Do You Have a Soul Home or are You Called to Travel to Certain Places?

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Is there a certain place in the world that calls you?

You’re not sure why but the intense desire or fascination won’t leave you and you just HAVE to book that plane ticket. Maybe there’s a place when the moment you landed just knew you had arrived home.

I like to call those places my Soul Homes. I believe you can have more than one, but often one speaks to you louder than all the others.

I had a fascinating conversation about this recently on my webinar with Belinda Davidson, who is a friend and mentor of mine. She’s the person I turn to when I’m looking to dive deeper and understand situations for their spiritual meanings and lessons.

sunset over trees

We spoke about places in the world being portals of power or a place that holds special lessons for us.

You’re being called there for a particular reason – it’s part of your journey of growth. I am so grateful that my journey of growth has taken a nomadic form.

Because of the daily work I do cleaning my chakras, I am so much more in tune with recognising how these places that were calling me have definitely presented me with an important lesson.

Being aware of the purpose of your callings helps you to not be afraid, to embrace it, and to allow for the change to happen.

I felt that calling to visit Vietnam. I was obsessed with it as a child growing up. So in 1999, I found the opportunity and went. I learned some of my most profound life lessons about gratitude and peace that completely transformed me. Once I left Vietnam, that calling and fascination with the country disappeared.

It had served its purpose.

Sometimes you might not feel called, you might just arrive in a new place and suddenly feel like you’ve returned home. This happened to me in Raleigh, North Carolina. I hadn’t even stepped on the soil yet; I looked out the window of my airport transfer shuttle at the forest of pine trees on either side and felt this soul pull that said,

“I’m home.”

It was the craziest thing I’d ever felt. I knew nothing about this area of the world, yet my soul had many stories to tell of it. That feeling of North Carolina being my soul home has never left me.

Belinda had the same “I’m home” feeling when she arrived in the Black Forest of Germany.

Belinda Davidson School of the Modern Mystic (800 x 532)

What to do if you can’t get to the calling or the soul home

What do you do if things, like visa restrictions, get in the way of following that calling or move to your soul home?

It can be incredibly frustrating – a visa is getting in the way of our dreams to live back in Raleigh and Belinda has the same problem with her German soul home.

Before you start cursing borders and nationalities (yes we should be able to live where we please!), instead think about how you can still make your soul home a part of your life wherever you are.

Maybe it isn’t really your destiny to live there, perhaps it becomes more one of those soul homes that calls you to dip in and out.

It’s hard to let it go. We yearn to live there because we think it’s the only place that helps us feel a certain way. I definitely had that opinion of the States. Australia held a lot of bad memories for me so I didn’t think it could give me the feeling that living in the States did.

Belinda says that instead of feeling down, focus on the feeling you’re actually going for. It’s not really Raleigh, or Spain, or Germany, but more that you feel alive, inspired, loved and supported in these places.

It’s about vibrating on those feelings and allowing them to live within you. We do that through meditation and clearing our chakras. Then we start to feel good and so attract those experiences into our life that help us to continue feeling this way.

Belinda related it to the devastation she felt when her dream to live in Germany collapsed. She didn’t think she could feel good living in Australia. She decided to instead change her inner world and focus on creating those feelings Germany gave her within so it didn’t matter where she lived.

She said, “I’m now starting to feel the way I did in Germany, in Australia.”

When we release our attachments to things and focus on feeling great, we become great at manifesting things that continue to bring us those feelings.

Just from changing her perspective in this way a whole trip opened up where Belinda can live in Europe/Germany for six months of the year.

I have felt that in my own life recently – a kind of diminishing of my calling to move back to Raleigh. I don’t think about it much anymore as I feel comfortable and happy in Burleigh. I didn’t understand why it had changed until chatting this over with Belinda on the webinar.

It’s simply because I’ve changed my energy so I now feel supported, inspired and alive in Burleigh, and probably will no matter where I live. I still want to return to the States, but it’s no longer the “my life just won’t be full unless I do.”

Watch more of the conversation

We spoke about many more things on the webinar, including the importance of traveling with your children. Belinda has a six-year-old, and like me, she says travel is one of the best forms of education you can give your children.

It helps foster their creativity, decision-making skills, and independent thinking. It opens their world to differences and teaches them how to be kind and have fun.

We also spoke about travel as being exploration, not escapism and why it’s such a powerful portal of self-discovery.

In the webinar (At 50min, 55 secs) Belinda shares Eckhart Tolle thoughts on the reason we love travel so much.

He says it’s because we suddenly become like a child again viewing the world for the first time. When we stay in the same place all the time, we become desensitised, and life loses its magic.

Travel makes us feel alive and it helps us tap into the present moment. It helps us awaken to life again!

