Arriving in a Place for the First Time

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There is nothing quite like your first time.

It’s a feeling that stays with you forever.

That moment when you first discover something new; when your being opens up to the learning, exploring, and feelings of awe and understanding.

When you look at something for the first time you see it for what it really is. It is not tainted by history, stories, or understandings, it is just the way it is.

Before our mind starts connecting to it, analysing it, or forming opinions on it.

As I was winding around the rolling hills of the verdant Rotorua countryside on a bright yellow aqua duck, it hit me just why I am addicted to travel.

Arriving in a place for the first time
Touring Rotorua in an Aquaduck

I love exploring and discovering every thing there is to the earth and the life that plays upon it.

Just like a junkie who is always after the next hit hoping it will be just like the first shot of Euphoria pulsing under their skin.

Unlike a junkie, that first hit happens again and again as I move from one place to the next.

I want to do this forever.

My whole body surged with deep travel lust.

I believe that we all are born with a purpose, a task that only we can do and I believe that we are all a part of something that is so much higher than our selves.

I once read somewhere that part of what we do is so that “God” can experience life through us.

Some of us are gifted musically so he can hear the beauty of sound; so that she can witness the vibrant colours of our earth through the artists and photographers; and taste the exquisiteness of foods through our chefs.

I want to be the eyes of God, the scholar and reporter, the one responsible for showing her or him the awe and beauty of this world we all live in.

I want to discover everything about life from every corner of the globe; I want to eat it up.

When I first visit a place, I generally fall in love. I take in the surface of it before diving deeper to understand what lies at the core of its spirit.

What can I learn from this place?

How can I grow and improve?

How can I allow awe and gratitude for life take precedence?

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