Things to Do in Rome Italy – Sunday Spotlight

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Sunday Spotlight Things to Do in Rome.

The Sunday Spotlight series is a collaboration of travel tips and stories shared by other traveler’s and bloggers around the web.

We hope these tips and stories will inform and inspire you to go travel and take that dream trip to Italy. If you have already been, please share your tip on best things to do in Rome in the comments down below!

When in Rome – Some Do’s and Dont’s

When Yvonne Zagermann visits a city she wants to feel like a local, not plan too much and just stumble upon things. On her trip to Rome she discovered some do’s and don’ts. Read On

Where to Stay in Rome, Italy

For a unique local stay, don’t forget about Airbnb! From luxurious homes and private apartments with exquisite views, Airbnb has you covered! Click here to see what is available for your trip to Rome.

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Wondering what makes one area of Rome different from another? Here’s a list by the guys from Eating Italy Food Tours of all the best areas and Districts in Rome to stay. Read On

How to Eat Really Well in Rome (and avoid food traps)

Stephanie Yoder is obsessed with Italian food and spent an afternoon walking and eating her way around the Roman neighborhood of Testaccio, one of the best eating neighborhoods. Read On

Eat Gelato Ice Cream - Things to do in Rome, Italy

Gelato. Credit: twentysomethingtravel

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Rome

If you are a vegetarian, Dalila Ercolani shares her list of vegetarian, vegan and ovo-lacto friendly places you should visit. Read On

Exploring Rome

Visiting St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

Mary Solio takes a look at the symbol of the Vatican and one of the holiest places in Christianity. Regardless of what faith one believes in, she says St. Peter’s Basilica is a must visit. Read On

The papal altar inside St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy

credit: theworldisabook

 The Rome and Vatican Pass gives you free entry to Vatican and Rome Attractions and fast track passes to some of Rome and the Vatican’s most popular attractions. Get yours and save money on travel to Rome and the Vatican. 

My Favourite Bits of Rome

Laurence Norah says it’s hard to find this much history and culture stuffed into such a small area, and you should load your camera with film, take a billion photos, then load up on gelato. Read On

Visiting Rome in the Spring

Andrea Anastasakis was introduced to an area she had never seen before, the Jewish Ghetto,which is one of the most well known restaurant streets in Rome. Read On

Rome's Jewish Ghetto - Things to see in Rome, Italy

credit: rearviewmirror

Things to Do in Rome

Mary Solio realized how family-friendly Rome is and how the whole city is like a living art and history museum. It also has many free attractions including these five: Read On

Tivoli’s Villa d’Este – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Just outside of Rome, Keryn Means introduces us to Villa d’Este. This brilliant example of Italian renaissance architecture and garden design was once home to Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este. Read On

Touring The Vatican (with kids)

When Lisa Goodmurphy went to Rome with daughters, she decided on the Context Travel company which has a family program designed to introduce children to art, history and architecture. Read On

How to Drink Coffee in Rome like a Local

Lina Muna shares her tips on what you need to know about drinking coffee in Rome and your step-by-step guide on how to order coffee like an Italian. Read On

Getting Lost in Rome – This is Why I Travel

Getting lost in Rome was not Laurel Perry Turner’s idea of fun, but she soon found out that some of your best experiences can come when you least expect them. Read On

Getting lost amongst the streets Rome, Italy

credit: capturinglavita

A list of 30 unique activities for you to do in Rome by other travelers. Read On

A Special Day of Touring in Rome

Michael Hodson got the chance to do a wonderful tour with Walks of Italy. The highlight being able to walk out on stage at the Colosseum, which isn’t available via buying the normal ticket. Read On

Interior of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

credit: GoSeeWrite

Early Morning in Rome

Worried about crowds? Do you like to take an early morning walk around the streets of a city? Jenny Freedman arose early with the sun and has never seen the streets of Rome so empty. Read On

7 Beautiful Fountains You Must See in Rome, Italy

Aleah Taboclaon spent 4 days in Rome without a map and without a plan but by wandering around the Italian capital she discovered just how wonderful the fountains are. Read On

Trevi Fountain - Things to see in Rome, Italy

credit: atasteoftravel

Off-the-Beaten Path in Rome (Testaccio)

Erin McNeaney says most visitors to Rome have never heard of Testaccio, but it has an unusual history, quirky sights, the best market ever, and most importantly an amazing food scene. Read On

All the Way to the Top of Saint Peters Basilica, Rome

Barbara Weibel climbed the 550 steps to the top of the cupola for stunning views of Saint Peters Square and the lush Vatican gardens, which can only be seen from above. Read On

The Best Place to See Caravaggio in Rome

Jenna Francisco shares the best place to see the master painter Caravaggio’s work, where it really makes an impact, in the church of San Luigi dei Francesi. Read On

Interior of the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi - Things to see in Rome, Italy

Traipsing Through Trastevere

Christine Medina says stumbling upon the neighbourhood of Trastevere felt like finding a small town in the midst of the chaotic sprawl that is Rome. Read On

Trastevere - Places to see in Rome, Italy

I Went to Rome and Bumped into the Pope

True story. Jayne Gorman strolled into Vatican City and bumped into the Pope. It makes a great dinner table conversation. It happened like this. Read On

Plan Your Trip to Rome

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Tours of Rome

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35 thoughts on “Things to Do in Rome Italy – Sunday Spotlight”

  1. That is a thorough round up of the best bits from bloggers. 🙂 Just clicked because I’m currently in Rome, so will have to read some of these. Thanks!

  2. This is such a great and helpful post. Loved reading through tips and stories. I wish I was going back to Rome. Thanks for including my posts. My favorite things in Rome have to be the fountains and all that food – pizza, pasta and gelato.

  3. I loved the Spanish Steps and the Old Town,…
    I guess expenses are quite high. Hotels are very expensive in Rome. Food is expensive, but still far cheaper than in London or the northern European countries.
    Rome is great for photographic, wandering around and lots of places of interest require no pass/ticket. From that point-of-view, it’s cheap!

  4. I just loved Rome! Thanx for all these tips 🙂 Personally, a stroll through Villa Borghese or Trastevere makes my day.

  5. I remember meeting a guide by the Spanish steps for a free walking tour and getting stopped by the tourist police as we were leaving for the Vatican. It seems free walking tours are illegal in Rome! Me and a few other tourists left the guide explaining frantically to the police that he was sorry, he didn’t know it was illegal, and he was new to the trade. Eek. Poor guy!

  6. I think I got all the list of thing which i have to be done in my Rome trip. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice post and list with us.There are so many things we need to consider when we plan a trip to outside country like where to stay , what to see,things to do and many more.We need a one platform from where we can get all this information and i think here is one place to get additional details

  7. Wonderful tips!!! I do however have a question. My boyfriend is Lactose Intollerant. Is there ANY restaurant that has Lactose Free anything??

  8. Hi, I have been inspired by your blog and shared some of your images on my social networks.

    I just finished an epic blog post called “Romantic Rome at night: A Walk Your Lover Will Remember Forever”

    I even put maps of our route so people can follow in our footsteps.

    Its almost 2000 words long. I hope it’s valuable to your audience.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  9. Hi Craig,
    This is an informative blog on Rome, I have been to couple of places you have mentioned in your blog and I must say Caravaggio is indeed a beautiful place to visit. Keep posting.

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