28 of the best travel blogs to follow and the benefits

Ever since we started traveling the world in 1997 we have relied on independent travelers for the majority of our information and inspiration to go travel. Many travellers are now turning their advice into some of the best travel blogs online.

Travel Blogs
Craig and Caz

Sure, we have used guide books along the way, but they can become outdated quickly and their authors have ridiculous deadlines to meet and may just skim the surface of a destination. And books are another thing to carry.

For us, nothing can replace the speed of getting current information off the internet and the first person account and logistics of traveling through the eyes of experienced travelers who have the time to really get to know a place.

People follow People

It’s no surprise to us that travelers are increasingly turning to travel blogs and their respective social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and travel podcasts for their information and inspiration.

We love witnessing personal experiences through photos, reading stories, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and getting tips and advice from other travelers who’ve been there and done that.

It gives us the knowledge and inspiration to go and do it.

Whether it’s advice we need on new destinations, travel planning, travel tips, things to see and do, where to stay, where to eat, or getting around, experienced travel blogger’s can be your best and most current source of information.

Social Media Experts

A blog is a form of social media, because social media can be defined as any place where a community can form.

So the other huge benefit of following a Travel Blog is you can engage directly with the publisher through comments on the blog, their Facebook page, via email etc.

Try having a relationship with the author of a guide book or the writer of a newspaper or magazine article.

People love to be a part of communities for advice, support, and encouragement, and as far as travel goes there is no better place to hang out than great travel blogs.

Below is a list of 36 independent travel blogs broken into categories that we personally follow and have a relationship with either in person or online.

We encourage you to check them out, subscribe to their blog, and go follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

 36 of the Best Travel Blogs to Follow

Round the World Travel Blogs

Wandering Earl – Derek Earl Baron has been traveling the world for over 12 years. We love the way he writes, he is very honest and has some of the best travel stories and adventures you will ever read.

He has traveled places such as the Middle East, and has worked on cruise ships, volunteered, and taught English.

Go Backpacking – Dave Lee left the comfort of home in the USA to travel around the world documenting his travels through writing, photos and video. Dave’s site offers great independent budget travel tips and advice, and he also blogs about his life as an expat living in Colombia.

Dave is also the brains behind the Travel Blog Success course on how to build a better travel blog.

Bacon is Magic – Ayngelina Brogan is a Canadian who has spent the past year traveling through Latin and South America. She documents her travels through articles on destinations, food experiences, and life experiences as a solo female traveler.

Her stories and photos are fantastic and take you along for the ride.

Go, See, Write – Michael Hodson is an Attorney from the USA who took off to travel the world in 2008 taking in 6 continents and 44 countries with two rules: no reservations and no airplanes.

Michael loves diving, beer, and he writes travel stories with lots of humor and great photography mixed in. He is the man behind the Ultimate Train Challenge.

Finding the Universe – Laurence Norah is from the UK but spent a lot of his childhood growing up in the Seychelles.

Throw in some time spent growing up in a VW van touring the UK, a 60,000km road trip around Australia, a summer living in Germany, and now living the expat life in New Zealand, and you get your full-time traveler slowly exploring the world.

The Globetrotter Girls – are Jessica the American freelance travel editor, and Dani the German freelance photographer. In 2010 they packed up their London flat and decided to kick the idea of having a ‘bucket list’ and instead started living their bucket life.

They live as digital nomads, are big believers in slow travel, and believe that ‘budget travel’ need not be a dirty word. We love their passion for travel and living out loud.

Traveling with Sweeney – Catherine Sweeney is a native of Chicago and grew up with a love of travel. Cathy shares her perspectives on places she’s been and other travel-related topics. She has a wide range of U.S. travel experiences, a modest range of international travel, and her writings may be nostalgic at times.

Her stories also tell you about friends, family, and people she’s met along the way.

Brendan’s Adventures – Brendan is a travel writer and photographer from Canada and has been on the road for nearly two years. He believes that travel is a better educator than the classroom, and shares his travel tips and stories through writing, photography, and videos.

Brendan is also currently living the expat life in Colombia.

