Just That Little Bit Extra

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One of the most useful and untapped sources of power that exists in our lives is

Just that little bit extra.”

Who really pays much attention to it?

The difference that little bit extra makes

Ever asked for just that little bit extra of chili in your curry?

It’s just a little bit extra, you think, just to give it a little bit more of a kick. But, you didn’t realize that that little bit of extra kick was going to start a raging fire in your mouth and dare I say, buttocks, the day after.

that little bit extra chili
Just a little bit lights a fire

A little bit extra of washing up detergent, can create a bubble blowing monster out of your sink when it comes time to wash up.

A little bit extra of cream, can add weeks of hard aerobic activity to your work out schedule, a lit bit of an extra smile can form friendships across race and religious beliefs, and a little bit extra degree of heat can move a locomotive.

Just a little bit extra.

Most people don’t understand the power that lies behind these words and of course the actions that follow when you do that little bit extra.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little bit extra.

That is all it takes.

That is all I have been doing in my life since I graduated from Uni and decided that my dreams were worth pursuing. Without even realizing it, I knew that if I just did that little bit extra to what ordinary people were doing then I could live an extraordinary life.

Really, when you look at it as being just that little bit extra, then you see just how easy it is.

I continue that philosophy into my life now. It is the reason Craig and I have been travelling for many years. It’s the reason we had lots of financial success and the reason why we didn’t, (that little bit extra in reverse) It’s the reason we have had so much success with our travel blog.

The little bit extra comes from doing these four things:

1) Dreaming

a woman swimming in water
dream that little bit extra

You would think this would be the easiest area to be extraordinary in. Not so much. You see most people don’t give themselves permission to dream. They take themselves out of the game before the hooter blows with thoughts of

“I’m not good enough… it will never happen to me….. I can’t because…”

I knew that all I had to do was dream that little bit extra.

What if a Genie really did grant me three wishes? What if there truly were no limitations? Why can’t I or how can I?

Sometimes dreaming is all we have, and it is the only thing that no one else can take from you. Only you can do that.

Dream big, no limitations. You can be, do, have whatever you want if you just believe in it.

2) Learning

If you are ripe you are rotten, if you are green you are growing.

Never stop learning. I can rarely be found without something in my hand or thinking thoughts that is contributing to my learning somehow.

Shangri-la China - y Travel Blog
Learning over tea

I make that little bit of extra learning applicable to my dreams. I never waste time learning things I am not going to need. That is why I suck at game shows. It’s not because I am not smart enough, it is because I have no need for that information in my life.

If you want to be extraordinary, you have to learn as much relevant information as you can from a wide variety of sources.

If you don’t know then go that little bit extra by asking. I’m a teacher, I know and advocate the power of asking questions. I don’t care how stupid I look.

The only stupid question is a question not asked.

I’m sure I annoy the crap out of people in forums and help desks because I keep asking the questions until I learn the answers.

Make sure you learn from the right people. The people who are where you want to be.

Dont’ listen to broke people give you advice about making money; don’t listen to people content with living their life on the couch advise you about how you should live your life travelling the world

Learn from those who can truly help you

And turn off that bloody CNN- Constant Negative News- make the news you learn something that will give you that little bit extra to help you achieve your dreams.

3) Taking Action

Hiking the Tiger Leaping gorge
Just a little extra step

“How do you travel like you do?”

“Easy, I just do it. I just pack my bags and jump on the plane.”

The frown of incredulous disbelief always appears on the face of the person asking the question. They like to think I possess extraordinary powers, as it makes them feel better about not following their dreams themselves.

I do possess extraordinary powers. It’s called just doing that little bit extra.

There is a reason why there is only 20% of people in any given field having success. It is because they are willing to do what the other 80% are not. So if you want to have success just do what the 20% do.

Do just that little bit extra. Take the extra action.

Get on that plane,write one extra blog post, talk to that one extra person, take on that extra job.

All it is is just that little bit extra.

4) Interacting with Others

people sitting at a table
Dinner with our life long Thai friends in Bangkok

So this is the one that really bothers me.

Why don’t people get this?

I am so astounded by the number of rude, unfriendly, ill-mannered, arrogant pigs that I come across in my daily life. Every time I feel as if I have entered a parallel universe. How on earth don’t they get this very simple, yet very powerful principle?

Just be that little bit extra when interacting with others. Just that little bit friendlier, that little bit warmer, that little bit more interested, a little bit more well mannered, a little bit more open, a little bit more encouraging, a little bit kinder. It does not take much yet it can go so far.

One of my frequent lectures to my students (yes visualize eye rolls) is the powerful part manners can play in our lives.

There is no other thing in your life that you can do that will cost you nothing, yet bring such rich rewards in return.

Here is the truth.

We have a natural inclination to want to spend time with and help those who have beautiful manners, are kind, and who are friendly to be around.

When a student uses their beautiful manners, I just want to wrap them up in a big bear hug. For the remainder of the day I am drawn like a magnet to help them as much as I can. This is a very subconscious thing. The children who are ill-mannered and rude, kind of really repel me.

Opportunities will come to you so often in life through other people.

That little bit extra you do in your interactions with others can result in massive rewards.

You can never do this just do get something in return, it doesn’t work that way.

The little bit extra needs to be authentic.

Help others, make them smile more, be nice…..

Dream bigger, learn more and take more action…..

It is not  hard, it just takes a little bit extra that’s all.

Just like that little bit extra spice in your soup.

It can set your world on fire.

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