Don’t be baffled by Baffle Creek in Queensland

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I’ll admit, we were a little baffled by Baffle Creek. Not because of it’s name, but because we weren’t expecting it to be so beautiful.

We’d never heard of this small town on the Capricorn Coast, nestled halfway between Bundaberg and Gladstone in Queensland. We stumbled on it by chance on our Australia road trip.

We weren’t sure what there is to see and do, and the drive revealed nothing but forests of Eucalyptus trees, rivers and dirt roads. It certainly was not a place to be coming if you wanted a bit of action.

car driving down a dirt road through Deepwater National Park,
On the road to Baffle Creek in Deepwater National Park

But again, that depends on the kind of action you’re after.

Bright lights and night time parties? You’re entering the wrong zone.

Quiet and peaceful retreat amongst nature? Now you’re talking.

If you’re thinking about making a stop in Baffle Creek but not sure what it’s all about or what there is to see and do there, then keep reading to find out…

Where Is Baffle Creek

Map of brisbane to baffle creek

Baffle Creek is a 6 hour drive north of Brisbane, and a short drive north of Bundaberg.

The closest airport is Bundaberg Regional Airport, which is located 96km away or just over an hour’s drive.

It has a population of about 156 people, according to the census in 2016.

Baffle Creek is so small and rural, it’s the ideal retreat for those wanting to return to nature, or take a holiday away from the maddening crowds, with stunning scenery and some of the east coast’s best river fishing.

Baffle Creek touted as one of Australia’s last pristine waterways. I’ll let you conjure up what that means for your holiday experience.

What is Baffle Creek famous for?

two girls standing beside Baffle Creek,
Baffle Creek

Baffle Creek is more river than a creek, with its widest point at over 2kms and a tidal reach of 35kms.

The length of the Baffle Creek is 120km and is home to thriving mangrove forests and an abundant array of sea critters and birds.

Baffle Creek is famous for being a protected fishing habitat – Queenfish, taylor, trevally, salmon, grunter, barra, bream mangrove jack, and whiting.

Guests of Broadwater Creek have been known to have caught 16 different species of fish in one day.

I had to text my brother in-law as soon as I heard that stat. He’s a mad fisherman, and surprisingly had not heard about The Baffle.

I’m pretty sure, it’s now on the top of his list and my sister will be helping to prepare the boat for the family’s next fishing adventure.

It’s a haven for fishing enthusiasts, and that’s what makes Baffle Creek so special.

There’s an abundance of wildlife on land in the The Baffle Creek region as well: wild kangaroos, echidnas and we even saw an emu wandering around in the forest in the Deepwater National Park.

Things To Do In Baffle Creek

Baffle Creek is a small town and doesn’t have a whole lot of attractions, it’s main attraction is fishing, which you can do from the shore or from a boat.

Aside from fishing, here are some of the best things to do in Baffle Creek.

1. Visit Wreck Rock Beach

woman sitting on driftwood on Wreck Beach
Wreck Rock Beach, Deepwater National Park

We went for a drive to check out the Baffle Creek region, driving through the Deepwater National Park and stopping to visit some of the local beaches.

Driving along the dirt road through the jungled palm trees to Wreck Rock gave me the first inhale of what I anticipated the northern part of Queensland to be like – tropical bliss.

Wreck Rock Beach is a small, rock-bound beach and the place to come and sit for awhile in solitude and just enjoy the moment.

woman lying on driftwood on Rules Beach,
Rules Beach, Capricorn Coast

We also stopped off at Rules Beach which was kind enough to supply us with a natural hammock in the form of a tree branch.

2. Witness Sunrise Over Deepwater Creek

Frank mentioned how pretty the sunrise can be over Deepwater Creek, right out the front of our cabin.

Craig got up early the next morning whilst the girls slept in and captured this scene.

