Kingscliff NSW: a hidden gem of a surfing beach town

I’ve been hearing of Kingscliff NSW, or Kingy, for a couple of years now.

It is fast becoming a place that many holiday makers are choosing to visit. I had a friend visit and rave about it, my parents went and raved about it, and then one of my best friends moved there and hasn’t stopped raving about it.

Kingscliff NSW
Kingscliff NSW

I was finally able to visit her on our recent Gold Coast and Bluesfest trip. We spent the day with them for ANZAC Day.

While it was a much more sedate ANZAC celebration than Woody and I are used to celebrating together, it was still a lovely visit and I caught the Kingy bug!

Kingscliff Beach with Woody
With my mate Woody

Woody, or Karen, if you really must call her a proper name (She is always Woody to me), has shared my love for travel and adventure for as long as I have.

We are from the same town, went to the same school (although she was a year above me at school and weren’t great mates then) and we lived together in London.

She took me under her wing and showed me places where bad sticks and snake bites could be found.

We travelled to Greece together, hung out at Pampalona and when she returned home she married my brother’s best mate, Greg.

Needless to say I love catching up with her and Greg and they loved showing us around their new Kingscliff home.

Kingscliff Beach Surf Club
Two Up out the front of the Surf Club Kingscliff

Kingscliff is a sleepy surfing beach town in NSW

It’s only a fifteen minute drive from the Gold Coast border. There is only one main street in the town and it is alive with busy cafes, and restaurants.

Everything is in easy walking distance, there is a caravan park on the beach, next door to the Kingscliff bowling Club that Greg manages and a surf club a few metres down from that with perfect views of the ocean and point breaks below.

There is also a creek that when the tide is down which sparkles crystal clear for swimming, fishing and water sports.

Cudgin Creek Kingscliff NSW
Cudgin Creek Kingscliff

After grabbing a really memorable coffee from one of the cafes, we strolled along the beach front, checking out the massive erosion that has taken away a road in the last couple of months.

Our kidlets had a play in the park together while we caught up on much needed personal gossip.

We had a delicious lunch at the surf club

Chilli garlic prawns
Chilli garlic prawns for lunch


Kingscliff nsw
Delicious Vegie Burger

…. while our kids crawled under the tables, rolled around on the floor and danced between the other patron’s tables. We pretended not to notice in ignorant bliss with our views, delicious meals and entertaining adult conversations.

Kingscliff NSW
Cheeky cherubs

Eventually, we picked them up off the floor and wandered to check out the groovy bar, Babalou, on the main road. We weren’t stopping for drinks just for a look at the funky record playing room.

Babalou Kingscliff
This room has my name all over it

Anyone can pull up a lounge chair and with their ice-cold beers and cocktails choose their favourite hits from a wide variety of LP ‘s to spin on the old record player. Pretty bloody cool.

Babalou Bar Kingscliff
Hey DJ spin that wheel

Watch out Woody, once baby number two is here, and I am cleared for alcohol again, you and me are going to be hanging out in that room having our own little party.

Kingscliff NSW
Chelsea and Kalyra wandering through the town

We then wandered back to their house, (Kingscliff is just that type of a town – a laidback, ambling kinda place) we hung out and chatted in the comfort of their lving room, while the kids went crazy with hide and seek, trampolines, dress ups and chocolate eggs.

Kingscliff NSW
Chocolate fun

We couldn’t leave Kingy without checking out Salt, the resort situated on its own beach just outside of Kingscliff where almost everyone who goes there stays.

Salt Beach Kingslciff
Salt Beach Photo paulafunnell

I wasn’t that fussed on it. I much preferred the main part to Kingscliff. The beach was too open and wild and there wasn’t anything else there except the resort, making it far too isolated from the main area’s cafes, restaurants and things to do.

I’ll stick to good old Kingy myself.

Can’t wait to get back there and hit those records. I think Nana Mouskouri should be first play.

See you soon Woody and Greg, and thanks for a great visit.

Would you like to hang out with us in Babalou’s record room in Kingscliff? If so,what would you play and what would be your drink of choice?

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  1. Maureen

    Ooooooohhhhh…love this! We’re slated for a house sit in NSW in September and this little gem is going on the list. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. We are always looking for quiter beaches and surf breaks since I’m still learning and kind of afraid to be around other people while doing it! This area sounds perfect- will have to add it to our list when we get back to OZ.

    • It is much quieter and I don’t think there is much of that localism “Keep of my wave” kinda crap. Greg surfs there quite a bit and loves it. The campsite is in the perfect spot. I don’t think there is a backpackers or anything there, so it really is an off the beaten travellers spot.

  3. If you want a simple getaway to a seaside town this is the place to be. In Kingscliff you will see the most natural beach where you can walk and have your own piece of paradise.

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