A Tribute to Wayne Dyer

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There are many people in my life who I’ve turned to for guidance to make sense of life’s journey and how to best deal with its ups and downs.

I treasure their wisdom and how they’ve helped me transform my life.

But, there has been one, who I’ve returned to again and again, and who has been such an instrumental figure in my life, that I’ve always felt as if he’s been a part of it in actual physical form – like a guiding father, with one hand firmly on my shoulder, whispering words of love and encouragement.

When I was going through the darkest of nights, I’d lie in bed pouring over his words. I’d pop ‘The Way of the Tao’ on my cardboard box bedside table, and drift of to sleep with a tiny spark of hope.

I can transform my life.

He helped me believe that my broken self could be repaired and that I had music within me that needed to be played. He encouraged me to leave a better legacy.

This blog would possibly not exist if it were not for him. And I would not be the person I am now.

I’ve read every one of his books, I absorb his every Facebook update, and I’ve listened to him speak live.

I mentioned recently in this post, how if I believed in the term “guru” Dr Wayne Dyer would be my male guru.

I prefer to call him a spiritual mentor, a friend I never met in person, and the light that helped me come out of the darkness.

I felt his kindness, humbleness, graciousness, love, and compassion in every note he played. He was, and in spirit still is, a remarkable gift of light.

Even these past few months, as I’ve struggled with parenting and how to master it, he’s been there for me – giving me a framework to live by,  holding me to a higher ideal and helping me believe that I can do it.

I never even knew he wrote a book on parenting, but a friend in Winton told me about ‘What we really want for our children.” I only spoke in a podcast interview last week, how I wished it was given to me before my girls were born.

Actually I wish everyone, parent or not, would read it.

Again with every sentence in this book, I whisper, “Oh my God, I love this man. He shines the light.”

Just like with every book of his I’d finish I say, “OMG that is the best book I’ve ever read.” And every Facebook status, “OMG yes. I have to share that.”

I had someone tell me recently that my words and message seemed to be so in tune with what Wayne Dyer teaches. It was the greatest compliment I’ve ever received. I’m not trying to be him or copy him, I’m just a devout follower that has absorbed every word – wisdom that has helped transform the pain of my past into something more powerful.

Even when I read over his quotes now, I realise just the impact he’s subtly had on my life because I immediately think, “wow, we think the same.” lol. But, it’s just because he radiated truth so well.

man smiling

I wouldn’t usually cry when someone I don’t know, a celebrity figure of sorts, dies, but I sobbed when I heard the news and the tears continue to prick randomly. I feel like I’ve lost the one person who kept holding me to the light.

I know you did not fear death Wayne, and you greeted it like you do life – gracefully, peacefully. I’m so happy you could leave in this way knowing that your work is done and you’ve helped thousands of people find their light who will continue to share your message.

I’m sad you are no longer here for me, but I’m so happy you are free to take the next adventure you were excited about.

Thank you for playing your music so beautifully.

I’ll continue to lean on your spirit when I struggle to find my own light, and I will forever let your teachings guide me to live more honestly, intentionally, and with love in my heart.

Here are a few of my favourite Wayne Dyer quotes

Wayne Dyer quote

Wayne Dyer quote Wayne Dyer quote

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This is the update I shared of his from his Facebook page not too long before he passed.

I was preparing to speak at an I Can Do It conference and I decided to bring an orange on stage with me as a prop for my…

Posted by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer on Saturday, August 29, 2015

It’s part of my mission to help people squeeze out pure nourishing goodness.

Did Wayne Dyer have a positive effect on your life? Can you relate a lot of his quotes to living a good life (and a travel one)?

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21 thoughts on “A Tribute to Wayne Dyer”

      1. Had the pleasure of seeing Wayne recently in Brisbane . We were shocked to hear of his death while we were travelling in China. Sad for his 8 children and colleagues , not to mention his followers . Great article Caz.

  1. beautiful tribute. I feel so special to have been introduced to Dr. Wayne Dyers books after my divorce. I especially appreciate his specials
    On PBS. He is the most authentic person I ever had the chance to read.

  2. You expressed it so beautifully with words Caz, the emotions many of us feel coming to terms with Dr. Wayne Dyer passing. He had a tremendous impact on my life as well and I was fortunate to see him in person once in Vancouver, Canada.
    Thank you Caz for sharing so deeply! He will always remain a beacon of Light and a Guiding star from Above!

  3. I love Dr. Dyer. I got numb after hearing of his passing. I was utterly shocked, although I’ve always known that he had been battling leukemia for years now, still I thought he’d come out of it and be well again. Like you, I couldn’t stop sobbing…he was a spiritual father to me and I will miss him terribly!

    1. There was an update by his family this morning. The coroner found no traces of leukemia. He truly did heal himself. They said he died of a heart attack in his sleep. I think a lot of people around the world are feeling quite numb. He was an extraordinary human spirit.

  4. Oh no! I hadn’t heard the news and only just saw it when your newsletter came through.

    I love Wayne Dyer as well, and was lucky enough to interview him a few years back when he brought out Excuses Begone.

    I was just about to go for my afternoon walk and will now be thinking of those lessons he has left. So sad, but I’m so glad he’s touched your life in the best possible way as well.

  5. Beautiful tribute, Caz! You expressed exactly how I felt when I found out of his passing. Dr Wayne Dyer is still with us in spirit and with his legacy, he just finished his human experience. I am at the beginning of the journey of pursuing my purpose and I still have plenty of his books to read. What a gift, what a legacy! I feel very grateful for it. Be inspired and continue spreading your love and goodness.

  6. Lovely tribute Caz – I was quite shocked by his passing, I thought he would go on and on like Louise Hay. I will definitely be seeking out that book on parenting – thanks for the recommendation

  7. Hi there Caz,
    In my counselling training I too encountered the words of Wayne Dyer. It’s amazing how someone we don’t know can touch our hearts so greatly!
    For me – ‘Don’t die with your music inside you.’ This is the one I’d put up on my wall. My music laid dormant for so long. Now, everyday, I attempt to dance its tune!!

  8. Just knew about Wayne Dyer’s death from your newsletter!! I was shocked and saddened by this loss as he has been an enormous source of inspiration and light to me as well on many occasions!
    May his soul rest in peace for all the good work and light that he has spread during his lifetime. A life that definitely was well lived.
    Thank you Caz for passing on this light through your work. I’m always inspired by your words.

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