Brooke vs the World- Brooke is from Illinois and is on an extended journey to see the world, which includes her current stay as an expat in Australia. Her blog is about a girl living abroad and all the successes and failures brought about in the process.

Brooke also runs the very informative WhyGo Australia.

C’est Christine – A Californian by birth, Christine Amarose has been addicted to travel since her parents stuck her on a plane by herself at 6. She has a background in Journalism and social media, but quit her corporate job to blog, soak up the sun and parler Français in Nice, France.

Christine is currently living the expat life in Melbourne, Australia and believes in setting up base for a period of time in a location and really getting to know it as the locals do.

Globo Treks – Norbert is originally from Puerto Rico but has spent a lot of time living in New York City. He loves to experience different cultures first hand and a trip to Thailand in 2008 changed his life.

Whilst his site contains many stories, adventures, travel tips, destination reviews, and photos, most of all his site is an inspiration and a way to let you know that trekking the world is possible and that you can do it too.

The Aussie Nomad – Chris Richardson decided that after 6 years in the cubicle answering the phone and spinning the sales pitch there was more to life. So after short trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and Phuket he figured that opening up the macbook and starting life as a nomad was calling.

Chris is known as the “tech guy” in the bloggers circle, and his blog serves as a guide to others that it is possible to uproot yourself and find a new way of living.

A Dangerous Business – Amanda Williams grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Ohio. She has a journalism degree, and is obsessed with travel, especially New Zealand where she lived for a while and traveled extensively.

Besides that, Amanda has been to 9 countries on 4 continents and is of the belief that there is no ‘right’ way to travel and that you should just get out there and do it.

Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures – Aaron is an independent travel junkie. His adventures started at the ripe old age of 4 when a midlife crisis took his family from Massachusetts to Ecuador where he became fluent in Spanish and gained a unique appreciation for foreign cultures.

Since then he’s been to 4 continents and experienced some of the great wonders in this world, including the Amazon Rainforest, the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu.

The Travel Chica – Stephanie from Ohio has taken a sabbatical to travel solo through Central and South America. She writes about independent travel and her attempt to live simpler, consume less, and experience more.

She hopes to introduce you to new places and experiences, inspire you to go out and explore the world, and perhaps provide a little entertainment.

Couples Travel

The Travelling Canucks – Cameron and Nicole Wears are from Vancouver. They began experiencing the world at a young age, with Cameron living in Nairobi-Kenya at age 12 and Nicole backpacking around Europe at age 19.

They have a passion for travel and outdoor adventures and consider themselves fortunate to have traveled to over 50 countries together in the past 7 years.

As We Travel - Nathan from New Zealand and Sofia from Sweden formed their budget travel site in 2010, and it’s aimed at travelers who are about to embark on their first round the world trip.

They share their simple travel tips and advice, and they also take very informative and personal travel videos.

Hecktic Travels –  Dalene and Peter Heck are a Canadian couple who have sold everything to travel the world.

They started by volunteering in Bolivia for two months and worked their way through South America, followed by a 6 month house sitting assignment in Honduras, and are currently taking care of a centuries-old manor in rural Ireland.

Inspiring Travellers – John and Andrea are a nomadic couple traveling the world full-time. They grew up on opposite sides of the world, but then one day, in a tiny little town at the bottom of Crete, they met.

Their blog features stories of their own travel adventures, interviews with other travelers, and articles on foodie finds from around the globe.

Jack and Jill Travel – This site is about the misadventures of Jack and Jill as they go around the world. They left for their around the world trip on April 18th, and their blog chronicles the preparations for the trip and stories from the road.

They hope to inspire and to share all sorts of things like musings, tips, and random articles.

Don’t Ever Look Back – Amy and Kieron are two travelers from Australia currently preparing for a long-term travel adventure beginning in the USA in July.  Their blog was created so other like-minded travelers can share in their adventures and photographs.

This site has great tips and information on planning an extended trip for the first time traveler.

Ordinary Traveler – Scott and Christy are a couple of American surfers currently residing in San Diego. They started their blog to inspire ordinary people, like themselves, to fulfill their dreams of travel no matter what situation they are in.

