20 Exciting Things to Do on Boracay Island with kids

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Boracay Island in the Philippines reminded me of Thailand fifteen years ago. Except for the famous White Beach – that was a little too much like Hat Rin on a full moon.

girl running towards boats on shore at Ilig Iligan Beach Boracay

Boracay Island has attracted the backpacker crowd over the years. And who can blame them? It has a reputation for being absolutely gorgeous – and having been, I can vouch it certainly lives up to that.

It has pristine, white sand beaches, the clearest water ever, an abundance of thriving marine life, and some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet.

But what is it like if you’re not a backpacker? Is Boracay a great place for kids? You bet! Although, your list of attractions may be slightly different.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing our top things to do on Boracay Island with kids, so you can make planning your Boracay itinerary easy.

Is Boracay Worth Visiting?

woman sitting under shade on Puka Beach looking at water

Boracay has gained a reputation for being a backpacker’s playground, with Boracay pub crawls and fire dancers on the beach – a similar vibe to the full moon parties in the South of Thailand.

But this tends to only really happen around the White Beach area. The rest of Boracay is idyllic and super chilled.

White Beach is still worth a visit, but when traveling to Boracay with kids, I recommend staying elsewhere.

It definitely made our list of things to do on Boracay Island with kids, but I find the other beaches on Boracay Island are just as good, if not better.

If you’re a foodie, beware that the Philippines is not as good as Thailand (in my opinion), but the people are just as friendly, the lifestyle super chilled, the beaches some of the best in the world, it’s relatively cheap, and there are plenty of things to do in Boracay with kids.

For that reason, I do think Boracay is worth visiting.

Things to Do on Boracay with Kids

Here are some of the best things to do in Boracay Island with kids that we experienced on our short visit.

1. Visit Punta Bunga Beach

girl looking at boat in water at Punta Bunga Beach Boracay

Punta Bunga Bach has pristine powdery white sand and turquoise waters and no crowds. It was our pick of Boracay Beaches and one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in the world.

Punta Bunga is a private beach for guests of Movenpick Resort and Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort.

I’m not sure if you can get access otherwise, but it’s worth a try because it is one of the best things to do in Boracay.

We had a spectacular morning kayaking and stand up paddling in the crystal clear water.

woman on a kayak
girl on stad up paddleboard on Punta Bunga Beach on Boracay
man and girl wearing snorkels at Punta Bunga Beach Boracay

2. Explore Puka Beach

We loved Puka Beach on Boracay Island. The sand may not be white, but it’s a golden color I like just as much.

Puka Beach is much quieter than White Beach and reminded me of the Thai beaches like Railey’s Bay back in 1999.

white sand, palm trees and aqua water of Puka Beach i

We got caught in a torrential rain storm (the tail end of the typhoon), but it soon passed and added to the fun and moody drama.

You can hire a beach chair and umbrella  – payment by way of overpriced shakes and food. They line the beach so go for a walk first to find one that suits your vibe. It’s worth doing if you intend on hanging around for the day.

thatched umbrellas on puka beach

I’d buy your one drink to reserve your seat and eat at the restaurant at the entrance to Puka Beach. It’s about a third of the price to what they charge for food from the chair rental shacks. Beer is way cheaper than fruit shakes, so why not make that your one drink?

Our chair rental shack came with free tubes, which Kalyra spent ages floating out on the clear waters on her own. Savannah wasn’t brave enough to do it, but she loved playing in the waves with Kalyra.

The rest of the time she hung with me on the chairs and had her photo taken by passing Filipinos who adored her blonde hair, blue-eyed look.

girls playing on edge of water Puka Beach is

While Kalyra was floating, Craig and I had a cheap foot massage and watched the local boys on their skim boards riding the waves. You can rent them also. I was pretty impressed with the aerial maneuvers they were performing.

3. Go on a Snorkeling and Boracay Island hopping tour

banca boat on shore of Punta Bunga Beach Boracay

On our last day in Boracay, the sun shone brightly, and Boracay glimmered. We joined a snorkeling and Boracay Island hopping tour on a banca boat organized by Movenpick Resort.

You can join these snorkeling tours anywhere in Boracay and is one of the best things to do in Boracay.

