How to throw a farewell party – leaving for our big Australia trip!

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As a long term traveller, I’ve developed a certain disconnection with other people.

I love socializing and hanging out with friends, but I know that like the wind, I can blow away pretty fast.

So I often don’t attempt to form too close friendships. I don’t do this subconsciously, but when it comes time for farewells before my next big trip, I am completely aware of it being reality.

It’s not to say, I don’t love my family and friends deeply. I do, and I love every minute I spend with them, but, there is a protective wall that has been built over time.

I know this is the life I have chosen, so I don’t expect too much from other people. Why should I when I choose to leave them often? There are moments when I do miss those deeper connections and belonging to a tribe, but I accept this is part of my sacrifice and I’m okay with that.

One really great benefit is I rarely get the chance to dislike people!

When you have transient friendships, your focus tends to be on all the things you love about that person, and the great memories you have. You learn to savour every moment for what it is and I love that.

So when it comes time for farewell parties, I try to focus on enjoying one more special moment with people I love before I leave again.

Last Friday night, I went out with girlfriends for a lovely farewell dinner and then on Saturday we threw a small party for Craig’s 40th. It was also like a farewell party, as it’s the last time we’ll see our friends before leaving on Monday for our trip around Australia.

We hired a terraced apartment at the Mantra Ettalong Beach, which is just down the road from us, and created a holiday experience for our family and friends.

We invited about 15 friends for afternoon drinks and then dinner. It was a sensational day and the views over Broken Bay were spectacular.

Craig's 40th Mantra 008
Cracker views and great day
Craig's 40th Mantra 119
Views out over the bay to Lion Island

Why not travel in your own backyard? It’s cheaper and you experience a different side of the place you see every day.

All our guests commented how much they felt like they were on holidays and how they so appreciated the perspective the 5th floor view gave us. We’d never seen Ettalong look so beautiful.

Mantra 40th birthday
How to throw a farewell party

Craig's 40th Mantra 017

Costco proved to be the hit of the night. The day before I drove down to Sydney to stock up on party food and goods for our road trip.

Costco is the BEST store for value and quality. I think we may have converted a few of our friends to become members – everyone loved the prawn gyozas and the massive $20 mud cake.

When the air got a little chilly on the deck, we all moved inside, and the girls sat in the bed eating cake and drinking wine whilst giggling like teenagers. It was a fun night.

I just adore throwing parties, and this weekend was a reminder to me just how much I miss doing it. I love to bring friends together and see them having a good time. It’s probably going to be some time before we get to do it again, so I ate this one up.

Craig's 40th Mantra 014

Nomad travel Farewell party

Shadow puppet play after many wines

Costco mud cake
The $20 Costco mud cake
The farewell party
Is this allowed? Gonna be a long road trip!

We organized a late checkout and so the next day invited about 15 family members to come over for lunch on the deck.

Again, the weather showed its best face for us and we all enjoyed the views and the feeling of being on holiday.

Craig's 40th Mantra Ettalong
The girls loved their new playground
Craig's 40th Mantra 084
Quiet chat with Nan
Ettalong mantra
Such a beautiful view
Mantra Ettalong
Another $20 Costco mud cake time
Ettalong Mantra
More beautiful views
Farewell party: nomad travel
With my Mum and Dad
Before the road trip shot
Mantra Ettalong
Checking out on the baggage cart
Craig's 40th Mantra 149
Time for our ride outta here

It was such a great idea.

We managed to have a 40th / farewell celebration, with stunning views, food, drink, (plenty left over) for less than $800. And all our guests got to take a relaxing holiday at the same time.

Doing our best to make the memories matter.

What are your farewell parties like?

How do you go with friendships when you perpetually move with the wind?

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