They aim to give their readers budget travel tips, entertaining stories, and advice on travel photography. They’re planning to teach and surf up and down the coast of South America as their next big adventure.

 Travel Video Bloggers

Travel YourselfCanadian Cailin O’Neils site is one for the lovers of visual content. You will find great travel videos and interviews with fellow travel video bloggers, as well as video hotel and hostel reviews and anything travel related.

Follow  Cailin as she travels the world giving tips and tricks on how to get around and make the most of your own adventure.

Travel Photography Blogs

Ken Kaminesky – Ken is a professional and takes amazing photos. He loves photography and believes each person and every place has it’s own story, and he’s on the road to discover the world around him and to take a whole lotta photos while he’s at it.

Canvas of Light – Daniel Nahabedian is another expert travel photographer with an incredible background. He was born in Lebanon, raised in the UAE, carries a French passport, speaks 5 languages, and currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Daniels mission is to share the knowledge he acquires during his travels through photography.

Adventure Travel Blog

The PlanetD – Dave and Deb are known as Canada’s Adventure couple, with good reason. They have climbed, paddled, hiked and biked their way through 5 continents. From cycling 12,000km in Africa, trekking to the Pinnacles of Borneo, and reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

They also take AMAZING photos and are about to embark on the Mongol Rally.

Travel Podcast

Indie Travel Podcast – Craig and Linda Martin are two Kiwis who have been traveling around the world since 2006. They are the founders of the award winning Indie Travel Podcast as the best Travel Podcast according to Lonely Planet.

Their podcast serves as an online home to expats, digital nomads, career breakers, and backpackers. Not only do they have a great podcast, but they also publish audio, video, photos and articles.

Budget Travel Blog

Budget Travel Adventures – Jeremy Branham love’s to travel, and do it on a budget. He’s also a father and a sports fan. His site is about budget travel, family travel and vacations, domestic and international travel.

Jeremy believes that budget travel is not about how much you spend.  It’s about getting the most out of your travel experience with the money you spend. His site offer travel tips, weekly travel deals, and stories to give you a better travel experience.


Do you follow any of these blogs?

Who would make your list of best travel blogs to follow?

Craig Makepeace is the founder of yTravel Blog and has been traveling the world since 2002, first with his wife Caz, and now with his two daughters. Get his free email series on the 4 best ways to reduce travel costs. Follow him on Google+

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    I really like Mikes Road Trip. He primarily blogs about north America …..

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  22. Charlie 'Diary of a Muzungu'

    I’m a big fan of Todd’s Wanderings. As a fellow Lonely Planet blogger, Todd’s been a great source of inspiration and managed the awesome (free!) e-book -‘Around the world with 40 bloggers’ 88 pages of fab photos and links to a diverse range of travel bloggers shttp://bit.ly/mT9rb1

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      Great to hear your thoughts onTodd. He’s a great member of the whole travel blogging community.

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  26. http://thelifethatbroke.com/ – excellent travel + personal blog…

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      You do a great job with your blog mate. And you know the other things we have in common :)

  34. you must add “married with Luggage”…Seattle couple who sold everything and have been traveling since late last summer (I believe) …they are prolific posters on FB and do blog also…

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    Fabulous how many travel bloggers there are out there now –
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    And this is only the tip of the iceberg ;)

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, there really is a growing list of great travel bloggers. Was hard to keep the list this short actually.

  38. Great list! I also highly recommend checking out @KicktheGrind who is a travel video blogger as well. He’s currently travelling the World in 80 Days with Cathay Pacific and captures everything from shark diving to breakdancing. His site is http://www.kickthegrind.tv

    • Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for the tip. Will go check out that site now. Cheers

  39. Great List. Some I follow and others will need to discover. Been wanting to make my own list to shine light on others. After the 7 links project, and picking five for that, will produce my list. It is always good to give a shout out to others

  40. I am so happy to be included in your list.

    We share a lot of the same RSS feeds, but you have introduced me to a few more I need to check out.

    • Hey Stephanie,

      We really enjoy your writing style and interesting stories.

