Go Swim at Elephant Rocks & Green Pool Denmark, Western Australia

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Just when we thought Western Australia’s coastline couldn’t get any more stunning, Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool, Denmark WA turned it on for us.

tall boulders in the ocean
This Denmark beach is stunning

These are Western Australia’s most iconic beaches and are known for their granite rock formations which are said to look like a herd of elephants. As well as being beautiful, we found these two beaches to be the perfect place for a family to enjoy time by the beach and go swimming.

You will find Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool in the William Bay National Park, which is a top spot for swimming, snorkelling, and diving.

The west coast of Australia really needs to stop showing off. This region is a picture postcard of clear emerald waters, pure white sand, and giant elephant-like sculptures that make the perfect shelter for the bay.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the beaches in Western Australia are probably the best we’ve seen on this trip around Australia.

If you want to visit Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool, keep reading to find out how to get there and about our experience there.

Where are Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool

crystal clear water on white sand beach Greens Pool,

Elephant Rocks are located 15 kilometers (half hour drive) from the town of Denmark on the edge of William Bay National Park, Southwest WA.

They are located about a 4.5-hour drive (434 km) south of Perth. From Albany

Tower Hill

The carpark for Elephant Rocks is located by Greens Pool, which is only a 10-minute walk from Elephant Rocks

What is the best time to visit Elephant Rocks?

Elephant Rocks is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Western Aus so we recommend going as early as possible to avoid the crowds.

Not only does this mean you get the beach almost to yourself, but you will find it easier to park since the car park is small.

During peak hours (8am – 3pm) you will see cars parked for 1km down the road outside the car park.

Our Experience at Elephant Rocks, Denmark

people standing on top of a boulder in the ocean

The Elephant Rocks is a recognisable landmark in Denmark. They are huge sloping rocks that are said to look like the backs of the elephants playing in the water, though it takes some imagination to see it.

The huge boulders are great for climbing on and have small crevasses to hold on to, but do be careful as the wind can be quite strong in the bay. Try to visit on a wind-free day for safety.

Whilst it might seem off the beaten track, it’s a must if you’re in this region of Australia. The photos below don’t lie.

There’s a short stroll from the car park along a coastal track and then you are rewarded with this view out over the Great Southern Ocean.

I didn’t quite get the angle of this photo right, but if you’re looking at it from a particular viewpoint you’ll see that it’s called Elephant Rocks because it resembles a herd of elephants paddling in the shallow waters.

tall rocks in the ocean
Can you see the elephants?

Sculptured by mother nature’s hand.

Cool huh.

We had fun climbing around on the top of the rocks enjoying the stunning view of Elephant Cove below, before making our way down onto the beautiful beach. Just be careful though, it’s a big drop from up here.

rocky beach
Just us and the elephants

Taking the stairs down, you walk through a narrow gap between two towering rocks onto Elephant Cove, otherwise known as paradise!

This sheltered beach is absolutely stunning.

We spent all morning at Elephant Rocks and the beauty of it, like most west coast beaches, is hardly any visitors.

An umbrella on a beach
Picnic at Elephant Rocks
girl walking into the ocean
Family friendly beach

We basically had it all to ourselves to swim, paddle on our boogie boards, and relax on the sand.

It’s also a popular snorkelling beach. We forgot to bring our snorkeling equipment, bugger, but there was another dude here snorkeling and he said it’s good.

At least the water is crystal clear and shallow in most parts.

Otherwise, just bring your towel, beach umbrella, nibbles, and drinks for a beach picnic.

woman holding a child in the water
Warning: The water is cold!
people playing in the water

Our Experience at Greens Pool, Denmark

Just a few hundred metres peaceful walk from Elephant Rocks is Greens Pool, another picturesque swimming area with rock pools.

Like Elephant Rocks, it is also completely sheltered from the wave-less waters of the Great Southern Ocean by the rounded rock boulders typical to this area.

Perfect flat, sparkly conditions for your family beach day.

Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia
Magical Greens Pool, Denmark

Not quite as pretty as Elephant Rocks I thought, but still a lovely sheltered area to swim, snorkel and relax. And to think I’d never heard of this National Park before.

The calm waters of Greens Pool is a popular spot for snorkeling, especially in the centre of the pool with many fish to be seen amongst the rocks and coral on the inner side of the rock breaks.

It is said there are multitudes of fish of all sizes that live in these clear waters, from zebra fish to large sting-rays.

people sitting under umbrella on beach at Greens Pool
A little busier at Greens Pool

Where to stay in Denmark

As Denmark is so close to the Valley of Giants, it would be the best place to stay. Denmark is a peaceful small town, home to artisans and surrounded by incredible natural beauty. Hopefully you can stay awhile! Here are a few accommodation choices for Denmark.

  • Surfside Ocean Beach Denmark Holiday Accommodation is across the road from the beach, and 10 minutes from downtown. Villas have a fully equipped kitchen, a dining setting, laundry facilities and an outdoor dining area with a BBQ. See rates and availability here
  • The Floating Forest has cabins and cottages surrounded by the forest. It’s world away , yet still only a mile from downtown Denmark. See rates and availability here.
  • Karrak Reach Forest Retreat is a sustainable chalet in Denmark where guests can make the most of its spa and wellness center and garden. See rates and availability here.
  • Upland Farm Luxury Cabins provides adults-only accommodations with a garden and barbecue facilities, and stunning views. See rates and availability here.

Final Thoughts on Elephant Rocks and Green Pool

Definitely add Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool to your list for Western Australia. It’s probably best to visit with another person and be careful of any tidal surges, although both areas are pretty well protected by the large rocks.

There are drop toilets here but no shops. At the very least bring some water because you will want to stay a while and have a swim.

And nearby Denmark is a nice little town to explore for a day or two.

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Just when we thought the west coast of Australia couldn't get any more stunning, take a swim at Elephant Rocks in Denmark and you'll be wowed!

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