It was a fantastic way to spend the day. We loved visiting some of the other beaches and enjoying pretty decent snorkeling. I say pretty decently because after you’ve snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef most places from now on will be pretty decent!

people snorkeling in clear water
people snorkelling near a boat

4. Visit Balinghai Beach

We jumped off the boat for some snorkelling in the waters just offshore from Balinghai Beach. Balinghai is a private beach that looks like it belongs in the Greek Islands. It would be worth a visit if you can get there.

lush mountains next to water

Balinghai Beach covers over at high tide, and you do have to pay a fee to enter the beach.

people snorkeling next to a boat

Savannah had a brilliant time snorkelling and couldn’t wait to jump back in the boat with the sea animal chart to point out to me what she saw. Our guide told us that close by to this snorkeling spot in the deeper waters; he has seen whale sharks before when scuba diving.

5. Marvel at Diniwid Beach

boat headed twoards Diniwid Beach

Diniwid is a quiet and pretty beach. You can walk here from Station One or catch a trike. Or, like us, visit on your Boracay Island hopping boat tour. Diniwid Beach looks very family friendly.

The highlight of most travelers to this beach is The Spider House (see below)

It’s noted everywhere as one of the best things to do in Boracay.

6. Swim at Ilig Iligan Beach

boat headed towards Ilig Iligan Beach Boracay

This gorgeous little beach on the north east of the island is secluded, but accessible by road via motorbike, bicycle or hiking.

I loved our journey to Ilig Iligan past Puka Beach and the bats hanging upside down in the trees on the jungled and rugged coastline on our boat tour.

girls sitting on a boat in life jackets

The sand is white (although not as powdery as White Beach), the water is clear and turquoise, and the beach quiet. It’s a good spot for a seafood lunch and snorkeling a little further out from shore.

I found the snorkeling at Ilig Iligan Beach better than Balinghai Beach.

girls playing near boat in water at Ilig Iligan Beach

7. Visit Spider House for lunch or sunset

man holding lemon slushie on edge of water

I don’t think it matters when you visit, the Spider House will exhale a few wows out of your system.

Built on the edge of the cliff on the north side of Diniwid Beach, and accessed via a small tunneled cave, its bamboo decks hang out over the water and offer stunning views back towards Diniwid Beach.

We arrived by boat on our island tour for a quick snack stop. We picked up calamansi juice and enjoyed the panoramic views out over the ocean. You can walk down the stairs from your cliff top position straight into the water and on the reef for a snorkel.

Apparently, sunsets on Boracay from the Spider House are spectacular as the sun appears as a giant orb in the sky. We missed this amazing thing to do in Boracay – don’t you make the same mistake.

Hopefully, you’ll get lucky and jag this spot for your sunset cocktail.

girl standing on edge of platform looking at beach

Want a unique way to experience Boracay sunsets? Take a look at these sunset cruises!

8. Explore the White Beach area

girl standing on the sand

White Beach is consistently known as one of the best beaches in Asia for its stunning white sand and turquoise water. We didn’t get to see White Beach in its full glory as it was overcast – it still looked pretty gorgeous in the grey light.

The locals call it Long Beach, as you can also guess, it’s quite long. It’s broken up into three sections called Stations.

people on the beach

Station Two is by far the busiest area; Station One is at the northern end, and a little quieter with some excellent views overlooking a small island just off the beach, and Station Three is further south near the jetty port.

We didn’t visit Station Three, but Andrew had some good tips about it in this post he wrote for us on traveling to the Philippines with a tween.

9. Try Real Coffee at Real Coffee

Coffee and food on a table

Recommended to us as a thing to do in Boracay to try a real coffee with a calamansi muffin at the Real Coffee in Station Two, Boracay. It was a delicious combination and we loved watching them froth up the milk over the hot stove.

There are beautiful views from Real Coffee over White Beach as well, although the ocean views were obstructed by the protective typhoon walls. Damn typhoons.

10. Sip on Jony’s shakes

girl drinking a milkshake

Another community member recommended the shakes from Jony’s Shakes at Station One. The papaya and lemon shake was delicious. But, the standout was Kalyra’s Bananatella. Very naughty for my standards, but oh so delicious.

This is a must not miss activity in Boracay with your kids!!

11. Shop at D’ Mall

A group of people walking on a sidewalk

When you arrive on Boracay Island, you’ll hear everyone talk about D Mall. It’s quite the centre point of White Beach and a good marker to know where things are located.

It’s the place for shopping on Boracay as well as many restaurants and cafes to eat at.

12. Enjoy Dinner at PauPatri

close up of food

There are hundreds of restaurants that line White Beach – take your pic and enjoy some ocean views and scenery.