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    • Hi Jillian,

      Yeah finding the time is the difficult part for all of us. But we are getting there :)

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  43. For family travel, in The Vacation Gals I trust…those gals know their stuff. And they’re all just so amazingly personable, professional and proficient in delivering insightful perspectives on traveling with kids (ages 3 and up).


    Great list, by the way. Nice work!

    • Hi Dave,

      I am definitely aware of VacationGals. Will have to subscribe to their feed to check them out more thoroughly. Thanks.

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  49. Nice list! I’ve been following mostly Philippine Travel Blogs, but i am also a fan of Johnny, Andi and Nellie :) I also visit some of the blogs of those you mentioned in this post. Will check the rest as well :D

  50. Great list of travel bloggers! Some I have been following and others I need to look into!

    BTW, you both look way tooooo comfortable!

  51. This is a great list. I’ve recently discovered many of these blogs but three are complete newbies and I’m going to check them out right now.

  52. There are a couple I would suggest checking out- The Life That Broke (an expat blog), Of Revolt, FOGG Odyssey (a cool photography blog), Landlopers (Budget Travel Tips +).

    It is a good list- not like I need more great blogs in my RSS feeder (150 right now!).

    • Hey Erik,

      Yes Laurens blog (The Life That Broke) is great too. And so is Matt’s (LandLopers). Cheers

  53. I like Journey Jottings, The Travel Tart, Peter Moore and Red Nomad Oz:)

  54. Hey guys! Been reading you for a long time now, and am thrilled to make your list :) Keep up the excellent work, love you both!

    • Hey Laurence,

      And you are one of our first reads as well. Always great to see your photography too.

  55. Great list!

  56. There are so many great travel blogs out there. I’m sure it was hard to pick just these 36! But you did a great job! A couple of my favorites that I didn’t see on here are Inside the Travel Lab and No Vacation Required.

    • Hi Jenna,

      Thanks for sharing those other blogs. It is hard to narrow it down. May do a follow up post in the future with a different criteria?

      • That is a good idea, but at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with a fairly short list that reflects your own personal preferences! And it was nice that you encouraged people to add ones they like, too.

  57. Thanks so much for including us on this list, Craig — a great list, which must have taken you *ages* to put together. Hope all’s good with you guys…

    • Your welcome Theodora.

      Yep, it took me three days to put together. Not three whole days, but three days none the less.

  58. Wow thanks so much for including me. But wow what a daunting task! I’m always embarrassed when I realize I don’t have someone on a blogroll much less choosing to pare down for a post. Really honoured.

    • Hi Ayngelina,

      It was a difficult task. It took me days to put this together. And I could create another list with different criteria, but that can wait another 6 months or so :)

  59. Thanks so much for including me! Glad to see our sports rivalry hasn’t gotten in the way of our love for travel! :)

    • Jeremy,

      What can I say, UNC fans are good people and know talent :)

  60. stellar list guys!!! great to see so many pals here- it’s well-deserved! :)

  61. Love this list! These are the Best of the Best!

  62. Nice list of Travel Blogs, Is there any online travel agents blogs?lol

  63. Great picks! I follow many of these blogs and enjoy their posts– especially Jeremy B, Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures and the Traveling Canucks. Curious how you came up with the list. Are these the bloggers you interact with most on Twitter and Facebook?

    • Hi Leslie,

      This list is made up of blogs we follow and read and who provide great value. They are also people we either know offline or online. But we know there are many more great blogs, like yours, but we couldn’t list everyone and will probably do a follow up post with a different criteria in the future.

  64. Awesome!

    You need a few more family travel bloggers. We’re one :) http://www.discovershareinspire.com

    Driving from Alaska to Argentina in a veggie powered truck with 5 kids!

    • Hi Rachel,

      Of course, the veggie powered truck family :) Your adventure sounds awesome. Rock on…

  65. Rachel Denning (above) is a friend of mine and I second her site as a good addition to the Family Travel section…

    We’re full time family travelers too, in our 4th year on the road with four kids… http://www.edventureproject.com

    Great list!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your families site. Will check it out too. Sounds great.

