5 Reasons to Holiday in Spain

Spain has been on my mind lately. I recently wrote a post about the San Fermin festival, and it seems as if everyone in the twitter/travel blogging world is talking about their recent holidays in Spain. And why not?

Spain is fascinating and fun country to visit. I spent a few weeks there with some girlfriends in ’98 on our European campervan tour, and I’ve been dying to go back since.

Here are my top 5 reasons for memorable Spain holidays.

5 reasons to holiday in Spain

1. Festival Fun

La Tomatina Festival
Photo: flydime

There is no doubt the Spaniards know how to party. Just a regular evening begins at 10pm for them and carries on into the wee hours of the morning. Festivals in Spain are the wildest of parties you could ever hope to be invited to. They involve lots of dancing on the street, drinking copious amounts of Sangria, and strangers celebrating together like long lost friends.

The Running of the Bulls is my favorite festival to date, and I hear La Tomatina festival is just as fun. Who wouldn’t want to visit a country that spends a day each year throwing tomatoes at each other all in the name of good time?

We stumbled upon many other smaller festivals along our campervan tour. One was in Seville where for some unremembered or unknown reason, the streets were alive with revelers, music, art, fancy dress, and a lot of good eye opening fun.

2. Sangria

Sangria Spain

Does a drink ever get any better than this? I don’t even know if it is the taste I love so much or that it conjures up so many great travel memories, but every time I hear the word Sangria, I sigh a joyful sigh.

Sangria is a refreshingly fruity summer drink and found everywhere, especially when you attend the festivals. It is a mix of red wine, fruit, soda and brandy although when we were drinking it in San Fermin it was vodka instead- dangerous.

3. Islands and Beaches

Tenerife Spain
Tenerife Photo: Palestrina

Spain has some really beautiful beaches to spend your days soaking up the rays of the sun and your evenings toasting to it as she sets. We stumbled upon a beautiful beach, La Barossa on the South Coast on our campervan tour.

The couple of days we spent with friends swimming in the ocean, camping out on the beach, enjoying magical sunsets and beach parties were some of my best days in Europe. Spain has many islands (a favorite holiday destination of the British) to spend time on, either relaxing or partying.

Ibiza is the place to have a mad dance party experience, and for a less hectic experience taking Tenerife holidays are probably a better choice.

4. Cities to Remember

Seville Spain
Seville Photo: J.A. Alcaid

Every country will have a uniquely special city to remember, whilst most others fade into the background. Spain is unusual in that it has way more than one city that stands out, in fact it seems as if every city you visit is architecturally beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, with an incredible amount of history and culture for you to absorb.

Stuck in the middle of the country, I thought Madrid was going to be a passing through bore, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it full of sculptured gardens, fountains, impressive monuments and palaces, gypsies, markets, and great restaurants.

You could spend days walking around Barcelona, marveling in its unique architecture and parks, and playing on its streets. Charming cities such as Seville with its towering cathedrals, small cobble-stoned streets, and riverside bar atmosphere leave you wanting to get lost in the vibrancy of their streets forever.

5. Proximity to Rock of Gibraltar and Morocco

snake charmer Morocco
The snake Charmer

Spain is close to several countries, the most out of the way being Gibraltar and Morocco. I remember driving along the Mediterranean coastline road from La Barossa to Gibraltar and seeing Africa in the distance. I was incredibly excited by the thought of it being so close.

When we arrived in Gibraltar we decided with it being so close, there was no way we could not pop over to say hello for the day. After a quick ferry ride we found ourselves on African soil where we ate couscous, dressed in Moroccan robes, were mesmerized by snake charmers and conned by carpet sellers. It was fantastic.

I didn’t know anything of  Gibraltar until we arrived there. It is a small colony of Britain tucked in the south east corner of Spain, made famous by its big protective rock fortified with cannons and military tunnels and stalagmite caves. It was a wonderful little place to explore for a day or two. Its pubs were packed with travelers on the day we were there as South Africa was playing New Zealand in the rugby. Snakebites and drinking games all round!

I left Spain with not one bad taste in my mouth, having instead a multitude of joyful memories to carry with me forever. I absolutely loved traveling through Spain. I’m thinking of going back for summer next year. Craig hasn’t been there so I’d love to throw tomatoes at him and drink Sangria while he runs with bulls.

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These are just some of the few reasons why Spain is such a great holiday destination. What are your reasons for visiting Spain?

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