23 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Morocco

To visit Morocco is not cheap but every penny spent there is totally worth it.

The country has a lot to offer – beautiful scenery, tasty food, hospitable people, and a quality and simplicity of life that is rare in our days.

These are the things that (in my eyes) make Morocco one of a kind travel experience.

1. Sahara Desert

sand dune
Sahara Desert Morocco

The Sahara Desert is the main reason why people travel to Morocco.

In Merzouga you can see the highest dunes and Morocco is a relatively safe destination to travel in comparison with the other countries where the desert occupies large parts of their territories.

2. Hassan II Mosque

2-Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II is the landmark of Casablanca but also the most beautiful mosque in Morocco.

It is a surrealistic experience to walk around its impressive construction surrounded by the mist coming from the ocean. Try to visit the mosque on Sunday morning when many people go to the prayer and the place comes alive.

3. Majorelle Garden

pathway next to trees
Majorelle Garden

Created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle but later the home of the designer Yves Saint-Laurent, this garden is a beautiful masterpiece combining oriental colors and exotic plants.

It is a quiet place in the middle of Marrakech, the busy imperial city of Morocco and also the house of the Berber Museum, exhibition of the Berber culture, lifestyle, and handcrafts.

4. The Riads

The Riads

Riads are traditional Moroccan houses that often are turned into small hotels.

Feeling cozy behind the thick walls of your guest house after wandering on the small narrow streets of the medina will be your time for indulging in all things Morocco has to offer – good food, excellent service and magical environment.

5. Medina

A store inside of a building
the Medina is a popular place in Morocco

Walking in the medina can be really challenging for a woman.

But the feeling of treasure hunting makes you feel excited in front of all these colorful babush slippers, spices, jewelry pieces, leather bags, tasty food and freshly baked bread.

There are hundreds of items that you can choose from, many of them handmade.

6. Moroccan mint tea and pastries

6-Moroccan mint tea & pastries
Experience Moroccan culture

Tasting mint tea and local pastries is another thing you should absolutely do while visiting Morocco.

It is always a good time when you enjoy these two, especially with a good view and pleasant company. The tea is served everywhere and tastes the same but the pastries vary depending on the place.

Be happy, you will always have those for breakfast in your hotel and you can kick start your day with a slice of pleasure!

7. El Bahia Palace, Marrakesh

7-El Bahia Palace
-El Bahia Palace

This palace has certain melancholy that is difficult to explain but easy to feel at the moment you put your foot on its floor.

The beauty of the architectural details and the refreshingly green garden make this place one of the top five to visit in Marrakech.

8. Morocco Interiors

bathroom sinks
Beautiful Moroccan design

Another of Morocco’s charms are its cozy houses and bold house fixtures. The sofas are large and low, the tables are small but just enough for the tasty food and refreshing tea.

Lanterns make mysterious shade and the ochre color of the tiles makes the whole room look warm.

Everything in the Moroccan style interior design is rustic but made with clear attention to the detail.

9. Carpets

Moroccan carpets

Having shared my addiction to the Moroccan interiors, it is understandable to share my love for Moroccan carpets.

As everything in this country, they are in strong and warm colors, with simple designs that can fit any style.

Your house can get a bright retouch with a Moroccan rug. The only problem can be its weight and volume for transporting it back home.

See how I landed in a carpet scam in Morocco – CAroline

10. Moroccan Landscapes

A canyon with a mountain in the background
Beautiful landscapes

Pictures speak for themselves, but you can’t get the real beauty of any landscape in a photo. Better to see it with your own eyes!

11. Oasis

dirt mountains behind a town

Well, you have to go out of the famous cities like Marrakech and Casablanca, to pass the Atlas Mountains and on your way to the south you finally will get to take these unbelievable photos in orange and green colors.

Oasis still exist in Morocco, just like at the time of Lawrence of Arabia.

12. Colors

Colorful Morocco

In my opinion, Morocco is the most colorful country in the world.

The colors are everywhere you go.

The nature is full of bold reds, mulberry and orange, and ochre; the houses are overwhelmed with green and even the food has the whole gamma of colors thanks to the spices and freshly collected veggies.

