6 Beaches in Melbourne to Visit Once You’re Done with the City

Who knew there were more beaches in Melbourne other than St Kilda and Brighton?

It’s amazing what you can discover when you spend a bit of time in the city and you have friends living in town, and you get some consistently good weather, which is asking a lot for Melbourne.

The words Melbourne and beaches never came into my mind before our month long visit, and if you’re only visiting the city for two or three days, don’t even think about it and concentrate on what the city is famous for – food, coffee, shopping, sports, festivals, the arts.

But if you have a longer stay like we did, and you time your visit for summer when you have a CHANCE at getting some blue sky and warmth, the beaches in Melbourne could pleasantly surprise you, like they did for us.

Now I’m not saying they come close to rivaling the beaches of Sydney, or Perth, but they can be a good outlet to getaway from the downtown hustle and temptations of yet more coffee and cake!

Here are 6 Melbourne beaches to visit on your trip.

1. St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach, Melbourne , Australia
Caz on St Kilda Beach

If you’re only in Melbourne for a short stay but you crave some beach action, then St Kilda is your best option. It’s the closest and easiest beach to get to from the city centre, just 6km away, and it’s Melbourne’s most famous beach.

On a sunny day, St Kilda is the place to be seen and has an interesting mix of people. It’s generally a safe beach to swim at, but besides the swimming it’s the most happening of Melbourne Beaches.

Thereare plenty of people sunbathing on St Kilda Beach and grassy area adjacent to it plus windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, rollerblading, beach volleyball, jet skiing and water skiing.

Our favourite thing to do there as a family was the walking track along the beach and then cycling all the way to Brighton Beach.

Sunset at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia
Sunset at St Kilda Beach

Sunsets at St Kilda are pretty impressive, and we suggest grabbing a takeaway pizza from Mr Natural Pizza place and a bottle of wine and sitting on the beach whilst the sun goes down. Our other food hangout was Beachcomber Cafe at the sea baths where we could watch the kids play on the sand just metres away.

cakes on Acland street
cakes on Acland street

St Kilda is also the place to experience the rides at Luna Park, and for the famous cake shops on lively Acland Street. To get to St Kilda jump on a tram near Flinders Street Station in the city.

2. Elwood Beach

Elwood Beach, Melbourne, Australia
Elwood Beach

Elwood is another popular Melbourne bayside beach during sunny days and a great family beach. It’s not as accessible from the city as St Kilda as it’s not exactly on the tram or train line, but still only 8km’s away if you have a car, or jump in a cab.

The water was clean and calm for swimming and our kids had a great time playing on the sand and the rocks. It’s another fairly active beach and you’ll see people windsurfing, cycling, playing cricket and walking.

Elwood Beach, Melbourne, Australia
Elwood Beach

Once your day at Elwood Beach is over, we suggest hitting up Jimmi Jamz Bar on Ormond Road in the town centre which has great AND cheap pizza.

jimmi Jamz pizza
Jimmi Jamz pizza

Plus there is a little playground in the back courtyard area – bonus for us parents in getting 5 minutes down time after eating dinner.

3.Parkdale Beach

Parkdale Beach, Melbourne, Australia
Parkdale Beach, Melbourne, Australia

Parkdale Beach was a great find for us, thanks to our friend who lives in a nearby suburb. It’s a bit of a drive from the city centre, 23 km south-east, but if you’re looking to get away from the crowds of St Kilda it’s a great place to relax and swim with the kids.

Parkdale Beach Melbourne
Parkdale Beach

The water was again clean and calm and with the shallow bars you could walk quite a ways out. It’s best to stay on the shallower bars and clear of the rocks and reefs area.

Breakfast at Parkdale cafe
Breakfast at Parkdale cafe

Whilst there don’t miss having breakfast or brunch at Parkdale Beach Cafe + Kiosk which is right on the beach. With its outdoor deck you can watch the kids play on the grass, and the food and coffee was really good.

4. Brighton Beach

Colorful bathing Boxes Brighton Beach Melbourne
Colorful bathing Boxes Brighton Beach Melbourne

Brighton Beach is famous for the 82 colourful bathing boxes that call the beach home and are one of the tourist icons of Melbourne.

Brighton also houses some of the wealthiest citizens in Melbourne with grand homes, and the coastline cycling and walking tracks are a popular route for exercise and leisure.

Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia

Brighton is easily accessed via the Sandringham train line.

5. Sandringham Beach

Sandringham Beach, Melbourne, Australia
Sandringham Beach,

Sandringham is another local tip from our friend who lives in the area and is one of Melbourne’s bayside suburbs popular for living and for beachgoers, walkers, and cyclists.

It’s quiet, it’s calm and it’s accessible by train. Just jump on the Sandringham line, or it’s a relatively easy drive from the city.

6. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, Melbourne, Australia
Half Moon Bay, Melbourne, Australia

Half Moon Bay is a bay located in the suburb of Black Rock.

It’s wonderfully isolated with a nice atmosphere for relaxing and gentle waves for swimming. Half Moon Bay also has aquatic life which makes for good snorkeling plus a nice place to watch the sunset over the ocean.

Grab yourself some calamari and chips at the local chippa and enjoy the beach views.

