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Craig & Caroline Makepeace (in Tuscany, Italy)

Are you looking to showcase an authentic and relatable travel experience in your destination through personable stories and expert tips that aligns with your messaging?

With the Makepeace Family, founders and publishers of you get so much more than a pretty picture. You get a lifestyle, passion, commitment and UNRIVALLED expertise!

Travel has been our lifestyle since before the internet. We didn’t start doing this blog in 2010 because we thought it would be cool to look pretty in pictures, tout vanity metrics, and get free trips!

We love to help people discover new destinations and create memorable experiences with those they love!

We’ve been successfully marketing destinations around the world and partnering with top DMO’s and travel brands for 13+ years via this international travel blog.

We love to create win-win relationships, and our goal is not to just provide a one-off Instagram photo or series of Insta stories that disappears after 24 hours, but offer long-term ROI.

Mom taking a selfie photo with two daughters on a river cruise
Savannah (12), Kalyra (16) in Budapest

We create rich, evergreen, and useful content across our multi-platform channels. We don’t just inspire, we also inform; we help travelers to plan and book their own trips! Our followers are still booking trips from our content that we published years ago!

We can create content targeted to three specific travel niches, with personal experience and authority in each niche, depending upon your needs:

  • Solo Travel
  • Couples Travel
  • or, Family Travel

We’ve also lived in 5 countries and traveled to over 60, so you can believe if we say something is good, our followers trust we know what we’re talking about.

Not only do we create content on our own channels, but we’ve worked with many brands to appear in commercials for their own marketing, and you can purchase our assets such as photography and video (including drone footage) for your own marketing needs.


As full-time professional travel bloggers, we were awarded Green Cards by the U.S. Government due to our extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging. We have been featured on, Travel + Leisure, Forbes, Fox Business News, and other top travel publications. 

We have partnered with some of the top travel brands in the world including Allianz Travel Insurance, Globus Travel, Qantas, Ford, Canon, Airbnb and hundreds of domestic and international DMO’s such as Visit California, Visit Florida, Visit Idaho, and Tourism Singapore.

We understand what travelers want, and know how to tell the story of a destination that speaks to your specific audience.

Using our creative talent and authentic (engaging) personalities, we can showcase your destination and portray how it would feel to have a memorable vacation there.

Our coverage of destinations never ends once we check out. They are usually repurposed across different types of content, featured in listicles and itinerary guides for years to come.

That’s one reason, previous clients have frequently called us… “The Gift that Keeps on Giving.”

We are travel experts first and foremost because we’ve lived and breathed it for our entire adult life. We’re not just finding viral music trends and hacking hashtags to get you a one-off viral promotion.


  • Blog unique monthly visitors: 108K
  • Demographics by location (top 4)
    • USA, Australia, Canada, UK
  • Demographics by age:
    • 1. 25-34, 2. 35-44
    • 67% female, 54% have kids
  • Instagram: 36K
  • Facebook: 62K
  • Twitter: 49K
  • YouTube: 6K
  • Pinterest: 4 million


We can work with you in a variety of ways. Depending on your budget and content deliverables, we can put a package together for you!

We’re interested in long term value and ROI. Therefore, we will typically not just visit your region to share a couple of Instagram updates.

If you partner with us, you can rest assured your destination will be seen across our multiple channels for years to come. The best bang for your buck will be a combination of blog content, social media updates, and assets for your own marketing channels.


Ground costs to be covered including transport, accommodation, tours and activities, and food.

Our package rates cover our time in region, resources invested into our content creation, our image likeness, our unique global perspective, and access to our influence and community of followers.

NOTE: unless we can leverage a trip to make money in other ways, or have other brands sponsoring the content, it’s unlikely we will dedicate the time and resources to create content promoting your destination just for a hosted trip.

Example Blog & Social Media Package:

  • INSTAGRAM REEL (from $850)
    • Mix of A-roll and B-roll footage
    • Tagging your businesses and relevant hashtags
    • Description with key messages
  • INSTA STORIES (from $495)
    • 4 frames
    • Link out to your site
    • Tagging your handle
  • BLOG POST ARTICLE (from $1,950)
    • 1,500+ words
    • 10+ images
    • SEO optimized
    • Links to your website
    • Promoted via Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, Email
  • ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE (from $2,965)
    • Blog post
    • Instagram Reel
    • IG stories

Social Influencer Package (from $2,500)

  • 1x Instagram Reel
  • 5 – 10 daily Instagram Stories
  • 2x Instagram feed updates with hashtags and @tags
  • 2 x Facebook Updates
  • 1 x Facebook album at the end of the trip
  • Joint copyright to share our images on your social channels only


Includes high-resolution, edited images and footage + Makepeace family talent within
content. Rights for online usage only. Ask for rates for print/ TV advertising.

