How to Travel without Travelling

Here on y travel blog, we are all about the travel. We will always talk about travel and help you travel more.

It is our passion and the thing that drives us to live life on purpose. But we are also aware that not everyone desires to live a life of travel.

Everyone has different hopes and dreams. It doesn’t mean that because your dreams don’t involve travel they are any less than mine or not worthy of talking about.

How to travel without travelling
How to travel without travelling

Any life can be beautiful and any life can involve travel. And I don’t mean travel as in hopping on a bus, train, or plain to arrive at a new or exotic destination. I mean travel as a journey into the unknown.

That unknown can be in your own backyard, or within the depths of your own soul. Travel means to journey, and you can journey anywhere you choose.

Here are some very simple tips on how to travel without travelling.

Try something new

I had a friend who told me the other day she couldn’t come out for a night out because she was starting her first knitting group.

My friend is a chic and trendy art director living in Sydney. She travels, paints, parties, and participates in wild and crazy activities like Adventure racing.

“Knitting? On a Friday night? You? “

“Yes, it is a dying art. I’ve always wanted to learn and I’ve been talking about it for years so I finally decided to do it. I’ve had it planned for weeks. I’ve got friends coming over and we are going to knit together and drink wine.”

Scenes from Gone with the Wind flashed through my mind, even though I don’t think they knitted on the movie, but I could imagine them doing so.

“Well that sounds like great fun!”

As bizarre as that picture of my friend knitting was, she was taking a journey into the unknown. A journey to a place she had never been before but had always wanted to go. My friend was going traveling.

Where is that journey for you? Don”t wait any longer. Call up your friends, bring in the wine and get started.

Live through others

My friend, Kelly, wrote a guest post for us recently on how living vicariously through others grants you the permission to dream big.

This is why I always advocate to never hide the great things about you away. I believe you should really let your light shine, as it is doing so that you unconsciously allow others to do the same.

When you start to live through others you begin to see what is possible for you.

Right now I am drinking a glass of wine, and listening to some music that is setting my soul on fire. I am living through the passion and dreams of others, and it is allowing me to journey into myself and see what is so beautiful about the life I am living.

Yes! It is simple things like this that allow you to travel, to take a journey into a world that is unlike your own.

Our travel podcast will help inspire you to live your travel dreams.

Talk to someone new

Every day you are running into someone new, be it the lady who serves you in the corner store, the man walking the dog down the beach, or the stranger sits next to you on the train.

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with a new person. I feel as if the teachings of “Stranger Danger” have made us all too paranoid and fearful to extend a smile or a few kind words of friendship.

When you are travelling you are always meeting new people, and you soon discover that talking to strangers is pretty easy and a lot of fun.

Find out about the life of another person, you just might learn something new and enrich your life because of it.

Discover your own backyard

This is our latest travel goal. We are making an effort to take time exploring our own backyard, Australia.

This doesn’t have to involve a long trip around the country or a two week holiday in a new destination, it can be as simple as hopping on a train to a new town to discover what life plays out in their streets, or spending the day at the beach.

Look around your backyard. What new things are their for you to explore and enjoy?

We have been catching the train down to Sydney each week and spending time exploring the nearby lively Terrigal Beach.

Live your purpose

What did you come here for?

It is imperative that you ask this question?

Ask it every day until you find the answer. I believe that if you are not living your purpose then you are off track and your life will reflect that – Shit will happen. Major shit. Shit that is there in order to wake you up.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

You came here for a reason. You came here with something to do.

You are so special that you arrived here with a job to do that no one else is capable of doing. What is it? Ask ask ask. And say yes yes yes! You will soon discover the answers and when you do you will be traveling each day.

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

The statistics and reasearch is there to prove the benefits that laughter brings into your life.

Laughter is a journey into joy. It is pure uninhibited travel. Laugh every day.

Are you struggling for things to laugh at? Go look at your self in the mirror and pull funny faces. You are so ridiculous isn’t it funny. Sit with someone you feel comfortable with and take it in turns to give your loudest most ridiculous laugh. Pretty soon you will find yourself laughing uncontrollably- for real.

Spend time with Children

This is probably something I never would have spoken about before I became a mother to Kalyra – my wild and pleasant place.

Children transport you. They take you to a place you had long forgotten about.

Life to them is new, it’s interesting, it’s joyous, it’s simple, it’s loving, it’s laughter, it’s pure. And this is travel.

My daughter has me crawling on the ground amazed at bugs, and she has me trying to touch the sky with my toes on a swing. We dance with reckless abandon, we live as princesses and princes in the world of our creating, and we scream out our frustration and in a minute they are gone.

When we look at life through the eyes of a child, it becomes so simple, so easy, so loveable. Children are more connected then we are and they speak wisdom through their eyes and their words:

“Be nice give me chocolate.” (copyright Kalyra Makepeace)

a girl eating ice cream

This post is dedicated to my knitting friend who travels whereever she goes. May you always knit the best jumpers.

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