EP 26: Black Travel Alliance – Creating a More Inclusive Travel Space

Black Travel Alliance
The inspiring Cory Lee

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Show Notes: About Kerwin and Black Travel Alliance

We’re happy to bring back Kerwin McKenzie to the podcast, our friend and fellow travel lover, travel blogger, ex-airline worker, and plane enthusiast who has traveled to 125 countries and flown on 180 airlines!!

In this podcast, Kerwin shares with us the mission and purpose behind the Black Travel Alliance which was founded by a group of Black content creators in in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement in support of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, and other black Americans whose voices have been silenced by white supremacy and white privilege.

The mission of the Black Travel Alliance is to support Black content creators around the world and increase their representation in the travel industry and hold destinations and travel brands accountable on the issue of diversity in travel marketing and storytelling.

We discuss:

  • What Kerwin’s recent flight experience was like. Last time we chatted to Kerwin shared all his tips for flying and current travel expectations. He was just about to jump on his first Rona flight so he shares his inside experience
  • The trials of traveling as a Black man and sage advice his grandmother gave him to help manage these negative experiences.
  • The tribulations of traveling as a Black man and how it has led to curious and entertaining connections and WHO Kerwin regularly gets mistaken for!
  • What the Black Travel Alliance is – why it was started, what is its mission, how it’s creating a ripple effect of change, and why it’s important to support as there is so much more work to be done.
  • How we can do better to create a more inclusive travel experience for Black travelers and Black content creators.

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