Sunrise over Deepwater Creek, Queensland, Australia
Sunrise at Deepwater Creek

Thanks to the creek and ocean frontage of Broadwater Haven, some of the region’s best fishing and crabbing can be found just a few steps from your cabin door, without even needing a boat.

3. Go For a Boat Ride

boat in water
girl wearing a life jacket sitting on a boat

Baffle Creek is private land, so you can rest assured that the only other people accessing the creek alongside you are those staying at Broadwater Haven.

If fishing is not your thing, the crystal clear water is super enticing for swimming or a boat ride.

Craig and Kalyra went for a spin with Frank, the owner of Broadwater Haven, in a tinny boat whilst I played with Savannah by the shore.

a beach

woman holding a girls hand in the water

4. Visit Broadwater Haven’s Beach

Just over the creek (a short wade at low tide), you’ll find a pristine stretch of beach, where you might even catch an odd wave or two although it is open ocean and a bit wild.

There’s a small jetty to park your boat. The beach will be all yours for the day.

This is Broadwater Haven’s Beach. Frank says the sunrises from here are absolutely sublime.

tree hanging over Broadwater Beach,
Broadwater Haven Beach

We didn’t catch one from the beach front, but the sunrises we saw from the creek bank was a good sign of what could be seen on one of those extraordinary mornings.

sun rising over Deepwater Creek -
Sunrise at Deepwater Creek, Qld

If you don’t like to get up before the sun, enjoying an ice cold sundowner on your balcony or under the oaks by the creek is just as good.

If you had a bigger boat and wanted more “river” fishing, then the boat ramp to Baffle Creek is only 9 kms away.

5. Head to Town of 1770 for a LARC Tour

girl walking on the beach next to a pink truck

Although not located in Baffle Creek, the historic Town of 1770 is only a 45 minute drive away and is one of the top attractions in the Gladstone region of Queensland.

Like Baffle Creek, it’s known as a remote and wild town with less than 3,000 residents. Although small, it’s famous for being the second place Cook founded when he first landed in Australia, and the first place in Queensland. For that reason, it’s considered the first settlement in Queensland.

The best way to see the town is on a LARC tour, which is an amphibious vehicle that takes you from Bustard Bay and to the historic Bustard Heads lighthouse, Middle Island, and driving through four National Parks (Deepwater, Eurimbula, Mount Colosseum, and Round Hill).

Where To Stay in Baffle Creek: Broadwater Haven Cabins

lady sitting at table on deck of cabin
Broadwater Haven Cabins

We stayed just north of Baffle Creek at Broadwater Haven Cabins on the estuary of Deepwater, Mitchell, Blackwater and Cow Creeks.

This eco-friendly property is owned by Frank and Noela Goetz who moved here from Gympie 16 years ago.

They’re happy to sit on your deck and chat with you about the local area and their lifestyle, one they are passionate about.

They loved the relaxing lifestyle so much they decided to create a haven for those wishing to escape and connect to the beauty the region has to offer.

The beautiful warm day, birds singing, slight breeze, the smell of gorgeous lemon scented Australian bush plants off my balcony made me wish we were staying so much longer.

A time to disconnect to reconnect was exactly what I needed.

family sitting around firepit
Firepits at Broadwater Haven

Frank and Noela are keen to get their little place on the map, but not so much to steal away its charm.

Their park has 10 eco-friendly 4-star waterfront self-contained cabins, which sleep up to 6. They’re well thought out, modern and comfortable.

But, you don’t even need to worry about the cabins, it’s the scenery and outdoor activity you’ve come to spend most of your time interacting with. It’s far too pretty to spend indoors.

Final Thoughts

Finishing off a magical day at Broadwater Haven can only be done one way: around the campfire with a glass of red wine under a sky blazoned with stars.

The Baffle and Broadwater Haven will take you back to a time when life was far less complicated and nature was all you cared about interacting with.

There’s nothing too baffling about that.

Our visit was in partnership with Tourism Queensland. To plan your next trip check out Queensland Holidays.

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