Do You Have a Soul Home or are You Called to Travel to Certain Places?

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Is there a certain place in the world that calls you?

You’re not sure why but the intense desire or fascination won’t leave you and you just HAVE to book that plane ticket. Maybe there’s a place when the moment you landed just knew you had arrived home.

I like to call those places my Soul Homes. I believe you can have more than one, but often one speaks to you louder than all the others.

I had a fascinating conversation about this recently on my webinar with Belinda Davidson, who is a friend and mentor of mine. She’s the person I turn to when I’m looking to dive deeper and understand situations for their spiritual meanings and lessons.

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We spoke about places in the world being portals of power or a place that holds special lessons for us.

You’re being called there for a particular reason – it’s part of your journey of growth. I am so grateful that my journey of growth has taken a nomadic form.

Because of the daily work I do cleaning my chakras, I am so much more in tune with recognising how these places that were calling me have definitely presented me with an important lesson.

Being aware of the purpose of your callings helps you to not be afraid, to embrace it, and to allow for the change to happen.

I felt that calling to visit Vietnam. I was obsessed with it as a child growing up. So in 1999, I found the opportunity and went. I learned some of my most profound life lessons about gratitude and peace that completely transformed me. Once I left Vietnam, that calling and fascination with the country disappeared.

It had served its purpose.

Sometimes you might not feel called, you might just arrive in a new place and suddenly feel like you’ve returned home. This happened to me in Raleigh, North Carolina. I hadn’t even stepped on the soil yet; I looked out the window of my airport transfer shuttle at the forest of pine trees on either side and felt this soul pull that said,

“I’m home.”

It was the craziest thing I’d ever felt. I knew nothing about this area of the world, yet my soul had many stories to tell of it. That feeling of North Carolina being my soul home has never left me.

Belinda had the same “I’m home” feeling when she arrived in the Black Forest of Germany.

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What to do if you can’t get to the calling or the soul home

What do you do if things, like visa restrictions, get in the way of following that calling or move to your soul home?

It can be incredibly frustrating – a visa is getting in the way of our dreams to live back in Raleigh and Belinda has the same problem with her German soul home.

Before you start cursing borders and nationalities (yes we should be able to live where we please!), instead think about how you can still make your soul home a part of your life wherever you are.

Maybe it isn’t really your destiny to live there, perhaps it becomes more one of those soul homes that calls you to dip in and out.

It’s hard to let it go. We yearn to live there because we think it’s the only place that helps us feel a certain way. I definitely had that opinion of the States. Australia held a lot of bad memories for me so I didn’t think it could give me the feeling that living in the States did.

Belinda says that instead of feeling down, focus on the feeling you’re actually going for. It’s not really Raleigh, or Spain, or Germany, but more that you feel alive, inspired, loved and supported in these places.

It’s about vibrating on those feelings and allowing them to live within you. We do that through meditation and clearing our chakras. Then we start to feel good and so attract those experiences into our life that help us to continue feeling this way.

Belinda related it to the devastation she felt when her dream to live in Germany collapsed. She didn’t think she could feel good living in Australia. She decided to instead change her inner world and focus on creating those feelings Germany gave her within so it didn’t matter where she lived.

She said, “I’m now starting to feel the way I did in Germany, in Australia.”

When we release our attachments to things and focus on feeling great, we become great at manifesting things that continue to bring us those feelings.

Just from changing her perspective in this way a whole trip opened up where Belinda can live in Europe/Germany for six months of the year.

I have felt that in my own life recently – a kind of diminishing of my calling to move back to Raleigh. I don’t think about it much anymore as I feel comfortable and happy in Burleigh. I didn’t understand why it had changed until chatting this over with Belinda on the webinar.

It’s simply because I’ve changed my energy so I now feel supported, inspired and alive in Burleigh, and probably will no matter where I live. I still want to return to the States, but it’s no longer the “my life just won’t be full unless I do.”

Watch more of the conversation

We spoke about many more things on the webinar, including the importance of traveling with your children. Belinda has a six-year-old, and like me, she says travel is one of the best forms of education you can give your children.

It helps foster their creativity, decision-making skills, and independent thinking. It opens their world to differences and teaches them how to be kind and have fun.

We also spoke about travel as being exploration, not escapism and why it’s such a powerful portal of self-discovery.

In the webinar (At 50min, 55 secs) Belinda shares Eckhart Tolle thoughts on the reason we love travel so much.

He says it’s because we suddenly become like a child again viewing the world for the first time. When we stay in the same place all the time, we become desensitised, and life loses its magic.

Travel makes us feel alive and it helps us tap into the present moment. It helps us awaken to life again!

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Free training with Belinda – the Modern Mystic

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I told a friend recently, that if I had a guru, Dr Wayne Dyer would be my male one and Belinda Davidson, my female! Let’s go for the term spiritual mentor instead. I love learning from Belinda, she makes everything so practical and fun.

Wayne and Belinda are the two people I recommend the most to those looking for a more enriching path to an exceptional life. Both believe in self-power and tapping into your own strength and ability to heal yourself and create a life that you love.

  Where are you being called to visit? What are some of your soul home experiences? I’d love to hear your stories and experiences.

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