Taronga Zoo, Sydney- A World Class Zoo

After spending so much time in the Safari Parks of Africa, visiting zoos does not hold a great deal of appeal to me.

If I am to walk through the gates of a zoo, it has to be world class. It has to be a place that has a strong emphasis on conservation, education, treating the animals with kindness and respect, and have an energy of peace and happiness.

To celebrate Father’s Day and Kalyra’s upcoming birthday we decided to visit Taronga Zoo in Sydney on Sunday.

I was more than happy to walk through the gates of this World Class Zoo, especially when upon entering the gates and walking down the hill a bit, we were greeted with these views.

Taronga Zoo Sydney
Welcome to Taronga Zoo

Worth the price of admission alone.

The natural bushland setting, looking out to the Harbour, had me at times forgetting I was at the zoo and actually not in the animal’s jungle homes.

Taronga Zoo is situated on Sydney Harbour at Mosman on the North Shore, one of Sydney’s most exclusive and wealthiest suburbs.

What a spot for a zoo

Being Father’s Day, the Zoo seemed to be converted to pram city, and we were happy to throw our two in there with the hordes.

This did not distract us at all from having the most amazing day. The first of many to come with our new family of four.

What Makes Sydney Taronga Zoo World Class?

Harbour Views

Taronga Zoo Australia

Spending the day walking around the zoo had me gushing at the exquisite views that stretched out in front of us no matter where we walked.


Being set on a hilly location there were plenty of spots to stop and take in the panoramic harbour views. And only giving birth 5 days ago. I was more than happy to stop.

There are plenty of places for you to have a picnic lunch with the animals and the views. We loved sitting just back from the giraffes while we ate.

Fancy a picnic?

And an afternoon coffee at the Harbour View Cafe, while the girls slept in their prams was simply divine.

Peace coffee time

Exotic Animals

Chimp grooming

There are a wide variety of animals from around the world at Taronga Zoo.


Each animal enclosure has facts on display giving you the opportunity to learn more about these wonderful creatures who are so important to our ecosystem.

The Big Cats Sometimes you have to shut the world out

We were lucky enough to see the new baby elephants who were born at the zoo.

Baby ele

I even discovered a few new animals like the Bongo, Malayan Tapir and Binturong. Kalyra was a little disappointed that her favourite Zebras were missing.

Australian Animals


There would be very few tourists coming to Australia who do not want to find a kangaroo to ride or a koala to pet.

Want a cuddle?

I can’t guarantee that you will be able to do either but you can definitely use Taronga Zoo as your opportunity to  meet our cute and cuddly marsupials, not to forget our birds and reptiles too.


The great thing about our Aussie Animals is that for many of them it is perfectly safe for you to wander around the enclosure with them, give them a pet and have your photo with them. Iwouldn’t advise you do that with a Tazzie devil though!

Animal shows and Encounters

Taronga Zoo has animal shows, keeper talks and animal encounters all day.

Seal Show

Kalyra was enthralled with the entertaining seals, which I found really educational at the same time, and appreciated their strong conservation message. Kalyra learned how dangerous it is for the animals to have rubbish thrown in the oceans, an invaluable lesson for someone so young.

Showing off

You have the opportunity to have your photo taken with many of the park’s animals throughout the day. Keeper talks include leopard seals, gorillas, and giraffes.

Keeper Talks

Sky Safari

One of the best ways to arrive at the zoo is via ferry from Circular Quay.

Arrive by ferry

Once you arrive at the port you can catch the sky  lift up to the top of the zoo to save your legs the walk up the hill. You can ride it without even arriving by ferry.

Catch the Sky safari What a glorious day

It gives you magnificent views of the zoo and the Harbour.


Taronga Zoo has many conservation and animal research programs in place.

Let’s look after them

They support the Sydney Harbour foreshore regeneration, have donated over $200,000 to support global projects over the last 3 years, assist in the reintroduction of animal species into the wild around the world, support injured wildlife through their wildlife hospital and have several other conservation projects running.

Family Moments

Happy Father’s Day His girls gone camera shy

What better place to have a wonderful day with your family creating treasured memories? Makes you realize that this is what living is about.

Taronga Zoo- the Facts

Where: Mosman, North Shore Sydney
When: Everyday 8am-5pm
Price: Adults $44, Children (4-15 years) $22, Children (under 4) Free
Tips: Take your own food and save
How to Get There: via ferry from Circular Quay, Sydney. Discounts can be found with combined zoo and ferry passes.
Parking: $16 for the day. If you are lucky you might jag a free park in the streets outside.

Thanks to Taronga Zoo for hosting our stay. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

Have you ever been to Taronga Zoo before? Would you like to now? What do you think makes a world class zoo?

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