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Random travel encounters

Random Travel Encounters: It's a Small World After All

… Craig!”
“Kuhn Gai!! Sawadee Ka” A wai and then a great big hug.
Kuhn Gai was my mentor at my Bangkok high school. She was the one who helped me daily with adjusting to my new life teaching English to …


… less partying – it was still present – but this time we embraced a little more adventure and exploration: Teaching English in Bangkok, then the UK, Africa, Asia and the USA.
We returned home after the five-year honeymoon and hit a …

Rayavadee Railay Beach Thailand

5 Reasons Why you Should Travel to Thailand

… out just as quickly, cooling you down for another round of fun in the sun.

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Thailand is the Land of Smiles

with my students in Bangkok
Everyone in Thailand is smiling. The

Angkor Wat

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Cambodia

… for a meal.

Here’s some of the basics to get you started:

Hello – Soos-dieGoodbye – Lee-hiThank you – ArkoonRestroom? – Bangkon?How much? – Bow-manToo expensive – T-lay

If you’re at the market, you’ll have a better chance …

4 Powerful Ways to Travel More & Create Better Memories

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