I loved the look of several of the bean bags laying on the beach and pre-kids I would have cemented a spot in them with a bucket of beers or tow. (beers are cheap on Boracay!!)

For a more local place to eat in Boracay, head down the alleyway off Station Two (you’ll have to ask someone to help you) to find PauPatri, but it’s worth it.

Dining at PauPatri Restaurant was a tip from the Italian pizza chef at the Movenpick Resort. It’s Philippine cuisine in a rainforest setting. You have to take off your shoes and walk down a long wooden bridge over a waterway to reach the main restaurant area.

Once there, little alleyways like spider web strings lead down to private wooden cabanas over the water.

The prices are maybe slightly more than what you’d pay at the restaurants on White Beach. Eating out in Boracay is not as cheap as you’d think for an Asian destination, but for us, our meal came to around $55 Australian dollars.

We ordered a lot of food too including beer, calamansi juice, and two juices for the girls.

13. Don’t Miss The White Beach sunsets

A sunset over a body of water

Sunsets on White Beach is an infamous experience on Boracay.

We visited in low season, and I could not believe how many tourists there were on the beach. There is also an insane amount of boats going out for a sunset tour. I’ve heard these are good to do, but, for myself, I couldn’t stand going out on one of those with all the masses like that. I’d opt for other places on Boracay for sunset instead.

Despite the crowds, I did enjoy walking along the beach at sunset amongst the atmosphere and checking out all the sand sculptures. The sunset wasn’t brilliant due to the weather, but I could see how amazing it would be.

14. Enjoy Sand sculpting on the beach

people playing in the sand

There are lots of young boys who’d be happy to sculpt your name in the sand for a price. It wasn’t until the boys were halfway through carving out Savannah’s name that I twigged with what was happening. I thought when they asked me to write her name in the sand they were curious and friendly.

Welcome to Boracay!

kids building sandcastles

I was more than happy to give them a few dollars. I was most impressed with their entrepreneurial spirit, and it offered a lovely exchange for the girls with some local kids. It also gave them an insight into creation and innovation!

See more in the video:

15. Go Paraw Sailing

Paraw Sailing is a unique thing to do on Boracay Island with kids since it’s found nowhere else in Southeast Asia.

paraw sailboats on water

Paraw Sailing is a sailing on a sailboat made of a bamboo double outrigger paraw. These boats are traditional boats in the Philippines and are powered by sea breeze.

They’re quiet and relaxing, and a little slower than the normal speed boat.

You get to sail around the beautiful bay while your boatman mans the ship. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Just watch out for those kite surfers kite surfing!

Fancy paraw sailing? Check out these experiences here!

16. Visit Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy

white beach lounge bar chairs and umbrellas on boracay tropical island in philippines

Have you, or your little one, ever wanted to swim like a mermaid? Well, now you can!

The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy is a cosplay experience where you can dress up with mermaid tails and have your photo taken.

As well as this, you can learn to swim in your mermaid tail, including breathing techniques, from the helpful skilled instructor.

You can find this unique experience in front of the lifeguard tower by Seawind Resort on White Beach.

17. Hike Mount Luho

Mount Luho is the highest peak on Boracay as just 330 feet above sea level, so it’s not a strenuous hike to get. tothe top.

view overlooking strip of land and beaches

Located in Aklan, and leads up through a lush jungle with vibrant green plants on either side. At the top, you will find a viewing deck with panoramic views.

It’s also possible to rent a mountain bike or take a tricycle to the top if you don’t feel like walking.

18. Go Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point

Boys jumping from cliff into turquoise ocean waters

Cliff diving isn’t a sport we would recommend for families with young kids, but if you’re children are a little older and love adrenaline, then this might be a thrilling adventure for you.

Before you have visions of tall, craggy cliffs with a hundred-foot drop, let me ease your mind.

The cliff jumping at Ariel Point is man-made, with a wooden platform sitting just meters above the water.

There are a few platforms where you can jump into the refreshing water below. The highest is 15 meters.

There is also a bar and restaurant at Ariel’s Point so you can load up on refreshments between jumps.

19. Enjoy a Helmet Dive Experience

Want to go diving but want to do it in a unique way? Then a helmet dive experience might be one of the top things to do on Boracay for you.

This way, you can stroll along the seabed just as you do on land, which is perfect for those who aren’t a confident swimmer.

Boracay Helmet Dive starts with a speed boat ride out to the ideal dive location. From there you will be briefed and given your helmets.

