Free Video Series – How to Travel More and Create Better Memories

Are you fed up with your life being just about work and the mundaneness of everyday living?

Getting up, going to work, paying the bills, collapsing on the couch at the end of the week, trying to fit in family functions and evenings with friends but feeling so unmotivated to really make an effort.

This was not what you envisioned as a child.

You thought adults had all the fun. Yet you’ve arrived here and the fun seems to have been overtaken by bills, schedules, work, meetings, and exhaustion.

We know how soul sucking it can be. You look left and right and scream,

“There has to be more than this, surely!”

And there really is.

We know how simple and easy it is to reclaim back some of that fun and own the direction your course will go.

Travel is one of the only parts to your life when you say,  “This is what I want to do, how I want to do it and when.”

It’s time out. Time out for you to live, relax, escape and enjoy.

It’s freedom, discovery and exploration on your terms.


Travel more. Create better memories.


How to Travel More and Create Better Memories


We say life is all about the memories.

The memories are the only thing you carry with you as you move through life. So we have to make memories worth talking about. Each year of my adult life has been defined by travel memories.

In 1997 when I moved to London, in 2004 when we travelled Africa…in 2008 when I, when I…hang on I can’t remember what I did that year. I didn’t travel much….Oh God, what did I do with my life? Why can’t I remember it?

The years when I did not travel, I struggle to think about what I did, who I was with, what I learned. Months and days of my life just disappeared into mundaneness. But the travel memories are still so crystal clear, I remember conversations, I remember sounds, tastes, and vibrations.

This is how our lives should be: full, complete, experienced.

I know many people switch off when it comes to travel as they think it can’t be a part of their life. They throw out the excuses of no time, no money, and no experience. All of these do play a part in either going or staying, but the challenges they present can be overcome so you can have more travel in your life. Travel means different things to different people. We have lived and travelled around the world since 1997, through solo travel, couples travel, and now travel with kids. We’ve experienced budget travel, expat travel, long-term travel, and now we take lots of short-term breaks.

You need to choose the best style of travel that suits your needs and desires.

One thing for sure is you need to have more travel in your life. More getaways, more short-term breaks, more time-out for YOU. Time out so you can unwind, let go and enjoy living. Live fully, laugh loudly, and embrace existing. To just be yourself and not have anyone else telling you how to be. Create those life-long memories. Make your life count. Define each year by a travel moment. You can’t let the days of your life slip into the black hole of “I can’t remember how I lived.”


How to Travel More

We have created a short 9-part video series on how to travel more.

In each video we give you a simple tip on how you can easily incorporate more travel – more time for you – into your life.

Stick with us and we’ll show you, based on over 15 years of world travel experience, just how easy it can be.


We’ve lived and breathed travel.

We know the tips and tricks and we love to share them. It’s because of our passion, knowledge and experience that we have quickly built one of the biggest independent travel blogs in the world and are highly respected as a source of inspiration and information.

Companies such as Expedia,, and Hooroo have called upon us to share our expert opinion on travel related topics to help people travel more.

Our video series will teach you:

  • Ways to save money for travel
  • How to cut costs on the road
  • Tips and strategies for cheap accommodation and flights
  • Places and ways to explore that won’t cost you a fortune
  • And tips for making your travel experience longer without sending you broke

Once you have finished each video you will be inspired to put those action steps into place and make your life mean more through travel.

From here on end it’s about freedom and owning your life again. It’s about creating memorable moments so you can look back on your life and know you truly lived.

Here’s what others are saying about our ability to inform and teach:

“We did a survey of our readers and one of the questions asked what other sites do you use for researching travel. You would not believe how many people mentioned y travel! They could only list three and usually it was something like, ytravelblog and Matador or Lonely Planet. I saw your blog on there more than anyone else’s!”


How to Get the Video Series

Our 9 part video series is available today for you for FREE.

Yes, that’s right, some of our most valuable tips we are giving away to you for free.

All you have to do is sign up to receive the emails series.

Every third day an email, with a new tip, will arrive in your inbox (add our email cazcraig[@] ytravelblog [dot] com to your address book so you don’t miss it)

For each tip you will have a

  • short video to watch
  • recommended action steps
  • + links to further reading on each topic

+ You will also receive our FREE weekly updates with our best posts and travel tips.

