Things to Do in Istanbul Turkey – Sunday Spotlight

Things to Do in Istanbul

credit: Amateur Traveler

Welcome to this weekends Sunday Spotlight – Things to Do in Istanbul

Every Sunday we shine the spotlight on a different city by sharing travel tips and stories written by other bloggers around the web.

We hope these blog posts will inform and inspire you to visit Turkey.

Food, Food & More Turkish Food

Wandering Earl gets such great tips from his own readers and the locals wherever he goes, including one who said “do not miss the opportunity to eat at Ciya“. And sfter going on his own culinary tour of Istanbul he tasted some of the best food that he’s ever eaten in his life.

8 Historic Sites Not To Miss in Istanbul

If you are a history buff like Chris Christensen, he suggests Istanbul is a place to visit before you die. Here are his top 8 historic sites:

Things to Dpo in Istanbul
Theodosian Walls – credit Amateur Traveler

The Two Great Mosques

On one side of Sultanahmet Park sits Hagia Sophia. On the other side is the Blue Mosque. Michael Turtle experiences two buildings, two religions, hundreds of years, one history.

Things to Do in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque. Credit: Time Travel Turtle

Ottoman Architecture

Katie Aune suggests it is impossible to understand the history of Istanbul without getting a good feel for the history of the Ottoman Empire – one of the largest and longest-lasting empires in history.

8 Things to Do on Istiklal Avenue

Istiklal Avenue is a busy street from morning until night and Natalie Sayin says it never fails to surprise. Here are 8 things to do.

Soaking in the Bosphorus Strait

The Bosphorus Strait is where east meets west, where a quick ferry ride enables people to bounce across continents, and if Dalene Heck had more time in Istanbul she would ride the waves of the Bosphorus every day.

Things to Do in Istanbul

credit: Hecktic Travels

Discovering Hidden Istanbul

Amanda Williams embarks on a hidden Istanbul walking tour with a local that at first takes her to a few familiar favorites, but then away from the crowds to discover some hidden secrets.

Things to do in Istanbul

Süleymaniye Mosque – Credit: A Dangerous Business

Sampling Simit – a Turkish National Food

Lisa Goodmurphy discovers that simit is an extremely popular fast food in Turkey and are a great snack choice for families on the move as they are tasty, filling, and inexpensive.

ReadSampling Simit 

Things to Do in Istanbul

Credit: Gone With The Family

Tips For Surviving The Grand Bazaar

Natalie Sayin offers her tips on surviving the Grand Bazaar, which is not your average shopping mall, including how to avoid the hassle, finding your way around, and how to bargain.

ReadThe Grand Bazaar 

Things to Do in Istanbul

credit Turkish Travel Blog

The Other Tour of Istanbul

Dave Dean is not usually a fan of organised group trips, but on the “other tour” led by Fethi and his family discovered a side of Istanbul away from the vendors and mosques, including NOT visiting a carpet shop.

ReadThe Other Tour 

Things to Do in Istanbul

credit What’s Dave Doing?

Istanbul’s Hidden Street

Jenny Freedman visits a small cobblestoned street lined with beautiful trees and restored historic wooden houses which turns out to be a quiet gem in a city of hustle and bustle.

Things to Do in Istanbul

OMG – The Turkish Bath

Megan Singleton didn’t know what to expect, but suggests it would be wrong to leave without trying the ancient cleansing ritual of a hamam, or Turkish bath, and offers her survival tips.

Bars in Taksim – Nightlife for Females and Foreigners

Natalie Sayin recommends a few bars where she felt very comfortable both as a foreigner and as a female, plus one bar to stay away from.

ReadBars in Taksim 

5 Things You Must Do

If you only have time to do 5 things on your trip to Istanbul, Ali Garland says while there are endless possibilities, these were five of her favorite things to do.

Read5 Things to Do 

Things to Do in Istanbul
The Agya Sophia – credit Ali Adventures

What to Do With a 15 Hour Layover in Istanbul

Kimi Sugiyama stumbles on a FREE ‘Discover Istanbul in Hours’ pass offered by Turkish Airlines to see some of the city’s major icons instead of wasting time twiddling your thumbs in the airport.

Read: What to Do With a 15 Hour Layover 

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