After that, you can explore the ocean’s floor and see amazing corals, colourful fish and more!

20. Go Island Hopping

Don’t just stay on Boracay, head out to one of the nearby islands for a break! Some of the most popular islands to visit nearby are Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove Island and Magic Island.

aerial view of crocodile and magic islands with reefs
Crocodile and Magic Islands, Boracay

Crocodile Island is a great place to go snorkelling since there is a thriving reef surrounding it. The island itself doesn’t offer much else.

Crystal Cove Island is a resort, also known as Laurel Island. It has a few walking tracks and beaches, and offers an idyllic remote escape.

Magic Island is one of the smallest islands off the shores of Boracay. It’s famous for offering cliff diving, but it’s not worth visiting just for cliff diving. You will likely venture here if you book an island hopping boat tour.

Where to Stay in Boracay: Movenpick Resort and Spa, Boracay

palm trees next to a swimming pool

We have a separate review post the Movenpick Resort Boracay. It’s possibly one of the best places we’ve stayed, especially for families.

The service at the Movenpick Boracay was exceptional, there were plenty of facilities and water activities, and it’s on its own private beach – Punta Bunga, which, as mentioned, I think is more stunning than White Beach.

The girls will argue that the pool was better – it’s the largest we’ve ever seen.

girls in swimming pool at Movenpick Resort
woman and girls in swimming pool

There are amazing things for kids to do at the Movenpick Resort including free hair braiding, art and face painting around the pool. The staff became new friends and helped to keep our kids entertained.

Mocktail lessons and free chocolate hour every day. You might want to tell them about that one on your last day there else they’ll never let you leave this Boracay resort.

woman braiding a girls hair

By the grand opening in December, they will also have a hip and happening beach bar with live music.

If you’re looking for a Boracay resort for families, you can’t go wrong with Movenpick Resort.

Getting To and Around Boracay

tuk tuks on dirt road

On Boracay Island, you can walk or rent a mountain bike or motorbike. Motorized tricycle taxis are also available. Be sure to negotiate a price before setting off.

A shared trip from Station 3 to D’Mall at Station 2 should be 10-15PHP. A special trip is a private journey and will cost more than sharing with other trikers.

The Movenpick Resort had a free shuttle running to and from White Beach, so we did not catch a trike. Our Italian chef told us to expect to pay around 100 – 130 pesos if we wanted to trike it.

girl looking at plane in an airport

The easiest way to Boracay is via plane. We flew to Boracay on Cebu Pacific Air.

You can fly to Caticlan Airport or Kalibo Airport. Caticlan is closest to Boracay by a 15 minute boat. Kalibo is two hours away.

Tips For Visiting Boracay

woman sitting in a lounge chair

Before you go to Boracay, here are just a few words of advice about visiting this idyllic island…

  • Plan to visit in the shoulder season. The best time to travel to Boracay is outside of June October, which is the typhoon months, and it’s best to avoid the busy Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter periods. November to April is the busiest months. You may find some sweet deals if you visit in May, since it’s just after peak season and before the rainy season.
  • Bring a travel adapter. The electrical output is the same as in the US. If you have several tech devices that need charging, take a few US-style travel adapters.
  • Visit ATMs early in the day and take out as much as possible. They run out of money quickly and are stocked up only a couple of times a week. Backpackers frequently get caught out by this and find they have no money for the weekend! As of January 2023, $1 AUD = 38.28 Philippine Peso
  • Be prepared for brownouts. Power cuts are super common in the Philippines, so if you’re planning on catching up on some work, or if you have conference calls booked, then be prepared to get cut off from time to time. If in doubt, get an eSIM card and connect to your hot spot.
  • Don’t forget your Travel Insurance! We recommend World2Cover for Australian families as kids travel free.
  • Don’t forget to get a VPN when traveling and using unsecured WiFi. This also means you can catch up on your favourite shows back home on Netflix.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Boracay with Kids

So there you have it, those are the best things to do in Boracay with kids, and as you can see, there are a lot of adventures to be had.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation with the family or you want to step up the adventure with some water sports, you’ll find plenty of attractions to keep the whole family busy.

We hope this guide helped you plan your Boracay Philippines itinerary and gave you some ideas for what to expect at Boracay!

Video of Things to Do in Boracay with Kids

You can see more of our Boracay Beaches and Snorkelling tour by pressing play on the video:

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girls swimming in clear water with life jackets on

Can you add your tips for things to do in Boracay Island with kids to this list? Share your ideas in the comments!

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