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Travel Photo: Koh Lipe, Thailand

11 Places We Could Live Around the World

… Okay, so we have already lived here. But, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t again! We loved living in Bangkok and could again, but next time I think we might head down to the islands for awhile.
Travel Photo …

saving tips for world travel

Saving Tips for World Travel

… and explore the region.

This means you don’t have to save as much to begin with and once you are there you’ll be earning the local currency.

My students in Bangkok, Thailand

You also get to experience another

a woman working on a computer on a balcony

9 Simple Travel Blogging Tips for Success

… the travelling road post.

Don’t just look for the normal angles such as “Best places to visit when in Bangkok.” Try new things. Try to be different. Be diligent in your recording of everything you come across while traveling …

a woman riding a mechanical bull

31 Things We Have Never Told You

… mouth and gag easily).

4. Caz is a primary school teacher by profession

She has taught in Sydney, London, Dublin, Bangkok, and Raleigh, North Carolina. One of her most memorable classes was teaching the minority children in Ireland. Just think …

Oaxaca street food

The Real Reason You Should Eat Street Food

… ensure you’re giving back to the country you’re enjoying.

Read More: Best places to eat street food in Bangkok 

What is your favourite street food?

Want more tips about finding delicious food on your travels? Check out The …

return of culture shock

How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock

… this brings.

One thing I know you learned from your travels: humans are amazing at adapting.

Culture Shock

Teaching in Bangkok

Culture Shock is when you first immerse yourself into a new culture – typically experienced more when you live in …

Random travel encounters

Random Travel Encounters: It's a Small World After All

… Craig!”
“Kuhn Gai!! Sawadee Ka” A wai and then a great big hug.
Kuhn Gai was my mentor at my Bangkok high school. She was the one who helped me daily with adjusting to my new life teaching English to …

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