My adventure at Great Wolf Lodge, Charlotte, NC [Magis welcome]

We only stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, North Carolina for one night, as Mum and Dad were on a work trip with Travel Media Showcase. We came here after the Dirty Dancing Festival in Lake Lure.

Even though it was only one night, it still was amazing! There are so many things to do, for all ages!

I loved our stay at the Great Wolf Lodge so much I wrote this post and offered for Mum to publish it (with a fee attached of course! LOL) Mum also wanted me to tell you that our stay was hosted. She mentioned something about disclaiming and being honest. Well duh, as if I’m not.

We had never heard of this family resort before, but have found out Great Wolf Lodges are all over America. Savannah and I are working to convince Mum and Dad to try them all out as we travel the USA.

Great Wolf Lodge Charlott family resort

Hospitality at the Great Wolf Lodge

The rooms were ok. When you walk in on the beds, there is towel art. Ours was some sort of animal with swimming goggles on it. You can keep them if you want – they would also be good for the water park.

There were a couple fire alarms in the night, but other than that, we had a pretty good sleep!

There are not a lot of restaurants at Great Wolf Lodge that we know of. There is mostly just dessert places – parents, watch out! We loved the Candy Store and caught a little wolf trying to steal a lollipop.

Can you see that wolf?

We found a pretty good restaurant. It was called The Lodge. I would recommend it. It has a few gluten free options too with people with that type of allergy, like my Mum and Dad.

There are also quite a lot of options for kids. I had a burger and Savannah her usual chicken tenders. Seriously, she doesn’t eat much else.

Great Wolf Lodge wine down service
Parents Note: The food at The Lodge is delicious and not what you’d expect from a family resort. We spent a week in Lake Lure and Charlotte and this was the best meal I had. The chili calamari appetizer and wild mushroom risotto entree were to die for.

And then you definitely want to get the Wine Down – a bottle of wine and chocolates will be delivered to your room for you to enjoy once the kids pass out from a fun and exhausting day. It’s the first time I’ve heard of anything like that and I loved it. Brilliant idea and service – Caz

Activities at the Great Wolf Lodge, Charlotte

The MagiQuest

The MAgi Quest at Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte North Carolina

One of mine and Savannah’s favourite things to do at the Great Wolf Lodge was the MagiQuest.

You’re probably wondering what the MagiQuest is. It’s an adventurous quest where you are sent on missions around the lodge via a riddle to uncover secret treasures.

You’re given your Magi riddle book and within it are about 9 quests and three adventures. Each quest has about 4 riddles which help you to work out what hallway to go to and what to look for to find the clue – example the green treasure chest in the Whispering Wood.

When you find it you wave your wand at it.

The wand collects the clues once you’ve gathered them all the last riddle leads you to the rune, which increases your magi powers.

Great Wolf Lodge Charlott family resort magi quest

You get to keep your wand too so choose carefully. Or perhaps the wand will choose you. When you come back to Great Wolf Lodge another time (please Mum), you can use it again.

After your done all the quests, you can do them again or do an adventure. A cool thing is, you also get to defeat a dragon and become a master Magi.

When you get your wands, you can choose your own magi name. I chose Hermione, and Savannah chose Luna. I would definitely recommend Magi Quest if you stay at a Great Wolf Lodge. And it’s great for all ages too, even the adults have fun!

Oh yeah, Mum reckoned that the Magi Quest was brilliant because it took care of my homeschooling lessons for the day (eyeroll emoji).

The High Ropes Course

High ropes course Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte

Another one of our fave things was the huge high ropes course. It’s fun for everyone, except babies lol.

You can go up to 50 feet into the air! So if you are afraid of heights, this isn’t for you.

It was Savannah’s first time doing this kinda thing, and she was awesome! She did a few obstacles that I was a bit scared to do.

Of course Mum and Dad were there to help us, and some workers that came up there with us.

Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte high ropes course

Also, in the middle there is a small zipline. You don’t have to follow one exact track. You can go on whatever path you like. If you want to stay on the bottom rope course, you can stay there!

Mini golf and bowling

Mini golf at Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte

Right next to the rope course is a pool and mini golf. We got to try the mini golf, but we had to do it fast because we had a tight schedule! It’s only 12 holes, but it’s still fun. Dad won, of course. Dad wins at everything!

One of my favourite things to do is bowling (Check out this bowling hall in Knoxville!). And lucky for me, they had a small bowling arena. It was so fun, Dad won, again! Lol. But I think I came second.

Whenever we go bowling, Mum and I laugh how mum is bad at bowling and she needs the bumpers up and usually they only put the bumpers up for children!

I’m glad Dad won, because he got over a hundred points, the most. And for that he somehow won us a free night at Great Wolf Lodge! Thanks Dad!

Check out these tips before visiting your next Great Wolf Lodge. 

The Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark, Concord Charlotte

Great Wolf Lodge waterpark and waterslides

Time for some fun! OMG, the indoor water park was AMAZING!!!

A child’s paradise, MY paradise!

You can even hire a private cabana so either the parents can relax there while the kid’s are having the time of their lives, or leave their stuff there and join them! Hah.

Savannah was allowed to do all the rides, except the Tornado, the scariest waterslide! If you are around Savannah’s age you would probably be the same. It all depends on height, really.

The Tornado was definitely my favourite. You are just relaxing in a round shaped tube, then suddenly, you fall down a really STEEP drop. And you are inside this massive  bowl type of thing and you go up and down the walls! Of course, mum and dad always went backwards!! So if you like roller coasters, you will like this one!

Savannah’s favourite thing there was the wave pool – because she was too scared to do any water slides. In the wave pool, the waves can get really big! It’s so fun!

And for the little ones, there are life jackets you can use for free. And you can take them on the water slides too.

Another fun waterslide was the racing red and blue one. You lie down on mats and race people. If you are around Savannah’s age, or even a little bit younger-you could go on it by yourself. I never really beat Mum or Dad because it takes a while for me to start off some times, my legs aren’t as long as theirs! ha.

Another fun thing is the small obstacle course in the inside pool there. You hold ropes and jump across logs. Anyone can do it really. And in that pool too – there are balls and nets so you can play basketball in the water.

So, this waterpark is for all ages! Make sure you enjoy the giant tipping water bucket too.

The Eclipse Party

Yes, we were there during the Solar Eclipse – but unfortunately, it wasn’t a full Eclipse so it didn’t get too dark. ☹

The lodge set up a Eclipse party around the outside pool. Everyone got special glasses so you can look directly at the sun without hurting your eyes.

Most of the time, I swam in the pool with Savanna but when the eclipse actually started we got out and had a look at it. It was really cool! You could see just a little line of the sun with the moon blocking most of it.

At the party, they did hula hoop competitions and Savannah told me she did it……did she???? Ha. Mum shared all of that on our Instagram stories. 

It was so fun staying at Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte NC, even if it was only for one night! And thanks to the fire alarms through the night, the manager gave everyone staying at the Lodge a free night stay to make up for it! ???? and Dad won us a free night stay too!

So two nights free! Lol.

So we will definitely be coming back soon, if not to Charlotte, then somewhere else in the USA! ????

And that was our experience at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Great wolf Lodge Charlotte North Carolina
The Great Wolf Lodge is located at Concord which is about 20 minutes from Charlotte in North Carolina. It’s right near the Charlotte Motor Speedway which is the home of NASCAR.

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Have you stayed at a Great Wolf Lodge before? What’s your favorite water slide? And what’s your Magi name (or what would it be)?

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