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Free training with Belinda – the Modern Mystic

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I told a friend recently, that if I had a guru, Dr Wayne Dyer would be my male one and Belinda Davidson, my female! Let’s go for the term spiritual mentor instead. I love learning from Belinda, she makes everything so practical and fun.

Wayne and Belinda are the two people I recommend the most to those looking for a more enriching path to an exceptional life. Both believe in self-power and tapping into your own strength and ability to heal yourself and create a life that you love.

  Where are you being called to visit? What are some of your soul home experiences? I’d love to hear your stories and experiences.

54 thoughts on “Do You Have a Soul Home or are You Called to Travel to Certain Places?”

  1. Definitely 100% have a soul home.

    The 90 mile beach in Gippsland is one of those- spent so many summers making awesome memories down there.

    Ko Lanta in Thailand is definitely another. It just calls to me. I keep recommending friends to go because it is so amazing and they are booking flights and making plans and my heart literally aches to return!

  2. I grew up moving around the States and attended college in North Carolina, not far from Raleigh. It’s been my adopted home ever since, and as much as I used to want to live in California or Colorado, I feel that it will forever be my home when I return to the States. I love your idea of a soul home, and I feel lucky to have built a home base for myself in Saxapahaw, NC. In travel, I’ve always been drawn to Spain. Can’t wait to set foot there one day and see how the expectations line up with reality.

    1. Oh which college did you go to? We’re HUGE UNC fans. Tar Heels! We were jumping fires in Franklin Street when they won the premiership – twice!! We were so lucky to be living there during this time. Amazing fun.

  3. Loved this piece – thank you so much for writing it. It really hit home with me. My whole life I’ve had this weird feeling that I ‘belong’ in Canada. I’ve always thought it absolutely ridiculous as I’ve never been, but after reading this – it makes sense. We’re planning to visit next year, so I’ll let you know if my feelings were right! Great post!

  4. I didn’t realize how much I had a soul home — until I thought I was losing it. I, too, feel a soul-home connection to my College, Sweet Briar College, which has rising like a phoenix from the ashes after the (thankfully now former) President and Board gave up and voted to close. Through tremendous dedication and passion, alumnae and friends raised funds to get the keys back. I travel all over the world with my husband, but when I drive up the driveway of my college, I feel I am back home to a soulful place. I’ve written more about this story on my blog and have been asked to give a conference about it. Other than Sweet Briar, it would be the places where I have ancestors (Scotland, Germany):

  5. My Soul home is definitely Cape Town SA. I was looking to plan a trip somewhere for a week in May just to get away for a bit and then all of a sudden caught myself planning a 3 week vacation to SA. As soon as I landed I felt like I was home. Everytime I talk about that trip I get teary eyed and a homesick kind of feel. I could go back tomorrow, Ive already decided thats where I will retire when Im 60.

    1. It’s such a beautiful city – my favourite! I can definitely see why it’s your soul home! How beautiful is that mountain backdrop?

  6. That is exactly what I call my special place, my soul home: British Columbia in Canada. In particular Vancouver, Denman Island and the Sunshine Coast. I have been travelling in BC this summer and I although I still really want to live in this part of the world, I am more OK with it not being any time soon: as long as I still visit at least every couple of years! My fiance and I are planning to immigrate there but it will likely be a few years away yet and of course nothing is guaranteed. We will give it a try at least. In the meantime I am really looking forward to moving back to my home country of New Zealand from Australia

  7. When ever I enter an Island, I end up in peace and calm. At some point I would really love to live on an Island.

    My soul home is Koh Tao, I just love the energy, the people, and the open minded spirit there. I really want to live there for some time.

  8. France ! I’ve been there so many times now that I’ve lost track. We’ve been all over it, largely in motorhomes, and are heading back there again in a few weeks. We have this engaging, pulling relationship with it. We love all things french. We cook french food and strive to cook it better. We buy french ingredients when we visit, bringing home suitcases of goodies to use. Our friends and family think we are quite strange in this regard. We’ve seriously considered buying a b&b there but we would need to take our pup with us and at the moment it’s a ridiculously expensive process. 🙁 So for now, we will just keep travelling there until we find another path.

  9. I know it’s going to sound weird to many, but I think Los Angeles is that place for me. I’ve never felt more alive than I did there and the feeling was just as strong when I returned for the second time. I’ve never been by myself though, and am wondering if the city would still make me feel as energized as it did before should I go solo.

    1. Los Angeles also has a similar pull for me. I am from New Zealand and don’t feel the same way here (except for Awhitu). I’ve been to LA maybe 30 times. Every time I fly in over the city and I can see the mountains and the sea I just feel each and every time I am returning home. When I am there I feel so happy, so complete and like you so vibrantly alive.