@ytravelblog My wife & I’ve been visiting tons of blogs for our RTW planning for the past 3 weeks, & yours is simply awesome & amazingly useful!

See you on the inside!!


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

P.P.S.  if you know anyone who you think will benefit from the series, please share this page and encourage them to sign up.

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  1. Antiqua

    Is there an article that I can read as opposed to having a video?

    • Each video will have articles attached that will explain the information in more depth.

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  3. Christin Svard

    Hi.I really got excited when I read about your travel blog.
    I love travelling and would love to have some tips on how to travel in South Africa ,if you maybe have an article that you have posted etc.please direct me so I can have a further read.
    Thank you kindly.Kind regards
    Christin Svard

  4. I live in the US, and have barely made my way outside of my home state (Michigan) let alone outside the country. I have been dreaming of traveling to places around the world for as long as I can remember, but money is the issue. I decided to save for a year or two to be able to make my first trip out of the country with my Fiance, brother and my brothers friend. I want to plan for Ireland… any tips/helpful advice would be very much appreciated.

    • Hi Kayla,
      Here are our posts on Ireland It’s one of our favourite countries. Also by the end of the month we should have our first ebook published where we share our tips and strategies for getting free and cheap travel.

    • Jose Michel

      I know how you feel. Since when I was ten year old I wanted to travel to South America, Because of family, divorces (2) I finally did it. I am 68 now. Next year if am still alive my GF and I will hit the road to travel around the world. Someone said: HAPPINESS IS TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I believe I finally found happiness. Traveling is a beautiful addiction. If you manage your budget well, it is not that much more expensive that staying at home drinking beer and watching TV.

      • Absolutely agree Jose! Love your spirit. Thank you for sharing! It came at the right time for me as today I have been a little worried about having enough money to travel, but you are so right, it is not that much more expensive than staying home.

  5. Agustin

    Hi Caz and Craig! I’ve just come across your blog and it’s awesome! Would you let me know when your e-book is published? Thanks!
    Regards from Buenos Aires!

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  7. Dina hilde

    I need infirmation on free traveling all over the world

  8. Diana Henke

    I have been following you guys on Pinterest for some time now. You have such an amazing family and exciting life. How fabulous that you share all of this with your beautiful children. Thanks for all of the tips that you share!

  9. Roohollah

    Dear Caz
    I just came across your blog and understood what happiness means. I’m from Iran and I like traveling so much but because of the money exchange issue in Iran due to sanction and some economic problems we can’t even think about sneak out of the country but we would specially like to meet you and your family in Iran. As I said just a few second ago Money exchange rate ruined our life but it’s an opportunity for tourists and travelers to came across the borders of Iran to indulge themselves curiosity and pas. Do not hesitate to ask any question about traveling in Iran and also don’t attention to the news. Media’s administrators and politicians just think about political issue and don’t even give a @@@@ to humanity and the only thing they’re doing is spreading negative energy to others. Hear about us from real mankind tourists, photographers and nature lovers. Iranian hospitality is well-known between them. Hope to see you soon in Isfahan, Iran.
    Say hello to your family for me.

    • Hi Roohollah!
      I am so sorry to hear of the problems you are facing in your country. I hope the economic situation improves soon. I am really interested in visiting Iran. I know a few other travel bloggers who went recently and they had nothing but wonderful stories to share about the country and people. I would believe them over the media any day. I well let you know if we can make a trip to Iran work. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Ebrahim Jalali

    I would like to know , How I can travel for begining?

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  19. Hi, any tips in getting a budget hotel? We are planning to travel and top on the list is Geneva, I found a website with list of hotels available in the area if you have some tips it will be very much appreciated.

  20. I am quite an accomplished traveler myself and I always over did it because I kept telling myself I could only do it on my youth – forget about it when I get married or have kids. You guys proved me wrong!! I used to think I could only take my kids to Disney trips, you guys are a great source of inspiration – thanks so much!!
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  21. I love to travel. Wish I could see the whole world.

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  24. Hi Caz and Craig,

    Love your blog. Thank you for the inspiration, love your writing style. Enjoy following you on instagram as well, adorable pictures.

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