U.S. Culture at its Best: Watching a Boston Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park

Is a Boston Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park on your USA bucket list?

I’ve always been a bit ho hum about baseball.

I think I may have fallen asleep at a game once, and I definitely spent time reading the newspaper at a LA Dodgers game.

The only thing that saved baseball for me is the Seventh Inning stretch, and hot dogs and beer. Both of which I can no longer have because of gluten.

A sign in front of a brick wall

However, I did enjoy baseball more last year when we went to an iconic Durham Bulls baseball game near our home in Raleigh.

I’m not sure if that was more to do with the gluten free beer we had before the game and the jovial atmosphere of hanging out with friends.

But, on our recent trip to Boston and watching a Boston Red Sox baseball game at historic Fenway Park, I was hooked and ready to make baseball a family summer tradition.

At Fenway Park watching the Boston Red Sox
Watching the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park

For any international visitors to the USA, I recommend you take in a baseball game and experience this side of American culture.

Just like cricket for us Australians, baseball is more than just watching the skills on the field; the experience surrounding it is half the fun too.

Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts buzzes with spirit and atmosphere. It’s the oldest baseball park in the country, so it’s had time to grow a hard core Red Sox fan base.

A large crowd of people watching a baseball game

Since 1912, it has been the home for the Boston Red Sox, and the intimacy of this field makes the baseball experience at Fenway Park even more special.

Boston Red Sox baseball game vs Atlanta Braves

The Red Sox were playing the Atlanta Braves.

Living in Raleigh, you could say Atlanta is really our Southern team for the Major Leagues as there are no teams in North Carolina. And seeing the Atlanta Braves play was also our very first baseball experience back in 2005 in Atlanta.

However, for this game, we were supporting the Red Sox all the way.

A crowd of people watching a baseball game
Mookie Betts - Watching the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park

Sorry Atlanta, but it’s Fenway Park and us Aussies don’t necessarily bear allegiance to any team.

We couldn’t have gotten a more perfect day for our baseball game at Fenway Park. It was bright, sunny and warm, and our tickets magically placed us in the shade behind the left field.

A crowd of people watching a baseball game
A crowd of people watching a baseball game

As the stadium is small for Major League standards, capacity of 37,731, you really can’t get a bad seat at Fenway Park.

A crowd of people watching a baseball game

I was worried the girls might get bored and whiny, but they loved the experience of it too, particularly Savannah. She watched intently and asked lots of questions, quickly figuring out the general gist of the game.

And there’s a small kids zone area near K Gate at Fenway Park, which has virtual reality games and simulated pitching and batting.

It was busy so the girls just had a quick dug out VR game while they walked around the stadium with Craig and my Dad during the game to stretch their legs.

kids playing games

Mum and I stayed watching, I only got up once to get the girls a bucket of popcorn and after our one month road trip from Dallas to Boston, and visiting countless attractions, I was glad to sit down for half a day and watch a game of baseball.

The Green Monster

The Green Monster, Fenway Park, Boston

The big thing to experience at a Boston Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park is the batter hitting the ball over the famous Green Monster.

The Green Monster is an iconic 37 foot wall, originally built to prevent free game peeking from those in the street behind the park.

It wasn’t until it was painted green in 1947 that its reputation as the Green Monster and the place to hit a home run began.

The Red Sox recognized that it would be a sought after place for fans to seat so with lucrative business eyes on they installed 269 seats atop of the Green Monster in 2003.

The fans love scrambling over each other to catch one of the balls flying up into the Green Monster from the home plate 310 feet away.

It’s the highest wall in the country for Major League baseball fields.

people at a baseball game

When 37,000 people sing your song

I was warned by friends just before we arrived at Fenway Park that there would be a special treat for me – a Fenway Park Red Sox tradition.

At the bottom of the 8th innings, the crowd breaks out into a rendition of Sweet Caroline! There’s something pretty special about a stadium filled with 37,000 people singing your song.

I think it made my Mum and Dad’s day too!

A crowd of people watching a baseball game

Dad’s never been a great baseball fan either being from Sydney, but he is a huge sports fan especially cricket, which has some similarities.

As he said, there’s nothing like watching a game live, so you can see the skill involved and feel the atmosphere.

Mum really loved the Fenway Park baseball experience as well, and she got into the Seventh inning stretch and Sweet Caroline singing and dancing in our seats.

Watching the baseball at Fenway Park was a memorable family experience for us on our Dallas to Boston Road trip.

A group of people sitting at a table in front of a crowd

I think my parents will even follow the Red Sox path to victory (we hope) this year from back home.

We were lucky to experience a few Green Monster hits and a Red Sox win! The crowds were enthusiastic and jovial and because the game was fairly close it made it pretty interesting.