Craig Phone Galaxy 286

So there you have it. Melbourne beaches aren’t too shabby given the right conditions. Next time you pack for a visit throw your beach wear in just in case!

Do you need more Melbourne tips?

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Can you recommend other beaches in Melbourne?

37 thoughts on “6 Beaches in Melbourne to Visit Once You’re Done with the City”

  1. I think Port Melbourne Beach is nicer than St Kilda Beach. I discovered it the other weekend. There’s one part that a lot of people go to, but I found a little beach right at the end near the old Princes Pier. Hardly any people, and great place for a swim.

  2. Sounds great. I’ll be adding these to me Melbourne to do list for next time I am down there. I loved St Kilda beach, been there a few times and a bite to eat at Beachcombers once and eat one of those delicious choc mint cakes in the window of you’re pic at Acland one day too!

    1. We’ll be back in Melbourne again Jen. Discovering these different beaches, besides just St Kilda, made us fall for the city even more! If only it was always warm 🙂

  3. I used to live near Elwood Beach so I would often walk along that beach in the evening and then down to St. Kilda Beach. It was a great place to live 🙂

  4. Edithvale beach is on the Frankston line and one of the prettier and quieter beaches. Also safe swimming for kids.

  5. Brighton Beach! So that was the name of the place. I got a friend who is currently in Melbourne right now, and they have this cute photos of colorful cottages behind them, which I found out thru this blog, to be bathing boxes. From all the 6 beaches you mention, I think Brighton is my favorite. 😀

  6. Frankston Beach is also recommended to visit. There’s a nice cafe, Sofia. And usually there is an anual sand sculpture event during summer. It’s goood for the kids 🙂

  7. This post was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I traveled to Melbourne last winter (during my summer) and missed out on all the beach weather. I am coming back in a few weeks and plan on hitting every beach possible! This post was great because you included which train lines to take to get there AND awesome restaurants to eat while there as well. My two girlfriends and I are all moving there form America and South America so we will not have our own transportation. Thanks for the great information!

  8. Your article, while good, has not mentioned a couple of others and they are worth mentioning and shouldn’t be left out.

    Seaford beach, towards the Mornington peninsular along the Nepean hwy and which is also accesable via the Seaford train station is a great clean beach and is highly regarded.

    In warmer times around the pier is quite busy, a couple minute walk in either direction finds you a nice quite spot in which to enjoy your day.

    Also definitely worth mentioning, is Canadian bay , which is accesable also via Nepean hwy by car only a few minutes past the my Eliza hill.

    Heading up along the Nepean hwy, pass the mt Eliza hill heading away from Frankston staying in the middle lane and turning left at Canadian bay road following that until the end.

    Parking your car in the car park there, and wandering down the path the quite oftern secluded alcove , is a great little mostly unknown spot to catch some rays and some sunshine whilst enjoying a swim.

    It’s a great little spot about an hour or so out of Melbourne .

    Both of these beaches are nicer than st kinda and also Elwood beaches .

    Also certainly worth a mention are the Blairgowrie beach, which is just a great place to spend a nice sunny day contemplating life and the great view, also the Blairgowrie back beach for an amazing view along the cliff.

    Whilst we’re at it, the Sorrento beach is also another winner in my book.

    Happy days..

  9. Shame none of these beaches really make me think I’d like to go to the beach. All the pictures are of dirty/debris filled sand that stabs you in the feet when you walk. I was hoping this article would be a comprehensive list of beaches that aren’t all 20 minutes away from st kilda beach and be special after having a convo with a friend who moved to melbourne 2 years ago and was desperate to go to the beach when she was in sydney for an engagement party because she, rightly, thinks all the beaches listed here are gross. If you’re going to write an article of beaches to visit then make an effort to search for at least 10 that aren’t st kilda or brighton. If you encourage people to use up time to travel to beaches without public transport at least list one with white/clean sand and no sharp pebbles/shells at the water line.

    1. Well it’s all a matter of opinion really T isn’t it? What one likes is not necessarily what another does. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just perspective. And this is ours.

      Thanks for sharing yours.

  10. On your next visit to Melbourne, I highly recommend visiting the beaches that are a little further out as they’re generally much cleaner with white sand and clear waters 🙂
    My suggestions include Bonbeach, Carrum, Seaford, Frankston and Edithvale all in the south-east suburbs. They all share the same stretch of sand and are close together. They won’t necessarily give Sydney or Perth a run for their money in terms of surf, but they certainly will for the sand, water and general cleanliness!
    In the west, I’d suggest Altona beach. It has a lovely town centre but the beach is the main attraction and perfect for families 🙂
    Happy travels!

  11. Thanks for your post! I just helped my friend move out to Port St. Lucie and we spent some time at the space coast but on my next trip, I want to check out these beaches. Holy ballz they look so stunning. I am getting excited about summer break; I want to take my kiddos with me next time.

  12. The beaches and food look amazing! I live in Fl and feel like I have been doing it all wrong, I need to plan a trip along the coast to eat and play at all of these locations!

  13. I am planning and researching for places in Australia currently, and this was an extremely helpful post. Loved the pictures and how you have mentioned about food and everything!

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