My Fun Horse Ride in Lajitas, Texas

Today, we’d like to hand over the blog reins to Savannah, our seven year old unicorn and horse lover.

She would like to tell you about her special treat while visiting Texas – horse riding in the small town of Lajitas through the stunning mountainous scenery.

Giddy Up Savannah…

A person riding a horse in a desert

At Big Bend in Texas we went horse riding because horse’s are my favorite animal. What’s your favorite animal?

I love unicorns as well. Unicorns and horses are exactly the same, but unicorns have horns and can fly.

Unicorns are the coolest, but I’m yet to find one who will let me ride it. And I’m a bit scared to fly with one.

I was happy to ride a horse instead. It was so much fun.

girl standing in a horse barn

We went horse riding when we visited the Big Bend National Park region of Texas.

My horses name was Roja and my Mom’s horse’s name was Smoky. We forgot Dad’s and Kalyra’s horse’s name. Kalyra’s horse kept pooping so I’m sure you understand why. I was behind her in the line. It was gross.

girl standing next to a horse
girl sitting on a horse
kids sitting on horses

It felt weird when I first got on the horse and I almost fell off the horse at one part. It was scary, but Roja was good at keeping me safe.

The horse ride went for an hour but it felt like 15 minutes.

On the horse ride, I saw a lot of cactus. They were the small, spiky cactus not the big ones. Each leaf looked like a dinner plate. We saw different plants and we went through mountains.

people horse riding
people horse riding

It felt weird when we went down the hills like I was going to fall off. And it was so hot on our horse ride.

Our guide’s name was Tito and he didn’t talk to us at all. All he said is “are you ok?” So that was annoying and the only bad part. I’m happy he asked if I was okay though.

It would be the best if I can do it again.

people horse riding

Mum and Dad said that we would do it for sure in Bryce Canyon and in the mountain states. They thought about the mule ride in the Grand Canyon, but I already know, you have to be eight. Something to look forward to!

people horse riding

Have you gone on a horse ride before?

Watch our horse ride video below. Press play:

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