A Helpful Resource of Massachusetts tips and highlights

Welcome to our things to do in Massachusetts bucket list.

This is your hub for all the best places to visit in MA, including top Massachusetts attractions, cool cities and small towns, historical experiences and unique outdoor adventures.

You’ll find our best tips, recommended hotels, tours and deals. We’re adding to this the more we explore Massachusetts, so keep checking back.

Be sure to check all of our USA travel tips, as we’ve been exploring the country in-depth for the past year on short breaks, getaways, road trips, and a year long RV trip of the American West.

Our things to do in Massachusettes bucket list
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What are your favorite things to do in NC?

As you can see from the comments, we already have so many wonderful tips on places to visit in MA. Please shares yours as well!

Sure, when we visit Massachusetts we still want to see the obvious Massachusetts vacation spots, but can you suggest other places to visit in Massachusetts? What are your best things to do in Boston? 

Some things already on our Massachusetts bucket list include:

Boston Public Garden - one of the best places to visit in Boston.

Boston Travel Tips

Boston has to be one of our favorite cities for its unique English charm and history, it’s vibrant sporting life, and friendly people!

Boston videos

See all the fun we had exploring this amazing city.

Aquinnah Cliffs - one of the best things to do in Martha's Vineyard

Other MA destinations

Still so much to explore, but here is the charm we’ve already discovered!

A quirky roadside attraction

Technically, America’s Stonehenge is in New Hampshire, but it’s right on the border of Massachusetts and it’s just too good not to share!

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26 thoughts on “A Helpful Resource of Massachusetts tips and highlights”

  1. I don’t have much local information about MA since I haven’t spent much time there, but when I lived in NYC I used to go to a place in MA called Kripalu. It’s in Lenox, MA. Lenox is a beautiful part of the Berkshires, which would be excellent for seeing fall colors. I’d also recommend Kripalu for a couple of days if you’re interested in yoga or anything like that (they have a very broad range of offerings). They might have some programs for kids. It’s just a very relaxing place and could be a nice break at some point from being on the move. Hope you have a great trip!

    1. Hey Bridget, well we definitely plan on experiencing the fall colors so sounds great about the Berkshires and Kripalu and Lenox. And we both enjoy the benefits of yoga, we do it daily 🙂

      Thanks for your input on things to do in Massachusettes!

  2. Check out the Boston Hatbor Islands for seasonal camping. Some of the camping islands have old war bunkers etc.

  3. While in Boston be sure to check out Cambridge, love that area. I lived in Boston for 6 years! You are going to love it there!

    Oh and a nice family trip to Skyzone would be super fun! (it’s a trampoline park)

  4. Make sure to visit Gloucester, Rockport, and Essex!! Super cute coastal towns with lots to do :)…let me know if you need info.

  5. Central MA has a great little place to hike called purgatory chasm. It’s in a quaint little town of Sutton. Be careful of the cliffs…don’t get to close to the edge. If in the area between 5 am and noon you may want to take a ride down rt 146 toward Worcester and rt 290 stop off on lower Grafton st to grab a bite to eat at the Kenmore Diner. Some recent history to be found at the new fire station right behind the Kenmore!

  6. I grew up in Williamstown MA, a small town that borders both Vermont and New York. It is a beautiful base camp for a hike up Mt Greylock, the tallest mountain in MA. The trail to hike to the top is part of the Appalachian Trail that spans from Maine to Georgia. From the top of the mountain (which you can also drive up, but where’s the fun in that!?) you can see a few states! If you start out near Boston and head west from there, dont take the turnpike, that isn’t as pretty of a drive. Instead, take Rt 2. It will take you over the Mohawk trail, which is a great windy road that goes through some adorable little towns. The Hairpin Turn is a great place to stop to see the valley that includes North Adams and Williamstown. I could go on and on, but there are a few things for you!

  7. Hello. You already included many things. But the things which I have added in my bucket list, would like to share with you. You can go for Whale watch at Stellwagen, Old Sturbridge village – nice environment, Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation. Happy journey guys. Excited to read your experiences 🙂

    1. Thank you for your suggestions Mahesh. We’ll definitely be referring back to this blog post and everyone’s tips once we get to MA. Excited!

  8. Check out Old Sturbridge Village in central MA. It’s a fascinating living-history museum that focuses on the era between the colonial times and the industrial revolution, so much info but so much fun you don’t realize you are learning! Good for kids, too.

  9. I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life and a must see is definitely Salem. The history alone makes it worth it. The cape area is great for a bra by feel . But there are some cool small places I love like Saugus Iron Works in Saugus Mass. Or if you are here in early fall Topsfield fair is a must do. If your kids are small and you are here on a warm summer day frog pond in Boston is great for splashing or Bradley Palmer state park in Topsfield is awesome and cheap. If you are into the history of Boston a duck tour is a must see. And lastly as a huge sports fan I have to suggest a visit to Fenway and Gillette.

  10. I LOVE New England and would also recommend Salem and a tour of Fenway Park. And of course the fall colours, coffee and cake stops in quaint cafes …have Fun!

    1. Cheers Angela. Appreciate your suggestions on things to do in Massachusettes, they all sound great. I love sports so Fenway has always interested me.

  11. We’ve lived in Massachusetts our whole life and there’s a lot to see here despite being such a small state. A lot depends on the time of year you visit. In the Fall, you need to get out to the Berkshires to see the foliage. In the summer, you’ll probably want to get down to the cape/islands or some of the beaches on the north shore. Some of the best beaches in the state are in Gloucester, Manchester by the Sea and other towns on the north shore. Also, you should go to a Red Sox game at Fenway if you come during the season. Best sports town in America hands down.

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