Going to a Red Sox game at Fenway would have to be one of the best things to do in Boston with kids (or without kids, lol).

Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park

After the Red Sox game – hit the Fenway Park bars

Before you leave the Red Sox game, don’t forget to buy a hat, or a t-shirt.

We love buying baseball caps of memorable travel experiences. It brings back happy memories whenever we wear it and often leads to great conversations with strangers.

Dad and I bought B hats as Fenway Park was an experience both of us wanted to forever remember.

Boston Red Sox hat
Boston Red Sox t-shirt

Mum and Dad took the girls back to our apartment after the game so Craig and I could  have the complete Fenway Park experience and check out the bars surrounding the stadium.

They have legendary status like the stadium itself.

The most popular Fenway Park bars before the game are Cask ‘N Flagon, Game On, The Lansdowne Pub, Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill, Boston Beer Works, and the Bleacher Bar.

It is better to go to the bars before the game, but they will be packed and it didn’t work out for us.

Most people clear out of the bars and go home after the game so you do have a little more space in the bars.

The Bleacher Bar

Bleacher Bar, Fenway Park

Don’t miss the Bleacher Bar, which has a dugout bar on the edge of the field.

If you want to watch a baseball game at Fenway Park for free then this is the bar to go to.

You can see the game through the wire mesh. I don’t think it would be as good, but it’s an option as tickets to the game may be hard to get or expensive.

Bleacher Bar at Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox game

Fellas, don’t miss the view from the restroom. Over the trough is a window which allows you to continue to watch the game as you do the business.

Spotted by me as I turned around and saw this head with a look on the guy’s face that told me exactly what was going on.

I’ve seen my babies pee enough times to know that look. Ew!! I don’t want to watch someone peeing.

Maybe get someone to take a photo of you though as it is certainly unique! Anyway, Craig just had to snap a pic for you!!

people sitting at tables

Friendly locals

Seriously though, America is the friendliest place in the world.

We visited three bars on our night out in Boston with out the girls, and barely spoke to each other as we met several locals who were happy to sit at the bar and swap stories with is all night.

My parents also could not get over how friendly everyone is and how many random conversations we had with people.

People who didn’t even know we were Australians but would stop to talk to us because we’re wearing North Carolina Tar Heel caps, or Durham Bulls T-Shirts or had NC license plates on our car.

It makes traveling and going out so much fun.

How to Get to Fenway Park

a crowd of people walking down a street

We recommend walking along Newbury Street from the city before the game.

It’s only a 30 minute walk from the beginning of Newbury street at Boston Public Gardens to get to the stadium.

Newbury Street is the prettiest high end shopping street I’ve seen in the US – better I think than 5th avenue in New York and the Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

Newbury Street Boston

Otherwise there are T-line stations nearby, or catch a Lyft or Uber. As there were six of us, it was cheaper to get Lyfts around Boston.

We stopped for coffee at Barrington Coffee Roasters during our walk to Fenway before the game.

And for a quick and cheaper meal before the game, grab a burger at Wahlburgers which is right near Fenwway who have healthy burger options for us, and hot dogs for the kids.

Wahlburgers, Fenway Park

Otherwise it might be more fun to eat at Cask N Flagon to soak up the Fenway Park atmosphere magic.

Tickets for the Baseball at Fenway Park

A group of people walking down the street

The Go Card Boston Premium Pass covers a baseball game at Fenway Park and will also give you access to other Boston attractions such as the Freedom Trail, Paul Revere’s House and SkyWalk Observatory.

It might be a great option to save money if you plan to visit a few Boston attractions. Get your pass here. 

You can also get tickets direct through MLB.

Fenway Park Walking Tour

Why not do a game day tour of Fenway Park to make this unique baseball experience at America’s most beloved baseball stadium even better?

We didn’t do this, but it would be a great tour for families, and all Red Sox fans!

Two hours before the game you’ll get to do a walking tour of Fenway with access to the field during the team warm-ups, head to the top of the stadium’s famous “Green Monster” outfield wall, visit the famous “Pesky’s Pole,” and learn about Red Sox legends like Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice, and Carl Yastrzemski (“Yaz”).

Learn more and book through Viator. 

Where to Stay in Boston

We rented an apartment located in the South End area through Booking.com. The South Boston Family Getaway at West Square Apartments was modern, beautifully furnished, comfortable and spacious.

place to stay Boston
Image via West Square Boston

Our two bed apartment slept the six of us, with two large bedrooms and a sofa bed for the kids.

It was easy for us to get around different parts of Boston and was a 40 minute walk into the city.

I’d stay there again.

Read reviews and book your stay through our partner, Booking.com

For more places to stay in Boston, click here.

Need More Boston Tips?

New England travel tips

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