Springbrook National Park – the Green behind the Gold Coast

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Another spot in our local backyard we recently visited for the first time was Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

We only stopped for a night on the way home after two days of exploring Binna Burra National Park, but Springbrook again proved to us that there is plenty of GREEN behind the Gold of the coast.

Unfortunately, it rained most of the time so we only scratched the surface of things to do in the Springbook National Park area, and although the weather wasn’t in our favour, we got a few hours of sunshine to do a hike to some awesome waterfalls.

But what the wet weather did do was add to the cosiness of our stay in one of the most unique and enchanting properties we have stayed in Australia. Keep reading to learn about this wonderful Gold Coast hinterland accommodation: Mouses House Rainforest Retreat.

Springbrook National Park offers a wide range of walking opportunities from 300m to 54km in length, and we really needed more than a day. We did manage to do two walks, well I did, Caz and the kids decided to keep dry and missed the 4-kilometre circuit walk.

But we’ll be back. In the meantime, this is what we got up to during our short stay at Springbrook National Park.

Springbrook Waterfalls

Twin Falls Circuit

It was raining lightly so I did the 4-kilometre twin falls circuit by myself and left Caz and the kids back at the Mouse House.

You can start this walk from either the Tallanbana Picnic Area or Canyon Lookout, and follow the track in an anti-clockwise direction. 

It’s well signposted as you wind your way down through the forest and rock clefts. If you have young kids with you, keep an eye on them, otherwise, it’s a relatively easy gradient under foot.

If you have it in your mind the Gold Coast region is all about beaches, here’s more proof it’s not!

Twin Falls Walk in Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia

Twin Falls walk, Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

path in a forest

waterfall surrounded by bushes

Despite the damp conditions, I made it to the bottom of Twin Falls in good time. And what’s better than seeing one waterfall? Two waterfalls at once!

Twin Falls in Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

waterfall in a forest

I decided during my walk that we must come back to Springbrook when the weather is more favourable and do this walk as a family, and chase the other Springbrook waterfalls.

We’re lucky it’s just a short drive from our home on the beaches of the Gold Coast. But if you’re coming from Brisbane it’s only an hour away and you could be here in no time too! (read more here for Brisbane getaway ideas )

waterfall surrounded by big rocks

Twin Falls: 4km return.

Time: Allow about 2hrs walking time.

Canyon Lookout

An easy 30m amble out of your car and you can have spectacular views from Canyon lookout over the sheer walls of The Canyon. From here you can also do a short 10-minute section of the Twin Falls walk and see the falls plunging over the side from above.

Canyon Lookout - Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

A large waterfall in a forest

Picnic and day-use areas

There are several popular picnic areas nearby that we’ll definitely make use of on our return visit.

And if you have more time in Springbrook, it’s also home to the Natural Bridge and Best of All Lookout track which sound and look amazing from the photos I’ve seen.

Springbrook Accommodation

As far as Gold Coast Hinterland accommodation goes, The Mouse House Rainforest Retreat would be hard to beat. It’s possibly the most enchanting place we’ve stayed and truly makes you feel like you’re in another world.

A series of 12 A-frame cedar wood chalets named after the seven dwarfs are nestled throughout the World Heritage Listed rainforest.

Our chalet was named Doc, and could comfortably sleep up to 8 people so if you’ve got some friends or family members, bring them along too and share the cost.

a cabin in a forest

As we walked through the misty rainforest to uncover Doc hidden behind the twisted vines, Caz and the kids felt like they were Snow White discovering the Seven Dwarfs Cabin.

signs on a wood pole

There was a picturesque little stream running past our deck that added to the serenity, and I can’t wait to go back in sunny weather so we can BBQ on the covered patio overlooking the beautiful rainforest.

A large waterfall in a forest

Once we got settled, we headed for a soak in the on-site hot tub and after two days of hiking in Binna Burra National Park this sure came in handy, as did our in room spa bath later on – It’s not often I get to soak in a hot tub, in a rainforest, and read a book with a glass of vino!

people sitting in a hot tub

man sitting in a bathtub reading a book

After dinner, the kids fell asleep cuddled up to their doc toy and I stoked the fire with a few logs, Caz topped up our glasses with a bottle of red and pressed play on a Nicholas Sparks movie that proved to be another tear-jerker.

kids lying on a couch with blankets

fireplace in a living room

Mouses House Rainforest Retreat is only 30 mins from the coast, or an hour from Brisbane, and is right near the Twin Falls Circuit and conveniently placed to explore the best of Springbrook National Park.

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We partnered with Tourism Queensland for this getaway and for more detailed information on the Gold Coast Hinterland visit their official website.

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Have you visited Springbrook National Park? What else should we see and do on our next visit?

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9 thoughts on “Springbrook National Park – the Green behind the Gold Coast”

  1. Spring brook national park is a great place to visit with your family specially with your kids. You can spend your weekends by going there.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Yay, this is awesome! Will be going to Gold Coast semi-regularly once the Gold Coast -> New Zealand Air Asia route kicks off in a couple months 😀

  3. Stunning images Caz and Craig! You have me yearning for QLD. Love Srpingbrook and excited to bring our little guy there when we’re next in Oz. The Mouse House looks incredible – our kind of place. Will be bookmarking it for sure. Safe travels on your next adventure and great post.

  4. I didn’t know that the Gold Coast offers some greenery too! Wonderful take on the well talked about destination. What other outdoor activities can be enjoyed in Springbrook? Mouse House seems like such an ideal getaway any time of the year. The setting mucst have been a joy for your children!
    It’s nice to read about the adventures of your beautiful family, Craig! More power to you and your travels!

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