  10. Love this post and totally relate to the idea of soul homes. I have two very different places that are my soul homes. The first is New York City, which after only 24 hours made me feel so comfortable and energised at the same time. The second is being on safari in Kenya and Tanzania – despite being a self confessed city girl, being out on safari amongst the animals brings me absolute peace and an indescribable joy for life.

  11. Wow! It’s weird to hear of someone yearning for Raleigh but maybe because I grew up (and still reside) here. It is a great city, especially for families, however I must say New Orleans is my soul home. I’ve only been there twice and not for a significant amount of time but I’m drawn to their food, culture, etc. I’m even a diehard fan of the New Orleans Saints!
    Anyways, love your blog and Go Heels!!

  12. I love this. This is partly why I love traveling so much. It’s hard to answer the question that many of us “travelers” get of…”What’s your favorite city that you’ve been to?”. I feel like many of the destinations serves it’s own purpose, some being our “Soul Home”. I love that you knew that Raleigh was your “Soul Home” before you even set foot on it! I love many cities for many different reasons, yet I don’t think I’ve found my “Soul Home” yet. I can’t wait for that feeling of just simply knowing you’re home. I lived in LA my whole life, and I can’t say this is home yet. Traveling the world now until I find it! 🙂

  13. very true about ridding yourself of attachment in terms of normal safe routines and places to travel.

    You need to experience new places to keep things fresh and to stretch your limits a little, you reap the benefits from it, its ok to take a risk! People don’t like doing that much these day!

  14. I have my soul home in England, it’s not very clear where exactly, but I found myself appreciated by them, where I can’t find it here, in Holland. Changing the energy for your self is easyer than trying to change it in the outer world, of course not (I realised this while I’m writing). Thank you for your words… I’m working already towards England by writing a book in English, and really I couldn’t do it in Dutch, it was impossible! And I have contact with a few people from England to talk about my book and maybe there will be a interview coming up next year. So far so good. I can’t turn my perspective on Dutch people yet, but first me, and going to the people who really want to listen and have the same experiences as I do and the book I’m writing about.

  15. I have travelled to a few places, never really thought of a soul home but Iceland is definitely mine. Visited last year at the spur of the moment, was never on my bucket list, but I can tell you that I yearn for it every day. Like my soul misses it. It’s truly magical. Morocco has been calling me for years now though…

  16. I have a soul home and this place is were I fell apart and wife left me for someone else. But I got a job here to. I feel my path is a lonely one here until I master self. This soul home unlocks it’s self as soon as I do what I’m supposed to do. The feelings are getting stronger. But don’t know what it is.

  17. I’ve always wondered why I feel that I have to go to Italy. I haven’t gotten the chance to go and I’ve never even left the United States besides Mexico (I live near the border and have family members in Mexico). But just thinking about going to Italy gets me excited or I don’t know …makes me feel that I have to go. Some of my family think I’m crazy because I don’t shut up about it, they probably don’t believe me and think it’s all in my head. The possibility of me going sometime near in the future is slim and it makes me want to cry.- that bad I know- I just feel that something is waiting for me and I can’t go.

    1. Follow that burning desire. Take on step towards it being a reality every day, even if it’s just you looking at pictures of Italy. You’ll be surprised how the magic of possibilities can work for you.

  18. Oh i just learned about this soul home. Ever since i was a child, i have always dreamed of going to Switzerland. Idk but it attracts me so much whenever i see pics of thiose beautiful places. Looking at those green fields made me wanna be there and i sometimes become teary. I didn’t know it is happening to someone else too. Sighs Switzerland is so expensive as i have been from a third world country but i trust that i will be able to visit it someday. ❤️

  19. My soul home is Arizona. I had 2 sleeping dreams of Sedona then a year later, finally flew to AZ from where I live in Seattle (grew up in New York City). My 1st morning in Phoenix I KNEW I was home & even said it out loud, & I wasn’t even in Sedona yet. Sedona was the ultimate “call” & the whole trip offered several synchronistic events. I’ve been back to AZ twice since. Several coincidences have opened doors to enable me to plan to move to the Phoenix area. My 1st “call” was to the pristine isolated beaches of LaPush on the northwest coast of Washington. It was a “training” period of faith in driving there 3 hours alone. Now my faith will be tested again as I begin uprooting my life based solely on my animal/ spiritual instinct to return to AZ where my whole being feels like it found its Heaven.

  20. I ahev read your post and i am also at My Soul home is definitely Cape Town SA. I was looking to plan a trip somewhere for a week in May just to get away for a bit and then all of a sudden caught myself planning a 3 week vacation to SA. As soon as I landed I felt like I was home.