  • Per image: $250
  • 6 high-resolution, edited photos: $1200
  • 10 photos: $2000
  • 1 min video: $1500

Drone Photography & Video

Includes high-resolution, edited images and footage + Makepeace family talent within
content. Rights for online usage only. Ask for rates for print/ TV advertising.

  • Per image: $350
  • 6 high-resolution, edited photos: $2000
  • 10 photos: $3000
  • 1 min video: $2000
  • Per second clip prices can be arranged.

Examples of Blog Content

We understand SEO and telling stories that last way beyond the short lifespan of an Instagram update or expensive half page ad in a magazine.

Our content has an indefinite shelf life and remains on our website forever and has real time analytics like how many people actually read the post, how long they read it for, and who clicked where.

Hotels, tours and attractions mentioned on our site continue to be booked years after we’ve written about them. That means extended ROI for you, and more bang for your buck than traditional advertising that potential guests can’t engage with.

As we’re constantly repurposing content and writing listicles on destinations and experiences, we often feature proprieties we’ve written about more than once.

Examples of Instagram Reels


We recently had the pleasure of working with the Makepeace family on a multi-day project for Visit
Idaho. From the first time we met with them for film planning to them arriving on location for the
shoot, they brought enthusiasm, ideas, and professionalism. Whether it was skiing and snow tubing
for the first time or experiencing an indoor waterpark as a family, their commitment to the quality of
the project and the added exposure they delivered through their social channels are sure to have a lasting impact on Visit Idaho as a brand.
” – Addy Coleman, Madden Media / Visit Idaho

“There are plenty of content creators out there, but Caroline and Craig Makepeace are the real
deal. They were such a pleasure to work with and over-delivered in every way possible. Our
destination partners raved about their respective experiences with the whole family, and the
coverage they produced was polished, authentic, and engaging. I would highly recommend the
yTravel team to any tourism professional in the industry.”
Nerissa Okiye, Tourism Director of Martin County Office of Tourism & Marketing

“Caz and Craig of Y Travel Blog are a joy to work with! Their love for travel – and sharing memorable adventures with their daughters – is transparent throughout their content. Caz and Craig are prolific on their social channels and blog, and in our experiences they have
over delivered and covered nearly everything they experienced. Visit California and our local destination partners were thrilled with their
level of coverage, general professionalism and eagerness to explore.”
Visit California

We simply loved working with yTravel’s Caz and Craig Makepeace! They interacted with all of our partners in such a professional
manner, beginning with the planning and preparation stage and continuing through completion of the visit and subsequent reporting.
So many angles were captured during their visit, bringing our destination to life with their genuine and comprehensive coverage. We determined scope beforehand, but they went above and beyond what we expected, both in content and imagery, as well as the engage-
ment achieved through social posts, video and blog entries. Caz and Craig truly told the story of what makes our area so special and appealing for families and travelers who have never been here, and gave more ideas to those who have.
” – Pamela Joy, Media & Tour Account Manager for Bloomington, Minnesota Convention & Visitors Bureau

At Development Counsellors International, our job is finding a way to connect our destination clients with those who will not only tell, but
showcase the unique and authentic stories of our clients with journalist-quality writing, high-definition pictures and videos, and a loyal
audience that truly relies on the content creator for travel recommendations – which is why we’ve chosen to work with Caroline and Craig on multiple client accounts and a variety of “family-travel” themed projects with clients such as Visit Jackson and Visit California. Not only are they professional, flexible and easy to work with, but their in-depth destination blog posts consistently are consistently high quality and produce stellar engagement and SEO results, resulting in a plethora of praise from our destination clients such as: “I found the [blog] post to be really touching, and you can tell they genuinely meant what they said. What a great asset to the campaign”
Jonathan Pettus, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Jackson.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Caroline and Craig, and building a relationship with their family – and we look forward to
connecting with them on a variety of future client projects”.
Hannah Khan, Digital Account Executive / Influencer Relations Publicist, Development Counsellors International

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