  66. Hi guys – was just poking around your site and found this – thank you SO much for including our blog here – such an honour and we’re among great company to boot. Cheers =)

    • Hi Andrea,

      Your very welcome. You guys do a great job with your site and we enjoy following your journey.

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  68. Hi Caz and Craig,

    Congratulations for landing in the first spot of Brendan’s Top 100 Travel Blogs.

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  70. Hey Caz and Craig, Thank you so much for featuring my blog here! It’s an honor as I love your blog, and there are so many great blogs listed here. I think I follow most, if not all of these blogs, so I can say it is definitely a great compilation for inspiration and wanderlust.

    PS. I’m actually working a “blogs to follow” list too, and a little birdie told me yTravelBlog is featured. ;)

  71. Hi myself and my husband are going on a European road tip next month, any good blogs that you could suggest that could give us some good ideas?

    Thanks and love the list btw

  72. Wow, that’s a great list that you guys have featured here!

    Waegook-tom.com (ok, shameless plug haha)
    Chicky Bus
    Breakaway Backpacker

    …some of my favourites out there! So many brilliant blogs, so little time!

  73. I just stumbled upon your site for the first time and found this list! Thanks for sharing it, I’ve found a few new blogs that I am about to start following! I just started my own blog about a month ago and this is very inspiring! Thanks again :)

    • Awesome Jeanette! Thanks for finding us and commenting. Glad you enjoyed discovering some new blogs

  74. Hi. Thanks for the tip.

  75. Fantastic list, even if it is missing us ;-) The twitter list is especially handy. Thanks

  76. Nice list! You guys forgot to include yourselves :P Twitter list is great.. and also you should include Sprinterlife.com, one of the best travel blogs I’ve read in a while, and LostWorldExpedition.com. Jack and Jill are amazing peeps, we shared an apartment with them in Banos for two weeks!

    If anyone wants to check out a different kind of travel blog, sort of part travel, part manifesto, part insides of our brains, do come by and visit us… we’re a South African/ Malaysian couple who have been travelling RTW for over two and a half years, currently doing our Americas leg (in Vilcabamba, Ecuador right now) in our van, Suzie Wong.

    Peace love and giggles

    • Thanks for sharing your blog and some other great ones as well! Glad you enjoyed the list.

  77. Great list, some I had not seen before. I also like Wes Nations Johnny Vagabond, http://johnnyvagabond.com/ He has great stories and photos.

  78. Call me one of those static travelers – South Korea has been home for 3 1/2 years, but that’s given me an AWESOME chance to travel around the country. Perhaps it’s worth checking out the next time you’re up for a trip to the Hermit Kingdom :)

  79. Thanks for the list, gives me some new things to try.

    I have a real soft spot for The Vagabond Adventures of Lucie, Lauchland and BowWow thevagabondadventures.com as that was one of the first travel blogs I ever found. And their photos!

  80. I just saw that I was lucky enough to be mentioned here. Thanks guys, I’m honoured! Hope our paths cross sometime soon :)

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    I especially like the couples travel since my next trip is as a couple, not as a solo traveler :)

  82. Hi, another interesting blog to follow is Travel Volunteer Project: a 100+1 Days Journey through Japan’s 47 prefectures to promote Tourism back to Japan!

    Katy is a pro photographer & Jamie a Travel Writer. They get to places where very few foreigners reach in Japan and share their stories everyday! (except last night since they were camping in a volunteer site in Tohoku!!).

    Check it out at:

    website: http://travelvolunteer.net

    Blog: http://travelvolunteerblog.net

    Facebook: http://facebook.com/travelvolunteerproject

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  86. hi Craig and Caz, your blog is very informative. i have just started my own travel blog. hope to can drop an idea. Currently writing from Glasgow. http://senangtravel.blogspot.com

  87. Love this list. I follow quite a few, but there’s such a lack of budget travel blogs! I have one that gives tips on how to save in general to go anywhere you want, as well as gives overviews of destinations, reviews of products, services and websites and gives some awesome packing tips. http://www.ShereenTravelsCheap.com.

