Collins Avenue

The Marlin Miami

The Marlin on Collins Avenue is an audiophile’s paradise, drawing professional recording artists and amateurs to its private studios.

Even if you’re not looking to record a new track, The Marlin welcomes all into its laid-back arms.

It’s about modern, sleek details – details largely controlled by your in-room iPad – like your hidden 60 inch LED TV hidden in a large mirror or playing music from The Marlin’s own database on demand on your surround sound (and more).

I love the crisp white rooms punctuated by the Marlin’s bright paintings over the bed; it all pairs really well with the beautiful sky and vibrant life just outside your window.

Its amazing location on lively Collins Avenue makes me want to sip a fashionable drink at the bar and just watch the people go by.

The Marlin on Collins Miami
Boutique hotel Miami

Soho Beach House

Soho Beach House

Soho Beach House captures the exclusivity and the ideal cool for which Miami Beach is renowned. Thanks to its Mid Beach location, it escapes a lot of the over-the-top everything that dominates South Beach.

It’s all about mingling here and Soho Beach House gives you plenty of places to go for it; I’m personally torn between the delicious delights of Cecconi’s, the in-house Italian restaurant open to the public, and the two pools.

Soho Beach House places a very high premium on privacy due to its status as a private club for media professionals, but this really allows you to unwind even more since you’re forced to leave your camera and phone in your room.

Soho beach house Miami

All you need to do to gain entrance to this sophisticated beachside playland is book a night in a (Caribbean-meets-the-1950’s) room. You won’t be disappointed.

Soho beach house boutique hotel Miami

There’s more to Miami than beaches and parties; get connected to the cool side of Miami with a boutique hotel.

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3 thoughts on “3 Hip and Quirky Miami Boutique Hotels”

  1. These are all awesome hotels! I went to Miami a few years ago and it was one of our best vacations. The buildings are beautiful, the weather is great, and the food is amazing.

  2. Miami is really a great place. I love their beaches and people there are so cool. And you are right I’ve seen great hotels around the city.

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