EP 28: South Florida Road Trip: Martin Co, Sebring, Manasota Key

south florida road trip
Paddleboarding Martin County

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Show Notes

In this episode, we head to South Florida on a week road trip from the Atlantic Coast to the Gulf Coast.

We visit the regions of Martin County, Sebring, and Manasota Key and enjoyed many family outdoor adventures, stunning beaches, amazing food and sunset views!

On this Florida road trip, , you’ll discover enchanting ancient hammocks where Florida panthers still roam, thrill rides on air boat rides through spectacular scenery (and alongside the most alligators you ever want to encounter), barrier islands you feel are yours alone to enjoy, the serenity of tucked away rivers, and plenty of fresh and delicious farm to table experiences (land and water).

We discuss:

  • Why Martin County was a cool, well-rounded destination
  • The terrifying and dangerous experience we found ourselves in with an exploding electrical line
  • The town of Sebring and our crazy airboat ride
  • The gorgeous Highlands Hammock State Park
  • Yes Florida has wine! We enjoyed sampling it!
  • The beauty of Stumps Pass Beach State Park
  • Have you heard of Shark Biscuits? We explain what they are? OR Noah’s Arks after their biccies?


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