    • Thanks for sharing Shereen. Everyone is always looking for budget travel tips!

  88. This is such a great list! Good chance to know many other travel bloggers and their different ways to see and explore the world. I recommend you the viventura’s travel blog and website. They have a team of interns living and working all over south america and they are always sharing valuable resources and info about this continent. They are available in french, german, spanish and English. http://www.viventura.com/blog

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  92. Giblogswallop

    The above is my blog/website about living on the rock of Gibraltar and in Andalucia-too tired to type too much as I have just got back from a sailing trip to Morocco and need an early night prior to a golf competition tomorrow before playing football on Thursday then a big night out to celebrate Burns on Friday ! Work is a hindrance!

  93. Great list, a few I knew about, but most are new to me. My travels have taken years, and are still ongoing, but my blog is new. I hope it makes a few of these lists one day. Thanks again for this article!

    • Pleasure Nate! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your blog details. Love the name!

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  95. I hope someday my blog will be on one of those lists..

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    I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting blogs so will check out your suggestions.

    Have you seen WheretheHellisMatt.com? Not quite but almost a blog — with a really fun twist. Alwasy makes me smile. :-)

    Been travelling and living around the world a few . . . ahem . . . decades myself now. Wish I could have started blogging back when I started travelling!

  97. Definitely will keep these blogs in mind! Travel Chica really is very good. If you’re interested in learning about more travel websites check out http://www.52perfectdays.com hopefully you’ll like it. Thank you for posting!

  98. Hi guys, this is a nice list to go through, and the mass of comments has added a few more. I’m new to this game but quickly found a niche that hasn’t been well-covered. I call it Grown-up Travel and it’s for adventurous types who are in the ‘post-backpacking’ segment (to use a horrible marketing term!) By this I mean those of us who have done all the budget travel in our earlier years but do not want to settle for 2 weeks at the beach a year. There is light at the end of the tunnel and whether solo, as a couple or a family you can have amazing experiences. It doesn’t hurt to have a little money either which most of us do at this stage so we don’t have to constantly scrimp our way through a trip. I believe that many of the original backpacking travel blog generation are starting to move into this phase of wanting a little more comfort and a little less hostel life; but still want to make their travels unique and special. Anyway, this is all a bit of a plug for http://www.grownuptravelguide.com which is in its infancy and needs feedback from you and your expert readers to help it develop!
    I would also give http://www.landlopers.com and 48houradventure.com a shout-out for providing information more aimed at this group of people too. Apart from them, I have struggled to find blogs and would also appreciate tips on any others.
    It would be great if you could update this list for 2012, and maybe consider one on good travel forums?
    All the best from snowy Norway,

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  101. Well since everyone else has slipped in a quick self promo.. I love our website and think we are funnier and more honest than sliced bread ;-)

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    Sheila Kartika recently posted..My First Time Solo Travel
    Sheila Kartika recently posted..My First Time Solo Travel

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    Arti recently posted..Tokyo Tour On The Sumida River Cruise, Japan

  108. Started following many more Blogs from the ones you mentioned here and following many on twitter also :)
    Arti recently posted..Tokyo Tour On The Sumida River Cruise, Japan
    Arti recently posted..Tokyo Tour On The Sumida River Cruise, Japan

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    Ken recently posted..Do you miss London?

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    Thanks for recommending these travel blogs and I would definitely recommend these blogs to my readers as well. :)

    Pathway To Asia

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    Greg Goodman recently posted..Life as a Photokina Presenter // Travel, Photography, Ham Sandwiches, & LOVE

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    Travel Tamed recently posted..101 Places to Visit in New York City

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    Flashpacker John recently posted..Sri Lanka Backpacking Costs

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    I’ve been blogging on my own travel adventures over at http://www.shershegoes.com and would love if you guys checked it out! Unfortunately not a full time traveler yet (still gotta pay the bills) but I love photography and use each trip to try and improve my shots!

    So far on the blog I’ve posted about Eastern Europe (Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, etc), Italy, London, NYC and Paris. San Francisco and a Japan series forthcoming!!


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