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Best things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

What to do in Bangkok with kids

… a town such as Bangkok, where everyone has their own take on how to enjoy it best.

The view of Bangkok from our AirBnB in the Lat Phrao Suburb.

Where to stay in Bangkok

Using Airbnb in Bangkok

We decided …

Bangkok Floating Markets

5 Places to Eat Bangkok Thai Street Food

… Absolutely Fantastic Holidays, there is. Tim is a Bangkok local and shared with us what is widely considered throughout the Bangkok community to be the

5 Places to Eat Street Food in Bangkok

1. Chinatown

OMG, if you love authentic …


6 Places in Bangkok that offer serenity

Bangkok is one chaotic mess.

It never sleeps, its energy hits you in the face and the madness grows on you over time, and we’ve come to love Bangkok. But, we have a few places to visit in Bangkok

toddler tantrums on holiday

Meltdown in THE Most Important Temple in Bangkok

… The biggest causes of what I like to term a meltdown are tiredness and hunger, plus what we discovered in Bangkok, heat and crowds.
Sometimes it’s enough to make any adult meltdown.
Going to see the Emerald Buddha

Kalyra …

Grand palace Bangkok

Everyone Visits the Grand Palace in Bangkok

“Everyone visits the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Tim, our local guide, was explaining to us on the ride over that the Grand Palace is at the top of the list for first time visitors to Bangkok.

It’s true …

Best things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

Things to Do in Bangkok City Guide

Looking for tips on things to do in Bangkok, Thailand?

As part of our city guides series, we interviewed Mark Wiens from Migrationology who first landed in Bangkok at the beginning of 2009, and now calls Bangkok his home.

Mark …

walking street Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok - A Bangkok dragon walking tour

… the Dragon after all.
We’re on the busy 1.5km Yaowarat Road which weaves through the heart of Chinatown, Bangkok, creating the figure of a dragon on it’s way through.
Craig and I lived at the Golden Mountain …

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