13. Cats

A cat sitting on a motorcycle
Ubiquitious cats

The funny thing about Morocco that totally surprised me was the presence of the cats.

They were everywhere – at the town squares, tourist sites, hotel lobbies and even in the corners of the medina, calmly resting on their master’s motorbike.

And also like the human, they represent the typical features of their habitats – looking like beggars on the streets or having the look of a king in the garden of Saadian Tombs.

14. Hotel Mamounia

pool in front of a building
Hotel Mamounia

Synonymous for luxury and grandeur, La Mamounia is an obligatory stop for travelers in Marrakech because of its history and notorious clientele. And don’t worry if you don’t have the means to pay for a night stay.

You can just go and have a coffee at the hotel’s terrace where you will mix with the rich and famous people of the world.

15. Moroccan Architecture

A large stone building
You’ll love the architecture in Morocco

Kasbah is another traditional style house in Morocco which is mainly built inside the ksar, the Berber villages made from adobe.

You can see these villages at the foot of the Atlas Mountains when heading to the Sahara Desert.

Today, the typical architecture and traditional techniques and materials involved in the construction of the kasbah are used for building unique Moroccan hotels.

16. Hotels with amazing views

16-hotels with amazing views
Can’t beat those views

Moroccan landscapes are some of the most beautiful in the world.

They are changing with the regions but also with the change of the sunlight. And very often your Moroccan hotel will have a terrace with such a wonderful view that your time for coffee or tea will last much longer than you planned.

You just can’t take your eyes off the magnificent scenery!

17. Magical guesthouses

A bedroom
Traditional guest houses

Remember the 1001 Nights fairytale?

Staying at most of these traditional guest houses feels like you are in a different time and place, an imaginary world that can only be found in…Morocco, of course!

18. Todgha Gorge

18-Les Gorges de Todra
Les Gorges de Todra

Some places in Morocco are spectacular with their formations and colors. Todgha Gorge is one of them.

Its orange rocks are scary and impressive at the same time. The canyon is a favorite place for climbers but if you are not up to this, there is a small market where you can buy handmade goods and beautiful carpets from local people.

19. Volubilis

broken brick walls
Volubilis, Morocco

It is somewhat surprising to see Roman ruins in the abounding green fields near Meknes.

In our minds, Morocco is about the desert and Arabic lifestyle but in the past the life here had a different look.

The huge architectural site is full of small and beautiful ornamental details, different architectural styles and you most probably will take the whole morning to walk around these beautiful sites from another time.

20. Tajine

food on a table

Moroccan food is what you will miss most back home. The reason why it is so tasty is in the spices used but also in the locally produced fresh ingredients.

Tajine (also ‘tagine’) is a method of slow cooking where the ingredients are placed in an earthen pot. There are different types of tajine, but you should definitely try the Berber tagine.

21. Moroccan pottery

Moroccan pottery

Tajine is the name of the dish but also the pot used for its cooking. What you can do is to take one home with you, and every time you have a craving for Moroccan food you can do one at home.

When shopping for pottery in Morocco you should have in mind that some of the beautifully colored tajines are not for cooking and you better ask the seller for advice on which one is suitable for cooking and which one just for serving.

22. Unique places to relax

22-places to relax
-places to relax

After days spent walking among the desert dunes under the strong sun of the Sahara, you can relax surrounded by traditional architecture, clay walls, palm trees, and if you are lucky enough even a swimming pool.

Enjoy your time in this unique environment, you will not find it anywhere else in the world.

23. Unique souvenirs to buy

shoes on the ground
Unique souvenirs in Morocco

You may not be a person who buys souvenirs often, but here in Morocco you may find yourself seriously challenged.

In addition to the traditional pottery, rugs and lanterns, the fossils found in the Sahara desert are one of the best souvenirs that you can bring back home.

Desert roses and fossilized snail shells are sold by the Berber people that you will encounter in the desert. Sometimes it is the only way they can make some money and you can take beautiful pieces back home while helping these people to have a better life.

Popular Morocco Tours

Don’t want to visit Morocco alone?

You don’t need to take a tour in Morocco (you can travel there independently). But, if it’s your first time visiting, especially as a solo woman, it is a place to consider exploring with a guide.

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