  21. Hello my name is Kaitlyn and i have a calling to a place that is so strong that it makes me so frustrated that I can’t get to it… let me start by saying I’m originally from Indianapolis Indiana but have been living in North Carolina for about ten years now due to the fact that when my mother moved here I followed her… I like North Carolina especially the coast where I spend a lot of time during the summer but it’s not where I want to be… I have this burning desire (and I’m not trying to be dramatic that’s the only way I can describe it) to be in California particularly Southern California and even Mexico.. it has been with me since I was a child and it never leaves me… unfortunately I do not have to financial means to just up and move there so I struggle with it daily… I even dreampt about going last night and it was so intense that when I woke up from the dream I wanted to cry and go back into the dream… I feel like I am plagued by this…

    1. I understand your dilemma. I felt that way for a long time about North Carolina and I’ve finally found a way to make it happen 13 years later. Sometimes you might not know or see the path but if you keep dreaming it will slowly reveal itself. Can you start searching for ways you can work in that region? That may help you uncover unknown paths.

    2. Did you even move? I feel the same and it’s driving me nuts. Just seeing a picture from there makes me want to go there even more. Just heating the name California makes me smile.

  22. I ahev read your post and I am likewise at My Soul home is certainly Cape Town SA. I was hoping to design a trek some place for seven days in May just to escape for a bit and after that out of the blue discovered myself arranging a 3 week get-away to SA. When I landed I sensed that I was home.

  23. One day, four years ago, Iceland popped into my mind. I bought a ticket and went on a solo trip. I rented a car and drove straight to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. I rounded a corner on the road and stopped. A wave of emotion washed over me and I realized I’d been here before. I was overcome with emotion and the experience left me drained. I can’t wait to get back. I’m also pulled to Sedona and am only a half day’s drive away and visit often, but it’s not the same as that remote peninsula in Iceland. I think about it everyday.

    1. Wow!! I love when a place overtakes you like that. I had a similar experience in Thailand. That feeling and moment has never left me and it was over 20 years ago. IT’s something quite divine.

  24. Thanks to you now I know that I am not crazy. For some weird reason, I love South Korea with all of my heart and feel like my life wouldn’t be complete if I do not go there. That much love and attachment for a place that I have never been to or am I related in any way to anything South Korean; the entire experience and emotion seemed so bizarre. South Korea has always felt so right and now thanks to you the puzzle is finally complete. 🙂

  25. I’m 28 and never traveled outside of Canada, let alone my province, except to go to camp a couple times in a neighbouring province. I want to travel, but not North, not South, but East. I honestly feel like I need to head east and cross the ocean. I feel a little silly saying that. To be a little specific I guess I feel called to somewhere around England. I can’t shake it this feeling. It crops up every so often and it’s always the same, Go east, across the ocean. I’ve been depressed for a little while now and I think if I finally opened up and chased this maybe I find what I’m looking for. Is it my soul home that is calling me?

  26. I keep getting drawn to Quebec. I’ve never been. Snippets of old Quebec came on TV and strangely I felt as if I need to go “back” someday. So I started watching travel guides on this area and researched history and for some reason I get nolstagic. I live in New Zealand.

  27. I love reading all the comments and places that people are attracted to. When I lived in NJ, I was called to go to California – I was able to move to northern CA, and it’s been 35 years!! I love being so close to the ocean and mountains, but now I’m ready for a new place that just brought tears to me on a soul level when I visited recently -it’s Bend, Oregon. Something about the beautiful Deschutes river running through Drake Park calls to me so deeply. I have a trip planned in October to stay at an Airbnb along the river. I can’t wait to see if I get the same feelings again, and if so, I may want to buy a small vacation place there. Or just continue to visit on a regular basis since it’s only an 8 hour drive away. Thank you for encouraging all of us to share. Now I know it’s not just me. :o)

  28. I definitely felt my souls home when I visited England in 2016. When I was there, there was an indescribable feeling of I am home. I felt connected like I could feel my ancestors. I felt so connected and i ache to go back. I had never heard of a soul home until now when looking up what that feeling meant. Is there a name for a place that feels really bad? I visited Italy on the same trip and I kept telling my husband I couldn’t wait to leave because I could just feel that something bad happened to my family there. I just knew it in every fiber of my being. I have since found out through ancestry that I am 2/3 from Scotland, England and the British isles and that my maiden name can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Both so intriguing since I didn’t know either fact while at these places.

    1. Love hearing this story! And yes, I do believe you can react negatively to a place just by energy alone. If you can feel at home somewhere, you can certainly feel the opposite. Often you can’t explain it, it’s just something you feel and know in your heart to be true for you. Always follow that!

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